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  1. Leigh showed ambition by giving up income streams at HP and becoming tenants in a fantastic stadium that they cannot afford to be in whilst the current structures are in place It would be far better financially to be in an ageing sheetole like Cas wakey Bradford etc than LSV watching your fan base drop off
  2. Because it is and was the number one winter sport, commanding huge tv and sponsorship when sport was courted in the new media worldSoccer is that beneficiary here with other sports leaving us well down the food chain The dominant soccer clubs play in our major city's we have no real presence In London Manchester Birmingham Liverpool Newcastle or Glasgow I am having second thoughts on nominating you now
  3. We need you running our sport, all it takes is a A$1billion tv deal and £3.5m salary cap for 16 clubs- go get em superstar
  4. We can expand at last without the flatcappers exclusive strategies holding us back and killing the game, vive le revolution Bring Toulouse in SL1 with a self financed deal and 3 year protection 375k to the next level from the relegated three
  5. Lemmings over a cliff or Turkeys voting for Christmas, your choice. Banks also lend on PG's and assets if I am not mistaken. If we want to show some danglies we go to 8 clubs incl Toulouse, that provides a vibrant second tier of Widnes, Cas, Wakey, HKR, London, Bradford, Salford, Fax, Fev, Leigh, Batley and Sheffield or does that not suite Steve's plans or cut costs and increase hand outs?? Give the 6 £2m each and let the French source their own deal, leaving 600k to run a full time second tier
  6. The England win in Cardiff is vital to a ticket rush
  7. Over 10000 at Spotland and Derwent park will be some going so a big well done- assuming this isn't history repeating itself
  8. The target market must be passionate of the benefits to them from the partnership, it is the sign of a good and passionate salesman who creates that desire in them. A brilliant salesman creates exclusivity from the partnership which raises the SP due to having multi parties fighting to win it. If you are selling a product technical skills are important when selling a perception then passion plays a greater role in the process, passion is also infectious. You cannot start a cold call by asking excuse me are you passionate about RL, you create that passion - initially by the perceived benefits,
  9. If you are not passionate about what you sell you will never get value for it an example of how a united sport could use the findings - we probably have a fan base of 300k who attend a game more than once a season, that equates to an annual spend at the supermarket of £1.5 billion pa, £300m on insurances, £1b at pubs/restaurants, gas/ electric/phones etc Now unite that spend behind a united game and you have something to really sell
  10. Circumstance often plays a huge role in the perception of success, 2002-2007 housing market boom and grants like confetti, you had to try not to do better. Benchmarking is the key and when you do that against our primary competitors the results are poor, culminating in the shambolic Franchise concept. We do not need some northern bloke to lead us over the cliff, we need some bloke able to understand our strengths and sell them for the market rate - I don't give a monkeys if he is a RL man or not but if you believe in your product my experience tells me it is easier to sell for the right price
  11. Last thing we need is another Lewis, we need somebody who understands our culture and the commercial strengths this report identifies. There are sufficient benefits to buy into without entering Fairyland again if we employ the right person to sell them.
  12. This was reward for ruining our sport and he was probably proposed by the RFU, wasn't it? A bit like some folk can never forgive Maggie, I can never forgive him.
  13. I would hazard a guess that the turnover of Hull City is less than a third of QPR this season
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