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  1. I didn't know furlough as compensation for having to keep your employees away from work was repayable (but you do learn things everyday from such fonts of knowledge), despite Leigh keeping its players in work for much longer due to 1. the potential restarting of the season 2. to fulfil TW fixtures if needed.
  2. It would do, you have LSV, a pub, a supermarket, a hotel and a college - although living in Gods own backyard has become very expensive of late, and rightly so btw, the checkpoints in Bickershaw and Hindley Green are working
  3. It's called successful people running a successful business - I realise some may find that unpalatable but it is what makes the commercial world go round, and success attracts success.
  4. so it looks 'alright', no government lans means just that - the club didn't borrow today to pay back tomorrow to achieve.
  5. Do clubs not declare that as income ? These were prior to SL begging Leigh to help them out btw
  6. You need to check the movement in the previous years also just Google sporting club leigh financial results, they are a bit 'wow' though so you may get somewhat upset - Fantastic sponsors, fans and owners have got us in this brilliant position to grow.
  7. LEIGH SPORTS VILLAGE STADIUM SALE WAY LEIGH LANCASHIRE WN7 4JY Latest financial results as at 30 November 2020 Cash in bank £411.80k Current assets £530.74k Current creditors £271.65k Shareholders funds £375.51k Do a simple google search on sporting club leigh for anything else you may need
  8. I read it as he refers to the split in darts in 1993 when the players were discontented by the game's big decline in television coverage and the BDO's (governing darts body) inability to reverse that decline, culminating in all the top players breaking away from the BDO to form their own organisation, the WDC. Would a breakaway be supported by a tv deal for a min of £35m pa which is what he is proposing with the split in money? Would a TV company be that frustrated with the lack of vision currently in the sport that they would back a new vision? Personally £35m pa is a low figure if the sport is wanted and they believe it would be a true partner that would work hard for mutual benefit. IMO he must have been tipped off to go public with the proposal and the veiled threat within it, ie Darts path. What he is 100% right with is that doing nothing now will result in a very poor bargaining position in 2022/3
  9. Have we reached the end of SL as we know it? Will we be having a dartsesque split with a new, cashed up governing body embracing change with applications invited to join it - muted to be a TV funded two tens with £2m per club in tier1 and £1.5m in tier 2, containing on the road fixtures in the States and Canada plus Eastern Europe, 9's events and 'Magic' type weekends?? Leaving what is currently SL on 'our league' app or between DIY shows on Dave?
  10. We will see, but the announced signings dont meet that rhetoric. eg Sam Stone, Jai Whitbread, Mellor and Tomkins
  11. So many still cannot grasp what two tens means, so try to belittle it by reference to previous second tiers for part time clubs. Grow FT player pool, a true elite, a genuine recovery room or pit stop, competition, p&r, marketable, 3 genuine end of season areas of interest that Sky enjoy with soccer and RU - Who will win SL1, who will get relegated from SL1 and who will win promotion from SL2. Three genuine games of interest for the run in. As Derek pointed out CASH is needed but you dont choose to sell your house when prices are low, and we have to go back to sky with a product they value and want, otherwise next time it could be nothing
  12. All clubs can improve with the right incentive to do so. 3g etc should not be the way forward for a summer sport though, I bet SL players would love to go back to London or Widnes btw We must construct a structure that embraces what we have, clubs with a fan base outside SL need saving from those who dont, until they build that fan base of course ie the door must never be closed Two full time tens is the solution to sell to Sky, with magic weekends and 9's weekends to supplement fixtures if you dont want 27 games in the regular season, 13 H&A plus magic
  13. You really know #### Adams dont you!! These two are great mates in real life, with a respect for each other beyond dick measuring. Two equal owners is often a problem but it depends on the ambitions they are pooling resources to achieve - last nights rumour was a £10m war chest to bring SL stability with a substantial academy investment.
  14. Saints to roll over giving Leigh the 2 points, plus the 2 from the Cas covid game makes an interesting run in.
  15. I thought there were some interesting points put forward from a self made bloke who knows how to sell and make money. Koukash's wealth is reported to be up to £2b - who in their right mind wouldn't want a bloke with that wealth and connections in our sport, a sport devoid of such people. Ans Your average RL fan who thinks £30 is too much for a ticket
  16. Whatever encourages Sky to get back to the £40m per season min is the only way, and 12 teams isnt it at present
  17. I love this game: 2019 London Broncos biggest gate was less than that at Leigh on Sunday, oh and no pandemic. (also totally irrelevant) The 2021 lowest attended fixture was Catalans v St Helens ( also completely irrelevant) This season has been a write off, will be interesting how some clubs commercially survive it
  18. Rugby League Extra - 22/08/2021 - BBC Sounds Dereks on about 5 mins Doc at 35 mins
  19. You cant have multiple refs when the ones we have are less than useless, they would all be trying to give the most penalties because we all know you pay your entry to watch them ruin it.
  20. I get it now, you keep all the existing teams and put them in their own comp that plays in Winter, you then have a number of regional teams that play in Summer. I am all for that, have loads to do in Summer and less so in Winter.
  21. Imagine you are sitting down to write a strategy and business plan for your business, thats been around for over 125 years. You begin your S.W.O.T analysis -you realise 90% of your direct customers are based in the North which accounts for 15% of the population, yet within that 15% huge pockets contain virtually zero clients. You have an existing distribution centre in London but its reach is to a miniscule % of population despite many exiled RL folk being located here and traditionally a huge swell of descendants of Convicts sent from these shores in centuries past. As you are absorbing this, Jonny Newbuoy bursts through the door - fresh from his business/marketing degree at a former Poly now Uni - I have the solution he shouts loudly ''let's luvv off all our existing customers by closing their local branch, and open up a new one where richer people live, they'll still travel to the nearest branch because the have loved us for 125 years and know nothing else. We have a great product that all these Rich new customers dont use yet but I am sure they will buy into if we throw all the money we have saved from isolating our loyal clients into the hope of finding new ones'' Company A - they sack Mr Newbuoy, questioning the validity of his degree and notifying the local asylum of his last abode. Engage in a controlled expansion based upon a strategy of engaging and maximising their low hanging fruit whilst supporting the seed that has fallen further from the tree to create the opportunity for growth Company B - they promote Mr Newbuoy to CEO with a £300k basic and 2 year notice period, but the gain of new customers is dwarfed by the loss of existing who find alternate products to spend their hard earned on. Mr N decides that a more radical policy is needed and closes even more local branches to create the cash to fund the expansion into the new Gold laden areas which have so far not engaged in the dream - all of a sudden the company runs out of cash because it has no more loyal customers and Mr N takes his 2 year pay off whilst he can. WRU gets significantly more income than RL despite being a fraction of its size.
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