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  1. They get it from SKY TV, who get it from me and thousands of other RL fans who wouldn't give them our £500 pa if they didn't hence they have evaluated gains/losses and decided that by giving the non SL clubs something they retain far more income - how do I support this, I interviewed 1028 fans from Championship clubs 71% of whom said that they would cancel Sky should no money fall onto the lower leagues, my calculations based upon attendances and games per annum per fan led me to conclude that Sky would lose circa 30,000 subscribers at £15m pa
  2. 1. Leigh have youth development, Derek didn’t need to tip up in SL 2. As few clubs make money, what are financial problems? The season was completed, HMRC fully paid, no cva or going bump, and all contracts renegotiated or honoured.
  3. We currently have 13 well supported English clubs, we need to expand in France, we need to create an opportunity for Newcastle, and we are introducing more N American clubs You cannot maximise potential with 12/14 clubs in SL, therefore you must decide which of these we discard
  4. The answer is expand the number of teams to create opportunities that need to be filled going forward, clubs can build or plan that way. Having a N American club cashed up and in The third tier is stupid, as stupid as casting Bradford adrift
  5. Regarding expansion into new city’s dominated by soccer, you need to become part of the bigger Soccer ‘Sporting Club’ which isn’t going to happen with the TV deals they currently have. We then need to look at lower level clubs that groundshare becomes attractive eg Northampton, Carlisle, Hartlepool etc
  6. RL is not big enough to throw away the thousands of Bradford, Widnes and Leigh fans it has recently done, costing the sport circa £5m pa, in the hope of making up the cash from elsewhere. The future is to embrace low risk expansion whilst maximising the heartland opportunity. Carter asks a valid point “ what is the end game” eg if we take in 2 more N American clubs and a French does that mean 7 English teams will provide sufficient quality to challenge Australia, or sufficient interest to produce players
  7. Leigh, the last all British team to win Championship
  8. I will assume Sky are still paying and Hull have the vast majority of admission and sponsorship income up front , as do most SL clubs. Variable match day income will be lucky to cover operating costs for that day - then add in the furloughed staff, spend on training and nutrition, medics etc I do understand Leigh and TO have been put on stand by should any SL fail btw
  9. Swap Leeds for Fairbank North Stars - play until June in UK, Alaska is ready for SL
  10. With costs excl wages frozen no self respecting SL club owner should have any problems dealing with 3/6 months of cash issues, if they have they shouldn't be in SL
  11. Joe Stalin was a great fan of RL, having played a few games for Tyldesley in 1896 when spending time in Manchester www.tyldesleyhistory.co.uk/stalin
  12. Avignon Catalans Toulouse Toronto Ottawa Hull Leeds Liverpool Manchester New Jersey Cardiff London Dublin Edinburgh
  13. At this point I believe Leigh were down to 11 players or even 10?
  14. Stopped training 22nd, as per government advice. Dereks personal opinion earlier in the thread is his and not on the clubs SM sites at all but when did he post it as things moved quickly this past week after the previous weekends stupidity, with many changing opinion We are in unprecedented waters, stay safe and look forward to meeting all of you again soon
  15. Time to be radical and start maximizing the sport. Two divisions of 10 for SL next year. TO, Leigh, Fev, Bulls, Newcastle, Widnes to Join the 12 then be brave with Ottawa and Avignon - 3 years no relegation to the PT leagues provided playing and economic standards are met, 1 up/down between SL1/2 with a play off similar to mid 8's between 2nd bottom SL1 and 2-4 SL2 winner is in SL1
  16. Love to see 3 non fed max within the next few years, put a flag in the ground now to work to, we need to give more a career opportunity if we are to win at Intl level.
  17. First saw him pre season against us a number of years ago scored a couple, and I hoped we would go for him as I am sure he only had a PT contract at the time. Went to Swinton on loan or DR I believe. Really like this lad, just gets the job done with bags of pace - hope he does pull on the shirt at some point as pace is needed out wide but my 2 would be Makinson and Johnstone for the tests
  18. Hopefully gets 25, Woods and Reynolds works far better Absolutely shocking ref though who gave many fans some great reasons to start knitting on match days rather than put cash into the sport
  19. If its look after your own time then that's 2 areas, as why should Lancs and Yorks give a hoot about Cumbria/Expansion in a PT structure? So we get shut of Newcastle, Workie, Haven and Barrow plus any future expansion clubs will have to be straight into SL ie New York/Ottawa etc with Hemel, Both Wales and Coventry binned to local leagues. Should end up with a decent PT comp with 500 gates across Yorks and Lancs
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