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  1. We haven't historically, when the Aussies were struggling we toured or supported
  2. Free admission is probably the right rate for many C1 games, OK a fiver at best. Barrows fan base has held up pretty well in recent years especially when compared to other Cumbrian clubs - is it because Barrow is really in Lancashire?
  3. Giving tickets away can only ever be a short term policy, somebody must pay the players staff etc. The issue is after being let in for free you set the price expectations, you then charge a reasonable rate and its deemed too expensive. This has been the downfall of RL since SL started. The quality of the entertainment (game) and the matchday experience are what matters. Currently SL is a joke, poor officials, cheating players, cancelled fixtures, understrength clubs play one week then not the next, terrible covid compliance at some clubs. How do you plan a day at the rugby next weekend when it will likely get cancelled the day before because a clubs percentages are better not playing. PING.
  4. In 2017 I watched a limited England team push Australia all the way in a WC final in Brisbane, travelling the extremities of the 2 nations to get there. Losing in a final to a forward pass which was the only score of the game. Could it be the NRL are running scared?
  5. The reactions of the old guard in Aus shows the changes in from Global to insular - they would have died to have the honour of pulling on the shirt in a WC
  6. Last nights Hull team was at best running at 50%, this season is all about when you play clubs in relation to covid
  7. My understanding is Derek is funding the shirt, ALL sales not profit to go to the charity. His dad was a bit of a local showman who spent most of his life performing as a Rod Stewart tribute act all over the country. The ability to have it personalised with a loved one lost or fighting the disease will be why it’s bought. I wish I was able to do this when I lost my dad
  8. The situation is the clubs who borrowed it must repay it, I know we didn’t take any at Leigh and still have a very good cash situation
  9. There’s plenty money in it when you consider the losses in RU but it suits some owners to keep it cheap and still win the pots. A significant cash injection is needed for growth not debt repayments at clubs, it may be time to truly franchise SL with a £multi million membership fee.
  10. £1m to a big city club like TO is pocket change
  11. Or the Moscow and LA olympics due to Russia/US pulling out of the others games
  12. Grab 26 lads out of strangeways and keep it authentic
  13. You missed my point, no sky money for the two french clubs in the expanded 14 team comp, they get tasked with funding themselves fully in times of austerity. £20m to the 12 SL clubs and the rest to RFL for distribution with CC deals etc
  14. SL will get £20m, Catalans and TO will need to sort out their own deal, leaving the other 12 to divi the rest up - all sorted.
  15. Help me out here - is this the same RU that needs folk from all over the world to put a Lions squad together??
  16. Leigh’s car park is packed with Bentleys Maserati’s and Range Rovers. House prices going through roof, Waitrose doing a roaring trade even better than the M&S food supermarket, waiting list at the Yacht Club,
  17. Very happy never to see those 2 back with us, now if we can get shut of Flower and Wallace we will have cleared out the unmotivated
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