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  1. People are not going to turn up and watch a side get battered every week. If we have more fans in the final game of the 2022 season vs the 1st game of 2022, I'll eat my hat.
  2. Let me try to explain my point I am expecting around 500-600 hopefully for the first game,owing to the novelty experience, and some Dons fans turning up to see what all this RL malarky is all about, hopefully with some special offers and good match day experience. However if we lose several of the initial games by large scores, and get completely smashed, how many will be attending the widnes game on 30th Jan, vs say the Thunder game on may 13th... That will be the first marker to see if Dons fans and the local area really come to watch.. If we get 600 vs Widnes, then only 350 - 400 for Newcastle, then it will be obvious you will not be getting any where near 5k by 2030 let alone next three years. You have to have success on the pitch to drive increased attendances. Having a squad losing 75% of the games will not acheive that
  3. The problem is that you need a winning team to generate fans, that is more key than a shiny stadium. I don't see 5K in three years, but lets wait an see how many fans we have first 5-6 home games in the new season. Also this The reason for the poor gates was not covid, it was Stupid season ticket hike of over 200% for some people Worst squad we had in my memory which caused the poor performances on the field (and last year we had Danny Ward and Jaimie Langley) So with our 2022 squad being pretty much 75% ex Skolars \ WWR players, plus a few other potentials from Aus coming in, I don't see this years squad doing any better than last year (and considering most of the other champ squads are stronger). If we get early injuries then we will really struggle. Also why are we playing 5 games away in a row in the football off season, when there is little other live sport on, when this would be the ideal time to have special offers to draw in fans. This does not work, and its been proved to not work at other stadiums we have rented, having 5 games on the road breaks up any runs we might have going. I'll probably attend one or two games, but sorry David, I'm not coming to watch us lose to 60 points to Fax,when the squad budget is so low, even if we was playing at Arsenal or Spurs swanky new stadiums. Your not going to get 5K fans as a bottom half champ side When you tell us your plans on how you you will get a squad competing for promotion to SL, then let us know.
  4. There is a very real chance both London clubs could finish bottom of their respective divisions next year. I'd even go as far to say there is a also a slight chance both London clubs may not be even to finish the season next year
  5. I'd actually have London on level with Sheffield and Barrow. I'd say looking at our squad plus first time PT (So have to adjust), completely new squad (so no real cohesion) and new manager with no Championship management experience would put us below Haven and Dewsbury in the betting
  6. No London games on Premier first half of season.. I'm actually pleased about this, seeing them get tonked by 60 in front of 300 fans in a 9k Stadium won't look good at all, and very few london fans (20 max) would be able to get up north on a monday night considering most people have to work. Probably have one game in the 2nd hald of the season vs one of the cumbrian clubs in a relegation decider
  7. The other issue is that they need to rebuild the fan base, and the only way you do that is by a winning team playing good rugby. You dont by having a weak squad getting hammered most games Widnes will be interesting yardstick for London. Not one of the top 4 teams, but in the 2nd group challenging for the playoffs. If London can get close to them, season might not be as big a disaster as we forsee, but if they ship a score like 40-16 or something, then I don't see many Dons fans converting
  8. Its not Wimbledon or the dons fans that any Broncos fan blames for the mess London are in right now. We know exactly who has put us where we are, Part time and fighing to avoid relegation with the weakest squad in the 30 years of London history. So I would not expect any bad blood between London and Wimbledon when it comes to supporters or to the respective clubs. I still think 200k rent is far too much for a struggling part time team, but again thats not the fault of the dons, but the leadership of London agreeing to that in the first place.
  9. Yep, any good / positive news coming out of the Broncos right now is to be welcomed
  10. Who we have lost vs last year is irrelevant as last year we where abysmal. The LB Leadership have moved us to a shiny new stadium for the reason that they have ambitions to play in the Super League. Thats the stated ambition of the London Broncos owner and Leadership. The 2019 LB team was not good enough to survive in SL (yes we came very close, and yes we won 10 games, but at the end we still did not make the grade) So if we are meant to have super league ambitions, then the recruitment is absymal and not one player we have signed this year would even get into our 2019 squad let alone starting 13. If we are not planning to recruit to get into SL, then why are we moving to a SL stadium and paying 200k a year for 200 fans to watch Bately put 60 past us. And you wonder why London fans are unamused by the players we are hiring. Compared to say Fev or Fax or Thunder
  11. So are you seriously saying that the London squad of this year is stronger than last year. Reminding you that the london squad of last year was the worst London squad ever, and the main youth prospects from that squad have all gone, plus the proven championship players. And out of the London 2021 squad, probably no more then 2 or 3 of them would have been in the London squad of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 etc Its the worst London squad ever to be assembled. Are you saying the squad we have are better than the other PT time squads in the Champ ie Fev, Fax, Bradford, York, Batley. Please note from 2014 to 2018 we was beating these teams or at worst level with these teams, now they put 60 points plus on us And you wonder why London fans (those not chased away by the club) are negative and very pessimistic for next year
  12. any ambitions Broncos had for SL disappeared when they went Part Time. Paying 200K for a shiny stadium means no money for unimportant things like players.
  13. Part Time players from the north cannot afford to live in London playing Part time, unless they are students, so would have subisided housing as part of being at Uni So your looking at Aussie students or players already in the south, its probably easier moving from South Wales than it is from Leeds \ Hull \ Lancs. So it leaves you skolars \ WWR from your talent pool, seeing most of the acadamy squad who made the team last year have left and gone up north. So yes, its a L1 squad we are building for a tilt at the L1 shield in 2023
  14. The other factor nobody seems to be considering is we have lost Danny Ward who is one of the top coaches in the Champ, and IMHO is better than 50% coaches in SL. He almost performed a miracle in 2019, and nobody who is relegated from SL in the future will match the Bronocs performance in SL that season. We now have a PT coach who has only managed lower level L1 teams, he also has another job as Jamica coach so won't be able to provide the attention to the Bronocs that Ward and Langley did. So whichever way you paint it, we are much weaker than last year which was a shambles in itself, and we will be in the relegation mix, even if we avoid it, its only going to be by 1 or 2 places.
  15. Remember we have 200K rent for PL, plus additional rent for Richmond as well, that does not leave much in the kitty for any players, unless they are pay as you play types. So it must be a cunning plan to get into SL2 by winning the L1 shield in 2023 although signing skolars and WWR players won't get Broncos in the L1 playoffs, let alone survival in Championship.If they want to win L1 2023 they going to need better players that those they signing now Palumbo's last clubs are listed below. I think the question is not so much will London get relegated next year, but how many games will they win?
  16. And as Thunder add another SL quality signing, at the other end of the country, the Broncos quest to build a L1 squad to play in the Championship continues apace Welcome Rob Tuliatu. Has experience with Skolars and WWR . You can hear the stampeding rush of feet for Season Tickets and replica jerseys from Australia https://londonbroncosrl.com/2021/11/08/tuliatu-is-latest-addition-as-aussie-forward-pens-deal/?fbclid=IwAR3AHRJgbSTozCOiPBhNgZZkbmjMjQsalMpGanyh4DjE7ON6i8jBIH8D_xY
  17. Once again Proven championship players leaving Broncos, I wonder which L1 skolars player will replace him?
  18. Once again London seem to be letting Champ players go, and replacing them with L1 players who "might" shine in the champ, but also are unproven at this level, so could also bomb. The London squad we have at the moment is worse than the squad which could only manage 7th last year, and all other champ clubs seem to be enhancing their squads. Its not looking good at all for next year, I'm just crossing my fingers that they will good enough to avoid bottom 2, but we are not finishing in the top 8 based on who has left and who we have replaced them with
  19. There is a real chance both London and Sheffield could get relegated this year, which would mean Championship would be very northern. Then with L1 holding Skolars, WWR, coventry, Broncos, Crusaders and Eagles (all non heartland clubs) would outnumber the "heartland clubs" there. Of course you could argue Sheffield being in South Yorkshire is heartland, but they would be right on the fringe of it.
  20. I think he could be good for us, but Danny ward he is not.
  21. As a London Broncos supporter I have to be honest in that I think the Broncos brand is so tainted now with so many folks alienated over the last 10-12 years that I don't see them pulling in larger number of subscribers in RL than say if Fev or Bately made into SL. I think if you really wanted to make a go of Rugby League in London, you probably would need to have a complete rebrand of the club with new ownership and structure. However I do see Newcastle as a good potential assuming they can get the funding and players. There is a lot of untapped potential there and if you keeep magic there then you could potentially see a boost in numbers But more and more people don't bother paying for a cable subscription any more with so many streaming options. Streaming is the way forward for none football sports. Just look at BT sports going to DAZN who are a streaming service and not cable in anyway
  22. It depends on SL2, and if Broncos qualify for that. If you consider the Skolars PT always finished nearer the bottom of L1 than the top, if Broncos are not in SL2, then they won't be many more years of Misery, as they will fold in the next 2-3 years. Right now its one season at a time, but I feel that Broncos won't be the only team possibly folding next 2-3 years, and that RL in UK will end up a feeder sport to the NRL. Football will suck more and more money out of other sports, and RL does not have the appeal to the unconverted that other sports that sports like Union (owing to International scene), Cricket (owing to India, lots of money coming from there) have
  23. best aussie tv show ever has to be agro's cartoon connection... Kids show but very close to the bone... Some clips on youtube
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