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  1. London was shockingly bad today. How with 10 mins to go game was still in balance I will never know. Swinton will win soon I am sure of it. London will lose by record score next week. Expect 80+ by Fev, and I would not be surprised if we get nilled as well.
  2. I have some old London programs, from a few years ago, and I think they house shared (if you look at the player interviews in the programs). But yes and no offence to any of my yorkshire / lancs brethern, but you could probably buy a whole street in some parts of Yorkshire for the price of a apartment in London. A one bed apartment in Ealing would set you back 500K ( I am not kidding), in Bradford / Leeds / Wigan / Liverpool I could probably get a 5 bed house + large garden and possibly a swimming pool to boot. I'm just giving examples here, I am not saying anything negative about the north or south. Living in Egham I can tell you how stupidly overpriced housing is , and I am lucky enough to own a 2 bed semi on the Thames.
  3. Yea I was also thinking how would they cope with away games on Thursday nights for instance
  4. Disclamer :- I am not a fev fan so may not be aware of any plans Fev have on this topic So far in the Champ this year, two teams have been ahead of the rest, those being Tolouse and Fev. Now we know anything can happen in the Playoffs, but looking at the plight of Leigh right now in SL, and they are full time, if Fev was to be promoted, would they need to go Full time next year to have any hope of survival, and if so, should they start seriously planning for it right now. I don't think you can just switch from Part time to full time over night, you would need to sort out contracts, training, get a full backroom staff set up, and all other other demands when your a full time outfit. Worry is if fev stay PT, they could end up doing worse than Leigh this year, PT teams playing Wigan, SH, Leeds, Wire etc week after week after week, is very different than one off games in the challenge cup. The jump for Tolouse would be less (they already full time) than it would be for Fev IMHO which could be very wrong.
  5. That would involve coordination with the RFL... The two organisations who make Dido Harding and Matt Hancock look competent.
  6. 1) Playing at Ealing 2) you have to buy on line, and take print out of ticket or have email on your phone 3) You can't move between stands, but you can sit anywhere in the stand your assigned. There will be lots of empty seats if its anything like the Dewsbury / whitehaven game
  7. They need to move before the world cup. They need to target the Tolouse game in August, make it free for Dons ST holders, market it as England v France, make it free for U16, bring back Buck and Dusty (plus the Dons Mascot if the Dons have one), also play a Broncos Womens SL game as a double header, hopefully Tolouse will still be undefeated as well. Also could try gimmicks to get French fans in (remember London is the 4th largest city in France if you count population), show your french passport, get a free drink or something etc. Then hope the game is not a blowout, and London at least come close.
  8. Its a combination of things which has caused this move to be the final straw for most people (me included at 20 years+ following London) I think the point is that we reached our previous low point at Barnet. From Brentford => Stoop => Barnet, we lost fans year on year on year, from 4000+ at Brentford, to 400 at Barnet. Then we moved to Ealing, and even though it was a low base we rebuilt, and in the 5 seasons we had at Ealing, the attendances improved year on year (abet small but still in the right direction), we had a good squad, and it felt we was moving in the right direction, and only missed staying up by Points difference. For what we are, Ealing was perfect and pricing was also at the right level to get fans in. Putting up the prices so much, then moving to a ground with no nearby parking, and not close to a train / tube station (like barnet was), my dad is 80 and just not fit enough for two trains and a bus to get to PL. Not to mention in a car for three of us was £5 Petrol and £5 parking, and now for three of us who live outside london to get Public transport will be £60 for us (3 * £20), just makes PL not possible, unless we don't bring my dad and thats not going to happen. We have taken advantage of the 4 games for £60 offer, but after that its unlikely we will attend again, not for the cost involved, and hassle in getting there with a OAP with limited mobility (but not disabled) Even though I don't follow football at all, My dad does so we will be going to watch Egham Town (once non league soccer starts again) and at £6 for a ticket and in walking distance from my dad's house, that will have to fulfull his live sport for the weekend.
  9. London last played Haven just before the Lockdown started (Feb 2020), and attendance was 735. So in 15 months have lost 435 paying fans (assuming Haven brought same amount of fans). This is what happens when you increase ticket costs by over 100%, and decide to move the club with the weakest squad we have ever had. I think that says it all from 735 to approx 300 (being generous)
  10. We are a different type of group (2 adults + one senior), so we don't bring kids so I did not even know that they are charging that anount for kids. But yes I saw very few families today, and very few kids. 15GBP is alot for kids over 5
  11. Just back from 1st game this season I've seen at Trailfinders (last game I attended was the fev game pre-covid). First half was probably the worst london performace I have ever seen (and I've seen some hammerings in the past), but 2nd half different game and London running in tries at will, some good tries with good skills as will, and they could have had more, but queue on rack in last 10 mins. Was lucky was against a team who could not take more advantage of just how bad London was first half, a team like Fev or Tolouse / Bradford / Fax / York would have put 30+ on us in that first half, but will take the win and lots of positives in 2nd half. However attendance was really hoping more people would have taken advantage of the 4 for £60 offer but did not see it... 300 would be my estimate , and considering you could have a ticket for £15, I really don't know where the club can go from here.
  12. London finally woke up here and now lead 28 - 12. Could easily get 40
  13. Half time at trailfinders and apart from about 30 haven fans the whole atmosphere is just subdued and resigned, not angry. London can't possibly play worse 2nd half
  14. 10 mins to half time at trailfinders and this is already challenging Hunslet 2013 as the worst London performance ever.
  15. At Tailfinders. 300 Max and probably less. So sad to see it like this, when we last here pre covid was 800+. Lets hope we win at least. But if this is going to crowd size it's not looking good for when me move to PL. Ealing feels empty so in a 9k stadium is going to feel like a library.
  16. I think London will get more than the Dewsbury game as the 4 games for £60 was a good deal and one we have taken (3 of us).. I also know a couple of other small groups who also have taken up the offer.. However will get to 500, don't think so, but 350 to 400 should be dooable which would be another 100 fans on top of the dewsbury game... I don't think they will hit 500 until York game, but could be wrong. But tomorrow will be our first game attending so will report back on how it goes... Can't see London losing this one, but I also do not underestimate Haven at all, and I think the score could be a lot closer than people think
  17. Batley along with sheffield, York, widnes and London in the running for 5th and 6th... Don't think Batley will make top 4, but yes they could get into the top 6
  18. looks like a top 4 of tolouse, fev, bradford, fax (in that order)... 5-6 place still up for grabs, but if London lose, it brings Widnes into the running, and makes Broncos chances that much harder
  19. TBF, the price of a Pint at Ealing was pretty much the same as one of the nearby pubs... And price of beer is going to go up a lot now that the Tim Martin's of this world have to start paying bar staff a proper wage and not the pittnance they get atm
  20. What I would be interested in is who's idea it was to set 25GBP as the ticket price. Championship RL is at best the same level as the National League North / South level in terms of a football comparison, (we get similar attendances as Hampton & Richmond for example, and at this level most teams are semi-professional like Championship RL). I Think Hampton & Richmond charge about £15gbp for a ticket, so if we are charging 25gbp for the rugby league equivalent, then as you can see its very very expensive for this level of competition
  21. I think if this deal had happened after we got promoted in 2018, and moved to PL for the SL season of 2019, this actually could have worked, as then we had the squad which gave a good enough product to get in fans. Add into the fact we over performed in 2019 as well, being at PL would potentially given the club the kick to actually survive that season as well, and then who knows. Problem is we are not the team or even club we where in 2019, so this move is too late and wrong time (from London perspective anyway)
  22. As I said I could have got some of the Wimbledon aspects wrong (ie only the website to go on), but I still think that London have significantly over promised what they will bring in terms of revenue to Wimbledon, and that Wimbledon are too optmistic on how many Dons fans will also watch the RL. But I would love to be wrong on all this
  23. This should not turn into a LB vs Dons situation. I am a Broncos fan, I don't support any wendyball team, but I hope Wimbledon are sucessful and get into the championship next year, then onwards into the champions league by 2025. However as I don't follow football, (it just does not interest me), I would not attend any Wimbledon games, watch them on tv,look at the results etc even if they was playing PSG in Champions League in 2025, but to be fair neither would I do this for QPR, Brentford, Fulham, Barnet, Staines Town or any of the other football teams in london. The issue for me is not so much Wimbledon or playing at Wimbledon. The issue is I want London Broncos to spend funds on the Squad and not on ground rent. Improve the squad, you get more fans, have a sucessful product you have more fans, grow into the stadium when your ready, not when you rebuliding. Moving to a shiny new stadium will only work if you have the product to match the stadium, and right now London does not have a product which will generate enough revenue to pay the rent Wimbledon are asking for, without starving funds from the squad which will then result in worse product on the pitch which will lose more fans, and your in an ever decreasing circle. Basically what this looks like is Barnet 2 but on steroids. London Broncos Situation Basically we (London) are in a hole, because trailfinders is not SL ready, and we are probably at the limit of what we can acheive at Trailfinders. Its not a long term solution if we want to get into SL, but its an ideal venue for the level we play at right now, and the squad and product on offer (ie a squad which aim is not promotion but playoff qualification at best). But if LB want to play in Superleage then yes we need to move, nobody disputes that. Wimbledon Situation (Based on what I have read, as not a Dons fan can only go on what I see on the Dons website and reported here) Wimbledon are also in a hole, they need a lot of money to play off the loans for the stadium (25 year Season tickets for instance), so they also need revenue and need it fast, so I can see from the Dons PoV, getting rent in (200K) from LB, plus beer / food takings when LB are playing on site will help them close the huge loan they have to pay off by next year. So for them I don't think they actually care about 2024 / 2025 etc, they have a big deadline to pay a substantial loan coming next year, and there entire thinking is getting that paid off. Nothing more. So London need a bigger ground if they want to move into SL, and Wimbledon need cash urgently to pay off a crippling loan. So I can see why this deal has come about, and also why the ticket cost has gone up so much to 25GBP. On paper it looks a great synegy as it meets both sides immediate needs. However there are as always real life concerns which make it not viable for either side. London right now do not have an attractive offering of Super League standard. We are a mid table champ team, with squad to match, and if we finish 6th this will be an acheivement this year. Best estimate based on the results and Squad would be 800 to 1000 fans, if the prices had not been raised so much (so lets sey 18GBP full / 12 GBP concession). With the price Hike, it will be more like 300-500 fans. This will not drive the revenue the Dons need (forget the rent, I am sure they have baked in drinks / food estimates based on 1K+ fans,so only getting less the 50% of expected match day takings will hurt). Like we saw at Charlton / Barnet / Brentford, football fans are not going to come on mass to watch rugby league. They may come for a game or two, but that will be it. Even if you rebranded LB to Wimbledon RL, I would be amazed if you got 100+ Dons fans coming each week to the rugby. You will probably get more when there is no Football (so from mid may to early August), but not when football is also on. If Wimbledon fans are really interested in watching London, why then are they not buying tickets to come to Trailfinders for our games right now.. There is no football on, so nothing else to tempt them on the weekends. So I really do not seem large amounts of Dons fans coming to the RL, even if they was given free tickets to boost the atmosphere. Putting the price upto 25GBP, I've already bled this topic to death. So I really hope this works, and my concerns do not come to pass, and we have 2000+ people in the game vs Tolouse, where we win by 2 scores. But the realist in me feels that this is going to go sour very soon, as when the Dons do not get the return they have been promised by the London powers that be, and fail to pay off the large loan they have due next year, this could get ugly fast. But as I said I really hope it all works out... Peace and nice weather to all
  24. I think long standng supporters would have been more amicable to the move if they had not put ticket prices up so much to £25. This is the key killer, basically we have the worst squad I can remember, a ground which is not easy to get to with no parking, and a huge increase in ticket prices to watch it. What will be interesting would be how many home many fans in the first couple of games actually pay full price for the tickets vs discounts / special offers. But as it is I and most other lasped ST holders from last year are just not going to pay 25GBP for the product on offer, even if they played the games at Twickenham or wembley. The quality on the pitch and the squad assembled are just not worth it.. As I said before, ticket prices should have been 18GBP in champ, and only 25GBP once in SL.... That would have avoided a lot of the bad blood which has come this year
  25. Did not see this one coming.... Keep this form up, and playoffs looking good. However squad depth will be key, we saw how London struggle vs Fax if they get injuries to key people
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