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  1. 31 minutes ago, Maximus Decimus said:

    I'm not sure where this has happened. You seem to make a big deal about asking Salford fans what they think, but you haven't asked them either. You might know a good representation of the sort of fan who is willing to attend a forum, but this isn't the same as the likely 10,000 or so people who will attend as a Salford supporter across a season.

    In my opinion, you are far too defensive with any comment that is made around Salford, regardless of the intention or the substance. I have read the Moor Lane thread in its entirety, and whilst I accept that Salford may have no real alternative, I still think it will mean the end of them as a SL club. As a fan of a Championship club, this isn't necessarily the end of the world. One of the main reasons, and the main thing I have been pushing against in this thread is the idea that you can transfer 4,000 in a 12,000 stadium into 4,000 in a 5,000 stadium. In that thread you even go as far as saying 5,000 sellouts will look better than 4,000 in the AJ.

    Examples of clubs downsizing in this way are actually few and far between, but I have demonstrated two concrete examples in RL where the exact same reasoning was used to justify moving an event to a smaller stadium. In both examples, they not only saw a significantly reduced crowd but didn't even sellout the smaller venue.

    If Salford moved to Moor Lane, got 5,000 every week and then expanded it to 8,000 soon after then they would certainly have an argument considering other SL clubs' facilities. However, I suspect it would really mean a half-full Moor Lane that in turn would be even less appealing than the AJ is currently. 


    ‘Likely’?! Please submit your business plan to Paul King as I’m sure he’d love to know how to get 10,000 fans ‘likely’ attending Salford games. 

    If you want a good-faith discussion on the viability of our various stadium options then please direct this to the Moor Lane thread so as not to pollute the attendances thread further. 

    However, your obsession with capacity and complete ignorance of geography does not suggest you understand the crux of the discussion amongst Salford fans re AJ Bell/Moor Lane. 

    I’ll leave it at that 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    Will Salford own Moor Lane?

    As stated in the Moor Lane thread, if Salford proceed with Moor Lane it will be a minimum 15 year lease with full control over naming rights and sponsorship and full control of all matchday revenues (unless anything has materially changed from the last fans’ forum). 

    Commercially, that is as good as owning the freehold (if you want to argue that it isn’t I refer you to my posts on the Moor Lane thread). 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Dave T said:

    I understand your frustration Ray, but you seem to be confusing people giving their view with telling Salford fans what they think. That isn't what people are doing at all. 

    Not in this instance tbf, no. But it has been a theme of the last few pages. 

    It's just the statements of personal opinion as fact highlighted above and elsewhere by people unwilling to do the most basic of research that becomes irksome. 

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  4. 22 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    How will Salford pay for the expansion of Moor Lane? They won’t even own the ground will they? If Salford can afford to pay for Moor Lane to be expanded I’m sure they could afford to pay the rent at the AJ Bell Stadium 

    Again. Have you bothered to read any of the now extensive detail on the Moor Lane thread before asking these questions?

    You, and any other poster, have every right to think whatever you wish with regards to Salford. I have no interest in changing that. All I do ask is that you stop telling Salford fans and the people of Salford what they do or don't think and what they can or can't do without even pretending to engage in the substance of any of it.

    It's a forum at the end of the day so you can do as you like but I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it tedious.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Maximus Decimus said:

    I don't think this holds up to scrutiny, a big stadium often encourages people to attend. This doesn't mean it's always a better scenario. Take the time Wales got 17,000 at the Millenium Stadium in 2000, it looked dreadful on TV but had they held it at a much smaller stadium they almost certainly wouldn't have got near 17,000.

    If Salford move to a 5000 stadium, they're done as a SL club. The idea that they'll pack it out is wishful thinking. It will just make them appear even more small time and crowds will drop further. I do have some sympathy for them as their move from Weaste has been a disaster, but they need to be in at least a 10,000 stadium.

    We have numerous examples where a better, larger stadium has increased attendances even when it's resulted in a lot of empty seats. Take Hull FC, their stadium was half full at the weekend but I can remember a SL season opener not that long ago when a crowd of 6,000 for an opener was seen as a real boost.

    I can't think of a single example where the reverse has happened.

    Have you consulted a single Salford fan before reaching this conclusion? 

    I must say my favourite genre on here is telling fans what they supposedly think about their own clubs. 

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  6. A sizeable proportion of Super League players already have their contracts for the following season finalised by mid-Summer. Ending the Championship a few weeks/ a month before the Grand Final does not solve that problem.

    Something does need to change. That change has to deliver the maximum growth for the sport and the most efficient use of its resources. It also needs to be decided independently of the clubs.

  7. Only 1 game but I don't think Saints had to play that well to beat that Catalans side.

    Do worry they've fallen back to their old ways relying on big name antipodeans again rather than building on the French core that gave them some identity last season.

    May & Pearce were anonymous, Mcilorum just doesn't have the zip anymore and Tomkins was poor. One of the few bright spots was Dezaria. 

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  8. 17 minutes ago, Man of Kent said:

    They don't quite pass my sniff test. Are these UK-only figures? Do they include Ireland as well (I believe Premier is an Irish company)? 

    Why does this matter though?

    These are Premier Sports' own figures. They pay the rights fees.

    If they're celebrating the TV figures then that's:

    a) greater leverage for the RFL when it comes to re-negotiation; and

    b) perfect ammunition for every Championship commercial director when it comes to seeking new sponsorship. 

    The methodology used & even the actual veracity of the figures themselves is irrelevant.

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  9. This and the news  that KR will soon be acquiring the freehold on Craven Park is as important/exciting as any other in Super League right now. The more control SL (and potential SL) clubs have over their major cash-generating assets the better the sport's growth potential.

    Hopefully Salford will soon be following with the long-term leasehold of Moor Lane & FC can re-negotiate the lease at the MKM. 

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  10. Having watched both pre-season games I'm confident we'll be competitive this season.

    Avoiding injuries to the middles will be our issue. Wells has impressed me every time he's played but his injury record is a huge worry, King looks very strong (albeit raw) and contrary to other posters on here Burke has been an extremely reliable part of Grand Final and Challenge Cup Final squads. Sam Luckley is improving all the time. Add in Akauola, Ormondroyd, Gerrard and Johnson I don't think depth is an issue.

    The sheer amount of work Taylor & Wright get through in the back row will help as well.

    On Croft, I'm already resigned to a bigger club coming in for him next season tbh. I'm going to enjoy him whilst I can.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    And I’ll be the first to complain that they’re not also showing Toulouse games. 

    Gary Carter reporting that negotiations are ongoing for Toulouse games.

    Hopefully this is the start of a permanent relationship with BeIn rather than another short term, isolated agreement.

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  12. Announcement on 11 January with PM Castex, Lacoste and IRL President Troy Grant: https://www.ffr13.fr/la-france-organisera-la-coupe-du-monde-de-rugby-a-xiii-en-2025/

    L'Independant suggesting a 60 million budget, 40 towns/cities to play host and 4 concurrent tournaments (Men's, Women's, Wheelchair & Youth).

    Great news that it finally appears to be over the line and let's hope this can be the catalyst which takes Catalans' and TO's respective successes outwards into the country. Would also be an opportune moment for the FFR to professionalise. 

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