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  1. It may be, but if that is the plan then it'd be nice if the powers that be can let everyone know so we can stop taking the sport seriously and move on to other things. 10 full-time clubs, 8 along 1 stretch of motorway, is not even worth bothering with. All it will achieve is sending a clear message to the backers behind Newcastle, York and the like that their investment and ambition is not welcome in a sport like rugby league.
  2. And then in 5 years time the reduction in TV money will mean 8 is all the top tier can afford. Rinse and repeat. You don't grow a business by reducing its assets. This either has to be a genuine top 20 divided into 2 competitions or it is doomed to failure.
  3. This is the problem. How do we grow the game if all the good work being done at Barrow, Crusaders, Sheffield & Midlands Hurricanes (to name a few) gets shut down? This can only work if there is: a) A clear plan to expand SL1 and SL2 when these clubs meet franchise requirements b) A requirement that all SL2 clubs have a full time professional environment and c) An overhaul of the rules on player recruitment so promoted SL2 clubs are able to compete in SL1 If all 3 of these aren't met then this is merely a rebrand of the championship in an attempt to justify condensing Super League even further.
  4. Technically the fixtures have been decided on final league positions last season (1v3, 2v4, 3v5, 6v8 etc). It just happens that this methodology has produced the Hull derby and Wigan-Saints.
  5. If that is the case it is scandalous it hasn't already been announced given the obvious impacts it will have on the 2022 season.
  6. Not sure where you've heard this from but the Salford board intimated that they didn't expect any restructure to take place until the 2024 season (caveated with something along the lines of 'but this is The RFL we're speaking about'). If they do proceed with Super League 1 and 2 then I really do fear for the worst.
  7. Some of the more loaded questions appear to be giving an insight into what might be included in the anticipated RFL Strategy document. Whilst they sound great I can't say I'm optimistic that they'll be anything more than soundbites.
  8. There is no way a FT setup should be 16/1 whether you approve of Thunder's recruitment or not. Featherstone are extremely short as, to my mind, their squad is notably weaker than last season. Still should be one of the favourites mind.
  9. I understand the concern and I'm not saying it is impossible by any means but I don't see where the return on investment is for a potential investor/equity partner in doing this. I only see clubs getting money for infrastructure which may grow, directly or indirectly, the value of the competition. Even then it is more likely to be in the form of a loan to protect return on investment.
  10. My guess would be: - A funding facility to enable clubs to bid for infrastructure upgrades - Rapidly scaling up OURLeague as a streaming service - Staffing costs (especially in the commercial & marketing departments) - Strategic investment in growth sectors (women's & wheelchair competitions/ established non-heartlands clubs) I'd be surprised if licencing didn't feature as part of this.
  11. You're entitled to that opinion but it's completely detached from the reality which has been discussed in detail over the last 22 pages of this thread. I've no wish to go over that again.
  12. I'm sorry but you're absolutely miles off. You can't just extrapolate the current TV deal over 20 years and assume that Sky will somehow be compelled to pay you the same. The recent re-negotiation proves exactly that. No one is investing £100 million on the hope that that happens.
  13. That would require the RFL to have £100m+ worth of bricks and mortar assets which I'm pretty confident it doesn't have. Most of the 'value' currently derives from Super League as a commercial entity (insert joke here). I don't see anything contained within that which the RFU would give a second look at. That's *before* you take into account the reputational considerations for all the parties involved... If, as Hetherington seems to suggest, a new commercial subsidiary will be created under the RFL of which said unnamed investor will have a controlling stake of, they will need to drive the value of TV rights, the sponsorship portfolio and their IP to get a return on investment.
  14. I must have missed the press release stating the new TV deal was a 40 year extension... You don't last long in private equity if you don't grow the asset. The detail will be interesting but if this is being led by the new strategic working group then I'm very hopeful.
  15. If the ground gets sorted then I'd agree. I get why people are tipping us for relegation as we were very poor last season but our recruitment has been very good once again and I'm struggling to pick many holes in the squad.
  16. I can only judge the existing board on their track record so far and that track record is one of competence, realism and sustainable ambition. If we can get the move over the line and increase the capacity to at least 6,500 I'll be very optimistic about the direction we're heading.
  17. Ground- upgrades to floodlights & TV Gantry (SL has higher standards than EFL) and raised advertising hoardings. Due diligence suggests v feasible/affordable. Discussions ongoing with architects/construction sector about increasing capacity to between 6.5k and 8k (can build up, not out) subject to planning permission (PP not expected to be major obstacle, more dependent on what we are quoted for the work). Car parking: Ample parking for disabled supporters but recognition of the general problem. Discussions ongoing with several local parties (presumably schools/the council) about parking opportunities in the immediate vicinity. Discussions with local junior clubs and others about park and ride schemes.
  18. I listened to the podcast and enjoyed it. I don't expect any indication on numbers etc but can you give us an idea of the level of investment by Mike Lomas? Is it just sufficient to stabilise the club or will it also provide extra funds for the playing squad? Can you accelerate plans for investment in club infrastructure eg more development officers/full time staff?
  19. Toulouse have to be targeting any French player who is not making the Catalans 17 on a regular basis. There are 3 or 4 there who are comfortably Super League quality and would give them a massive chance of staying up. Not to mention the benefits for the national team heading into the world cup.
  20. Does anyone know who Wigan's second marquee is after Bateman? Do they even have one? I'd guess not considering the deal they supposedly offered Williams which suggests that their ability to spend is a bigger concern than restrictions imposed upon their spending.
  21. You'd have thought they'd have learnt from Folau but evidently not. Not sure how this helps Mourgue or Laguerre in their quest for game time either. Both should be playing Super League every week in my opinion.
  22. Providing Tomkins stays fit and maintains his form I think Welsby has to be used as a 14 next year. His versatility and ability would give us a huge amount of options from the bench dependent upon the nature of the game.
  23. This sounds really positive. Alexander Stadium would be a very ambitious move so if that is the sign of where the club is heading then this could be a huge positive for the sport.
  24. Agreed, we need to be realistic with these youngsters as talented as they are. The conundrum with Pryce is that he has stated publicly that he sees himself as a fullback. I'd be surprised if he starts there (or in the halves) for Huddersfield next season but it would make a brilliant narrative (if we were capable as a sport of building them) to have Welsby and Pryce as the young pretenders to Tomkins' throne. For those reasons, I do think Dodd has the clearest path into the England side.
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