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  1. 14 hours ago, yipyee said:

    Just leave the SH be. Stop obsessing with Australia. 

    England vs France and maybe Wales is the growth we need. SH touring teams should not be the basis of a NH international calender

    Where's the obsession? 

    We can't rely on the Southern Hemisphere for our international calendar hence the importance of playing France annually (as I and many others have already stated). That doesn't mean that I don't want to see England (and France) facing the best nations when the opportunity arises.

    No doubt you'll find another way to put words in my mouth...

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  2. As much as it makes sense I wish Catalans would make the decision to have Mourgue as their starting 6 and invest that money elsewhere. That is by far his best position and he is definitely ready.

    There's a few others in that position at Catalans. Good enough to be playing every week in SL but not doing so. Namely Seguier, Laguerre & Jullien. Hopefully TO can pick them up if their situation doesn't improve

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  3. 23 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    True but I would like it to be somewhere where the ambition is to grow to a level where they are at least knocking on the door for SL.

    Oh of course but I think a bottom-up approach is better over here until/unless licencing is ever reintroduced.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, yanto said:

    No we are talking about Catalan, Tolouse  and today France..

    The up and coming in the game.

    THE NEW ERA on Prime time free to air TV.

    After 20  minutes neutral/ new fans would have switched off.

    I know a lot of guys I sat with did.


    I admire the confidence to state with such certainty that a group of middle aged blokes on the ###### in Lanzarote are representative of the viewing public. 

    I know mates who watched their first England game today and really enjoyed it. I better go and tell them they're wrong...

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  5. 1 hour ago, overtheborder said:

    When it comes to expansion, I do wonder whether going for a "slow burner" approach might actually be more successful than targeting relatively far-flung, larger areas. So for instance you set up a club in an area that's next to established RL areas (for the sake of argument say Chesterfield). Some people there may have an interest in the sport/be familiar with it already - build it there then expand again etc. I'd imagine it like the expansion of country building an empire almost.

    Of course I might also be talking complete ######!

    I agree. Not every expansion project has to aim to be in Super League playing in front of 10,0000 fans within 10 years.

    League 1 clubs in expansion areas should be following the Coventry model. Build-up local grassroots league structures, invest in development officers and get local kids playing and watching rugby league. Build good relationships with local universities and businesses.

    If a non-heartlands club can attract the sustainable investment of a Newcastle or Toulouse then fantastic but that is not the be all and end all. 

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  6. Oledzki was much better than Philbin but he needs a big season with Leeds next season to make the 17. The talent is there. 

    Wane now needs to ruthless with the ones who aren't test level I'd rather see some of the Knights who may be being targeted at the next world cup thrown in than solid but unspectacular SL players supposedly at their 'peak' and players out of position.

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  7. Really enjoyed that.


    Plenty of positives for France (and Catalans). Mourgue needs to be playing at 6 regularly in SL and TO could do a lot worse than bring in a few of those on the fringe of the Catalans 17 in Seguier, Laguerre & Le Cam. Sangare could be anything as well.


    Philbin, Lyne, Currie, Hardaker, Evalds and Abdull can't seriously be in our World Cup squad for me but I'm not too concerned.


    Thompson, T. Burgess, Williams, Whitehead Tomkins, Clark, Newman, Percival/Farnworth and Welsby  make us a completely different proposition.

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  8. Could see the TO players couldn't handle the intensity in the first 20 with Jussaume especially looking out of his depth.

    However, Goudemand, Sangare, Mourgue and Pellissier have been good and they looked the most likely last 10.

    From our perspective, Knowles has shown how vital he's going to be for England and Davies has to keep that right wing spot. We definitely dropped when Currie & Philbin came on. Lyne and Hardaker aren't test centres and Abdull is a fine back up to George Williams but nothing more.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Chris22 said:

    We are hardly in a position to criticise a potentially poor attendance for this fixture. We have played the fixture at Leigh with crowds of 5,000 recently too.

    This isn't an attack on France or expansion. Both are essential for our long-term existence. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't have high standards.

    I'm just as (and trust me, a lot more) critical of Rimmer, the RFL and SLE but their collective failings should not be an excuse for others. 

  10. 39 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Yeah I am a massive Francophile and think we have a responsibility to grow it there but that means questions have to be asked what happened not to fill the ground.  Hopefully it is more than predicted and I have to eat my words.

    Next time we have more time for everyone to plan but how much advertísement was there for game at Catalan Dragón games .

    Carc is also half way between the two French SL clubs. 

    Completely agree. If Catalans can sell out in a week for a semi final and TO can get 9,000 for a Championship Final then something has gone seriously wrong for France v England not to be close to a sell out.

    The appetite is clearly there but that has to translate into consistent attendances.  

  11. 10 hours ago, Grand Est said:

    Could it? In the real world?

    Yes. It could be a tool to celebrate Super League's best players, raising both their profile and the competition's profile whilst giving England a competitive, consistent fixture.

    I accept that there's plenty of dour, cynical rugby league fans who will deride it on account of it not being the NRL's finest (and because they'll moan about anything) but they shouldn't be the target audience.

    Newer fans, younger fans and those in the big cities who want an event should be.  

  12. 1 minute ago, Big Picture said:

    The question is though, with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group out of the picture now and Pérez having likely already spent the bulk of the money he got from selling his company in Toronto (don't forget that he also bought out Hemel the other year), who would provide the capital to back it?

    It's impossible to speculate on the financial status of anyone involved. Put simply, if there is no business case and business plan for this new League 1 club then there shouldn't be a League 1 club.

    That is the RFL's job though. We can only speculate on the assumption that the finances do still exist.

    Saying that, if it is Liverpool then I wouldn't be surprised to see Koukash try and involve himself.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Big Picture said:

    With the future of League 1 in doubt, anyone funding a new club would want to move up through the tiers sharpish and that would take serious money.  The difficulties in getting players to move from the heartlands being what they are, the players needed for such a climb wouldn't be cheap.

    I agree there is a strong argument that there should be no new club in League 1 next season for this reason.

    I'm speculating on the basis that there still will be and trying to weigh up the balance between such new club having the potential to move up through the tiers sharpish (a wide catchment area with no strong allegiances to existing pyramid clubs but some form of RL presence to build from) and the obvious financial/player pool restrictions inherent in League 1.

    I think Nottingham or Liverpool would tick the most boxes here but I'm happy to hear other suggestions. 

  14. 7 minutes ago, Big Picture said:

    I seriously wonder how much Pérez has left to invest now.

    He sold his marketing company in Toronto when he decided to focus on RL full time and that money funded his initiatives with the CRL (such as the Canada-Jamaica matches during Carabana which wouldn't have happened otherwise) and his trips over to England to pitch his idea for a pro team in Toronto in the English structure.  He's already spent plenty on those ventures, I wonder how much he's out of pocket for it all?

    A rich big time backer would be needed in cities like those, and there evidently aren't many Brits in that category looking to back an RL club these days.

    I'm not sure the capital outlay in a city like Nottingham would need to be massive when there are strong university and amateur links and an existing League 1 talent pool in the wider region with ex-Sheffield/Doncaster/Coventry players. Transport links also wouldn't be a major issue which is an important  financial consideration in League 1 so I think 'rich big time backer' is a bit hyperbolic. Obviously things change should there be loftier ambitions than becoming competitive in League 1 in the short to medium term.

    There isn't any cheap solution here but there are realistic options and less realistic options (Dublin for example).



  15. If Perez is still planning to invest a bit of money into this then I think Nottingham would be the obvious choice with the Outlaws having a decent amateur setup and strong university sides at UoN and Trent.

    They would also act as a nice bridge between Sheffield & Doncaster in S. Yorks and Coventry in the Midlands in terms of grassroots development and community RL. 

    Worryingly, there seems to be a rumour they will base themselves out of Bradford which would be a disaster. 

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  16. Another amateurish press release in rugby league which leaves more questions than answers.


    The optimist in me says this actually provides an opportunity to expand the games footprint more sensibly and sustainably in a city like Birmingham, Bristol or Nottingham. That would mean having an enormous amount of faith in Ralph Rimmer/Eric Perez to actually have done some strategic thinking and due diligence though.

    No doubt we'll end up with a 4th Wakefield postcode side in the pyramid announced two weeks before the 2022 season. 

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  17. 3 hours ago, Pulga said:

    Develop France and Wales at bare minimum. Losing to an exhibition team is such a bad look.

    Obviously the ideal situation is to have competitive French, Welsh, Irish and Scottish teams.

    The reality is that France are the only side nearing a competitive opposition for England and containing homegrown players. 

    The sport should be putting a lot of focus on developing player pathways in the other home nations but, for the time being, France & the Combined Nations are the only competitive options for England 

  18. I'm glad there will be another All Stars game next year, I just hope it is part of a longer-term strategy and the RFL will invest their energy in marketing it as it *could* be a very useful tool for growing the game domestically.

    One of our biggest failings is our inability to market the stars of our league. That is what the All Stars game should be all about. Casual/potential fans neither know or care that David Fusitua isn't Brian To'o or Aidan Sezer isn't Nathan Cleary. We have players in Super League who have the skill to light up a game and produce viral moments which can attract new audiences and that is what should matter.

    Besides, the All Stars and France are the only two realistic options for competitive mid-season international fixtures so, whilst the concept may be a bit contrived, we have to work with what we have rather than resign ourselves to not having the perfect product.

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