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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3956575357776521&id=171690882992178&m_entstream_source=timeline
  2. The stadium / field is Mumcular Huseyin Atar Field. There is a good crowd building for the Turkey v Netherlands game.
  3. The incompetence of the heartland and expansion clubs maintaining themselves despite opposition external and internal to RL has very little to do with one another outside of a parochial view that sees the survival of one's own club as the only thing that matters. As I run and coach an amateur club and small League I fully understand the importance of the local game. I also understand the importance of profession leagues that actually inspire us and kids to play rather than watch them get inspired by our competitors. So, yes, that every expansion club in Super League continued and actually continues to climb back up off the canvas is in fact exceptional.
  4. What suggests that being closer to a traditional club makes the people more receptive to Rugby League? I think their lack of interest is evidence that even with close clubs they likely find Rugby League uninteresting or Rugby League culture backward. Toronto showed us that given investment and profile there are far more fish away from our traditional fishing ponds then in them. The people often have less historic bias and are up for a unique and exciting sport. Maybe the best fishing holes are in Rabat, and Istanbul or Belgrade and Moscow? (PS. Local Traditional clubs should be given incentives to start new clubs nearby as feeders - St Helens into Liverpool etc)
  5. The presence of two top Teams in the Super League will also likely help in shifting perceptions about other cities as viable. There is evidently alot of money to be found in France as is seen at times in Union. Alot of this money is not from rusted on "union" guys but businessmen who want the prestige of being an owner or key figure. In my opinion, the best thing Super League and the RFL could do is change the way teams in France / Europe are in. If English Rugby League fans / clubs want a viable income source in France etc. France needs more teams not less to produce such. I would give them four spots with criteria and give them an annual participation fee or financial agreement that goes into the Super League. French TV contracts in regard to Super League in Europe then actually become the domain of the French teams and FRL.
  6. Since when were they in Super League? (I said top tier) I did mention Toronto which recently played in a practice game in front of nearly 2000 fans. There are a number of Super League sides that would struggle to get that in a practice game full of amateurs. If a team playing in lower League's despite being shafted is not success than 100 plus years after the split it seems evident that most Rugby League clubs are a failure but... All Super League expansion sides continue, except one, even if not in Super League. A number are also climbing back toward the top That is pretty massive. PS. Evidently I am stirring the pot but the claim expansion has failed is simply not true. The game is broader and deeper because of it even if not in the top tier.
  7. I am always so satisfied at the amazing success of expansion. Despite, serious lack of support from the establishment and despite often moving out of the top teir of the RFL competitions most recent top teir expansion teams have led to long term RL club presence in their regions. - Gateshead now Newcastle Thunder - after being 'sold off' reformed and now step up to Full time status again. - London Broncos - despite a seriously difficult journey they continue, moving into a great small stadium, hands down better than many others after a period in a below par field. Their consistency has helped to the establishment of other clubs and junior initiatives. - Celtic Crusaders - reforming and continuing in North Wales they have just had their best season in a long time. - Dragons Catalan - despite significant challenges they are building a long term legacy and opening the door afresh to new professional sides in France. Their success is convincing others of the viability of professional RL in France. - Toronto Wolfpack - despite being hit by the worst economic disaster in close to a century they regrouped to play in the NARL after removal from Super League recently playing in front of nearly 2000 fans with a likely fan base still larger than a number of Super League sides let alone Championship The only team entirely non-existent in recent years through Super League expansion being Paris. Out of six or seven attempts all of the clubs continue on some level. How good is that! The defiant intent of Rugby League fans in these expansion areas to maintain their teams and the code is admirable. It always reminds me of the way Rugby League was established, defying the establishment, continuing despite all the challenges. Long live Rugby league... and expansion GO LES CATALAN!!! Ps. Expansion and Tradition can both exist at the same time. It just all needs its only space and place.
  8. Hey, just a quick update. We have signed our first outside sponsorship, with a guy and his company, originally from Bradford but now in Turkey. Hopefully, you can soon improve your beard AND support Rugby League expansion.
  9. Saw it coming. Firebirds and Jets together (functionally a three way merger due to he previous Bombers bid) would be stronger than Dolphins imo. Firebirds and Jets talking merger
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