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  1. While we are at it we are trying to start a new team in Kütahya. You can follow them at @kutahyaragbi
  2. Introducing Bakircay Saints. They are a new side based out of a University in our region. Our present hope is that this year we can run a regional League with three local full numbers teams (13 aside) then play a final before one challenges other conferences. We would then bring the best from the three full side teams together to play for our 'Elite' team Izmir Zaferi. Time will ttell whether it will work but given the economy we have to think more locally for our development.
  3. The AMNRL was always weak with clubs hardly playing and then dying. İt was never strong. The USARL probably had one good season before COVID, arguably two with the smaller structure and the Southern second tier (all of whom moved up). However neither of these competitions had the playing strength of the CRL as it already has. They have not just played 9's. Unfortunate evidence you have not actually looked very hard. This is not difficult to tell if one watches their games online, every single team in the CRL at present already has MLR players active in it. There is no doubt that the USARL took a beating from COVID and the faulted rise of the NARL has done damage. That said, I don't think that using the problems in the USARL is sufficient grounds to say the game is weaker over all when there are more teams active then ever, at least 8 active women's teams and the first Youth Rugby League development program in Utah (bar a short stint in Rhode İsland). As someone in a developing context I also think those in more heartland areas think of development in a one dimensional mindset. İt must be Full clubs - full national competition. I even think this is a problem with the Euro Rugby League framework. For instance, here in Turkey we have about 10 - 12 clubs involved in Rugby League in some way. However we flex between 6 - 9 clubs in full competition. This year we need those 6 minimum full competition clubs for full membership of the ERL and İRL. İf my club were to pull out of the TRL and establish a local competition with a four week schedule, three local clubs and then a united team for friendlies the IRL would consider our game to have gone backwards, despite more players playing. İt would not matter that we play five teams in seven aside, touch tag and tackle. İt only.matters that 13aside is played in a national competition. We can play in the national competition but it costs us two months local wage for every away game, just in fuel. İf we play five games away I could employ a local development officer but the game is focused on club teams rather than players participating. I believe this is also the problem with viewing the USA through the sole lens of the USARL competition. Right now, more players are playing then ever, male, female, youth and wheelchair. More teams are active on some level (atleast 24) There have been multiple 9's events (Naples, Philadelphia, Nevada) The CRL in particular is expanding on the back of a strong competition. The USARL and USA in general need to work out alignment but allow diversity in approach but I have no doubt in 12 months the eastern clubs will be more stable again and the CRL will have stably grown. I suspect, we will also see the PCRL turn into a small lower level competition as well. At the end of the day, time will tell but I don't see any need for doom and gloom so long as the USARL takes a role as national oversight facilitating coordination and national team selection, not act as control freaks. Ps. İmage is from the upcoming CRL 9's event in Nevada.
  4. I think that the USARL is looking bad. I however think there is a stronger overall playing basis with far more teams then ten years ago. Sure, some are not active in long comos as we would hope but look at this list. Championship RL - 10 Active sides (all established teams / some dual league / union) North Bay RAZORBACKSI // M & W Sincity İSLANDERS // RHINOS Provo STEELERS IMMORTALS// M & W SAVAGE LA ALPHAS Utah SEAGULLS DEAD PELICANS - M & W WARRIORS Pacific Coast Rugby League - 2 teams. Two removed from the CRL. Los Angeles Mongrels San Diego Barracudas NARL - 2 genuinely active teams - Washington DC Atlanta Independent Cleveland RL - whilst only playing one formal game, they will play in the CRL 9s and have constant local development. Carolina Storm / Thunder - men and women - similar to above they have even had development combine just in the last week. Roots Rugby - whilst this group is less of a team and more a cultural collective they have played in multiple events this year under Rugby League rules. Laie Warriors - Hawaii - just 9s in the CRL USARL Clearly a shadow of itself but I suspect given history will rebound, although the international review may have ironically slowed development here. The CRL sees themselves as the future of US Rugby League atleast from a club perspective. Connected clubs Boston 13s Brooklyn New York Freedom (White plains) Jacksonville Axemen (men and women) Tampa Mayhem / Mischief Delaware Black Foxes Lakeland Renegades South West Copperheads South Florida Speed All these clubs I believe have played at least some games (9s / 13s) I think the international Review may well have slowed a clear vision as there is jostling in the background. İ also suspect that the left over NARL sides may well join the CRL. This is not just potential, it is the widest spread and in the CRL atleast the highest standard of Rugby League the USA has ever seen.
  5. Yeah, I don't buy the negativity. The USARL is struggling but returning to strength however we have yet to see the CRL competition this year. Certainly for the CRL 9's İ believe they have 8 CRL teams included plus North Bay Warriors, Laie Warriors ? from Hawaii, Cleveland RL, Carolina Storm. Whilst a little sad with the NARL there has also been action from Washington and Atlanta. We have seen action also with the new Pacific Coach Rugby League with LA Mongrel and San Diego Barracudas active. I actually think RL is positioned stronger than ever in the USA. İt wi need to co-ordinate but the spread is better than ever.
  6. The USA is a very interesting environment right now with a mix of USARL, CRL, Independants, NARL and a loose affiliation of the two clubs kicked out of the CRL with the PCRL. One way or another I hope some form of cooperative governance is created. I do wonder if the CRL will come out on top in terms of 'elite' Rugby League. They have a massive leg up with the Islander community and Union clubs that may be interested in leaning toward League over Union. The CRL website insinuates that they see the MLR as a failure with Rugby League better positioned to appeal to the population. I do however hope that the PCRL continues and creates some form of second-tier Rugby League in the west.
  7. You can all follow at @izmirrugby @ragbiligdernegi @beachrugbyleague
  8. Clearly not awake. They have already run full competitions as the California Rugby League. This is a rebrand and expansion beyond California. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUHiVU2cbaltyVJQopYLOw
  9. https://championshiprugbyleague.com/league-of-heroes-presented-a-new-character/
  10. It seems a new group or likely a rebrand of the California Rugby League is coming. You can find their website at www.championshiprugbyleague.com They list Ten teams (all the CRL teams plus some new ones) Their logo includes a Bear so that also indicates a rebrand of the CRL.
  11. Clubs should be placed in the league based on club assignment, similar to old Super Rugby in SA, Australia and Nz France. 2 teams England. 10 teams France could decide how their 2 teams are included, either promotion / relegation or franchise. As could England. France could also apply to expand their club allocation which would be necessitate bring more money into the game. Other new locations could also apply for franchise positions. England could then decide to use their ten positions as they wish. İf England wanted, it could protect a club in expansion or just have promotion and relegation. You then get the best of both approaches
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