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  1. Got access this morning! Got some important work to get through today but….ah that can wait. Welcome back!
  2. I want to laugh but then I worry that you actually have inside knowledge as this sounds so Rugby League
  3. Not sure what this has to do with Josh Charnley.
  4. I seem to recall reading that he was on a 1 year deal at Leeds. If that is true, depending on what options there are, that could be very shrewd of Leeds given all you say. I certainly think pairing him with his old partner Sezer will bring the best out of him.
  5. I agree with most of what you say but in fairness to Thompson he was carrying injuries. Talking to the Saints players he was actually a big presence in the dressing room. He had an impact just not enough on the field. My worry for Saints is in the halves. An injury there would be a problem, although Welsby could cover with Hopoate to FB. Grace is out for the first month so it will be interesting to see how we cover there. Would imagine Simm will be back in the reckoning and Hopoate could be out on the wing.
  6. Good post with strong arguments put forward. I guess it’s easy to work on the assumption that KR surprised people last year and there won’t be that shock factor. I agree with your points, KR were great to watch last year and hopefully we’ll see more of the same from them in the coming season. I think and hope that it’s a hard season to call. Despite their strength a 4th consecutive title is a big ask of Saints. Catalans should be better again for last year’s experience and have recruited well. Leeds look stronger. I can never write off Wigan and the fact that so many do just might fire them up. Cas were cup finalists last time out, new coach Radford has won it twice, so that might be their best shout. Ian Watson will want, and I believe get, big improvements from what is more like his own Giants team now. I expect Wire to challenge but it might be a couple of years with the same coach before they finally break their hoodoo. I think Salford and Wakefield will struggle along with Toulouse. That leaves Hull…every damn year I predict them as a dark horse and every damn year I am left shaking my head, I am going to say mid table, which means they’ll be in both finals 1 Saints 2 Wire 3 Catalans 4 Leeds 5 Wigan 6 Huddersfield 7 Hull KR 8 Hull FC 9 Cas 10 Wakefield 11 Salford 12 Toulouse. I would be delighted if my predicted bottom six proved me wrong and shook up the table. We’ve had some different names in finals these last few years I hope that continues. Of course I want my team to win again but it’s great for the game when a new name emerges from the pack. Good luck to all teams.
  7. Is this the RL Live survey? If so i can’t say that I am a fan. A ‘Big Rugby League Survey’ shouldn’t ask only which Super League team you support. I’m sure fans of lower division clubs are used to this level of ignorance but that doesn’t make it right. The question on whether SL clubs spend enough on their academies really depends on the individual club, you can give a broad answer but clearly some clubs devote a lot more to this than others. Also the question in respect of promotion or licensing has strange options IMHO. ‘Do you prefer’? … ‘Promotion, Relegation or Licensing?’ Surely that should be Promotion and Relegation or Licensing? Other than adjusting team numbers, you can’t really have promotion without relegation and vice versa. The rest of the questions are ok but if they are going to ask a question like ‘are you happy for your club to sign an unvaccinated player?’ then surely they could be asking something about the awarding of a 48-0 loss in the event of cancellation of games. Not sure who the survey has been produced for and how it will be used but I just feel there is a bit of a missed opportunity.
  8. I have to confess that I don’t remember him. I had to look him up tbh, not sure if it’s just before my time although clearly part of his career coincided with Crooks playing days. Anyway looks like a great servant to Cas and I am sure he was as good as you say.
  9. Great post. For future reference it’s alleviates, I am not normally so pedantic but the last thing this forum needs is for worries to be elevated! Keep up the great work, nice to see Thunder progressing so well.
  10. Have to agree with that. Of the away matches I went to most recently, pre covid, these were easily the best atmosphere. We even managed to have great banter with David Fafita!
  11. This will sound odd but I miss Knowsley Road. Some of that is just down to the time in my life and missing going the match with my Dad but it’s also the difference in atmosphere. There was something about the old grounds though, being huddled together in the winter, banter with plenty of away fans who were better mixed in, getting real close to the pitch. I am proud that we have our own modern stadium and there’s a lot right with it, time moves on, but it’s not Knowsley Road .
  12. Yeah even as a Saints Fan I would go Morley, Burgess and then Graham. All greats and not as much between them as some are making out. Anyone who thinks that Graham was miles behind Burgess or that Burgess was in a different league to Graham is allowing bias to cloud their judgement. oh and Kevin Ward was just incredible IMHO. Only played for my side for a short time but what an impact. I always like Ward, Sampson and Crooks at Cas, terrific props.
  13. I’d go peak Fielden over McDermott if I had to choose one but as they had different games then any squad with those two in at their best would be great to watch.
  14. Unless they have moved on, there is also Escare and Rhys Williams both capable of good things. They have also added Deon Cross from Widnes and still have Matty Costello. I can’t recall Salford having this much depth in the back line. I would be concerned with an injury in the halves but you could probably say that at a few other clubs.
  15. Looking forward to seeing how Pryce and the Giants go this year.
  16. Point taken but if the sports used allowed for great art then surely RL allows this opportunity just as much as American Football, as an example.
  17. There was an article on the BBC website of the greatest sporting photos of 2021. There was a decent photo of an American Footballer taking to the air and yet I’m thinking what about Tommy Makinson, Tom Johnstone or Tom Davies scoring a spectacular aerial touch line try? If it’s not bias then why don’t we get a look in?
  18. Such a beautiful place. Hard not to draw parallels with New Brighton
  19. Got to admit, as a neutral, when I’ve looked at where I think teams will finish that I have Salford struggling. I certainly hope that’s not the case and that they can catch a few teams ‘cold.’ For them to do that, they will have to get the best out of the pack and hope that Croft and Sneyd can build on that momentum. The back line has as much if not more quality than most other Super League side IMHO.
  20. Looks a great name to have on board, that being the case
  21. I can’t see any link there to the new main shirt sponsor. Who are Zodiac? Is this a good name to have on board? Obviously it’s better than Cash Converters but who are they? Are they well know in France. Until recently I have spent much time in the Pyrenees but I don’t recall this name…that said I hadn’t heard of Asus (Wakefield) so could be a huge company for all I know.
  22. Pretty sure that Clive Griffiths made mention of this in one of those excellent League Express interviews. They even had a major sponsor willing to plough money in, this money was lost when they ended up with a lower division side. I agree that Wales has been one big opportunity missed after another. I can only hope that one of the Welsh Clubs builds slowly and solidly into a side that can challenge, a little like Newcastle appear to have done, it looks like North Wales may now do this in Colwyn Bay.
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