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  1. Great name....can you confirm it is in honour of Jon Wilkin’s 40-20 attempts
  2. Indeed, if Edwards had have been available then Lam wouldn’t even be in the hot seat.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place...but...tragic passing of young Lock Lane Junior just days after the passing of his Dad. Thoughts with the family and all at Lock Lane https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/teenager-dies-days-after-dad-20663249
  4. Interesting reading the Wigan fans debate on here. Playing devils advocate but Lam took Wigan to a Grand Final. The final was immense, not a classic for the purists but non-stop. If Hardaker’s late goal kick goes over, or if they run the penalty and set for a drop goal, chances are Wigan win. We all know what happened next. Whilst Lam’s Wigan couldn’t bring home the trophy they couldn’t have got much closer and no one could have begrudged them victory. As for playing attractive Rugby, the only sides who I personally have found entertaining this year so far are Hull KR and Cas. Not sure if Lam is your answer, suppose it depends on the question.
  5. This is a poor Leeds side. They were very fortunate against Wakefield last week. They could still win this but they are poor.
  6. Forward passes given against Leeds at Headingley? This ref is just making stuff up now
  7. I’d go with Paul Newman at right centre rather than Konrad Wobble
  8. He reminds me, in many ways, of Jamie Peacock. Not saying they are like for like as players just tough no -nonsense relentless forwards.
  9. Little feature on Oledzki was great. As a neutral, he is fantastic to watch, long may he continue to improve.
  10. Some little flower did that when Saints beat Catalans 48-2 in the play offs last year so don’t be too surprised.
  11. Best team won. If Catalans can build on that with consistency then they will be right up there. Great win without their best player.
  12. Great kick from Dodd and wonderful evasion from Morgue. Was he lucky? Deserved his luck if so.
  13. He was half tackled, the defender let go before completing. Catalans deserved that.
  14. No HIA for Maloney? He didn’t moan for a full 2 minutes there. Clearly something not right!
  15. Good shout. Expect the usual depressingly petulant cries of bias and corruption from some if that does happen rather than the acceptance that good discipline is massively important.
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