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  1. Possibly not the C Cups that were expected. Johnny Vegas looking slimmer in this shot though.
  2. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/sport/19450895.homecoming-parade-victorious-saints-monday-open-top-bus-route-confirmed/ Saints homecoming parade for both the men’s and women’s Challenge Cup victories will take place this evening. I hope Cas’ players are welcomed home in some way too after taking it to Saints with some style.
  3. I assume the Saints Second Half ‘Comback’ is a tribute to James Roby . He’s only balding as he has been patted on the head so much! Excellent issue as always. Thank you.
  4. Totally agree with this, Saints fans always seem to have a boo boy. When you consider how fortunate we have been to watch some truly great players it just seems very odd and a little sad for some to target other players. Maybe all clubs have an element like that, I genuinely don’t know and hope not. All that said, I can’t be a total hypocrite here, I have never taken completely to Fages as a half. I like his character and his defensive effort given his size, but he has never looked at home there for Saints. Personally I would have tried him at 9 but there is a reason I am not a coach .
  5. One you’re entitled to. FWIW I think the ref did ok but my team won so I am bound to be happier….pretty sure the penalty count was 6-4 in favour of Saints with the six agains at 2-2, personally wasn’t scratching my head at any of the calls either way although I did think a penalty could have been called against my team at least once when it wasn’t. Moore was happy enough to go to the video ref when he needed unlike the arrogant ignorance of this facility by previous final refs. If anything the video ref took way too long that would be my only gripe. Fair assessment from Dave T above that Cas got pulled as they were tiring. Overall really enjoyable final. Cas took their chances superbly first half but were worn out when Saints clicked. There’s a lot to be said for patient build up but Saints went into panic mode after the first try and Fages had a shocker. Welsby came on and was excellent IMHO, Saints calmed down and just wore Cas out in the end. Evalds the right call, he is such a danger. Cas can be proud of their efforts. There may yet be a Grand Final to come but this could be the end of an era for Saints depending who comes and goes. Lots of Saints fans grumble about Kyle Amor but I was very pleased to see him get over, he never lacks in effort. Was told that he didn’t have a deal a few years back and begged to stay, working harder than ever…Grand Finals and a Challenge Cup have followed with a try at Wembley. If he retires or moves on then he’ll have bowed out a happy man
  6. Heads up Cas, you’ve done the town proud. Evalds outstanding. Like the Grand Final, perhaps not the greatest quality, but great intensity in the heat. Well done Saints
  7. I agree with you there mate. If I was Cas at this point I would be looking to score anytime they were up there even if it’s 1 point. Saints need to step up but with the quality they do have in that back line, if Cas tire then Saints will score. Good luck to both sides and keep up the entertainment
  8. Great game so far, worthy of a final. Saints really need to play with more patience, Cas deserve their lead for taking their chances so well. Another 40 like that please!
  9. Another great try from Cas. Saints getting punished for lack of patience with all that early territory.
  10. As a Saints fan, I can only applaud that from Cas. Great try. This is what finals are all about.
  11. As a Saints fan, I couldn’t care less if it is by a point. Honestly just hoping for a great open match, where we are all talking about the great skills on show. Remind me of that on Saturday when I start moaning
  12. Liam Moore appointed as Challenge Cup Final referee. Luke Gale gutted not to get the gig.
  13. I would watch England at any sport. Although when it is Rugby Union it’s definitely a struggle.
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.wigantoday.net/sport/rugby-league/ex-wigan-warriors-george-burgess-signs-for-new-club-3303731%3famp
  15. I do agree that he still has a lot to offer, good signing by HKR who are building well. Saints appear to have decided that they can’t afford what Coote wants or that he isn’t worth it. Woolf seemed keen enough to keep him.
  16. Man of the Match on Our League. Would have given it to Coote myself or Miller perhaps but Dodd did well, scored a lovely try.
  17. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. Credit to Wakey for putting up such a spirited display when others might have ‘ducked’ the game. Saints defence has won this game but our attack looks ordinary this year and the discipline tonight was poor. Sure they’ll be happy enough with a win the week before Wembley though.
  18. Great try Wakey, they play some lovely stuff at times. If they stay in touch when back to 13 then they can turn Saints over here.
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