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  1. That was my first thought. Unfortunately “You won't find Rugby League World in the shops, we will only available on subscription in print or digital format as we take into account the changed post-Covid landscape to to deliver the very best quality Rugby League reading direct to your door.” - I have the staff in WHSmith busy with just Forty20 but I have now moved on from only covering the kick n clap mags to American Football also.
  2. I think Warrington were the first to ‘issue’ an NFT of a player, George Williams, they are ahead of the game with a lot of the off field stuff. I would hope that if there is a ‘strategy’ to ‘educate’ RL fans about NFTs then there is a follow on education offer on the risks involved etc. Good luck with your survey.
  3. That’s a quality appointment at that level. Well done Cornwall
  4. Is it Jethro? In all seriousness, I wish Cornwall great success and hope that they pull everything together in time. If I was a betting man I would say Brian Noble.
  5. Apple Mac mate and for I know that could be linked to Asus, Asos or Asda…I know only it is an Apple Mac. Btw I am 100% not knocking Wakey or the company involved.
  6. I hate to see discrimination, so brilliant to see less restrictions on booing the cherry and whites now. In all seriousness, this is a great way for Wigan to celebrate what will be their 143rd year
  7. Interesting perspective…I always just thought that Hoover went with Wire because they both suck.
  8. 12 now Gubrats How many times have you seen them bloody people with rabbit ears on then? Or is that just me?
  9. I have quoted Warrington elsewhere as doing very well, much better than most, I was talking about RL in general.
  10. I filled the survey in, I know what NFTs are but I did wonder myself how people could complete the survey properly if they didn’t know. I won’t give a definition on here, as my definition may offer some bias. Perhaps Elliot could offer a clear definition to help get more surveys completed.
  11. I remember going to watch the Tonga V NZ World Cup classic at Wilderspool which I think NZ won 25-24. PNG were in the same group IIRC which must be why the Kumuls squad was there watching. I know this as virtually the whole squad went for a wee in the bushes en route. Hugely noticeable as…well they were all from PNG and wearing some very bright colours on their team shell suits! I also remember watching PNG VS GB at Central Park in a test match. It was a cold day even for England and some of those poor Kumuls players were visibly shaking with the temperature. I do love what PNG bring to the game and hope that they can start to emulate the likes of Tonga and Fiji.
  12. I would imagine Dan Norman and Danny Hill, Josh Sim or Tom Nisbett could figure from Saints if the first team stay injury free. Taylor Pemberton is getting big wraps as a young hooker but Leigh will already have Aaron Smith on loan from Saints.
  13. Apologies Neil, you commented on this on another thread the other day and I was dismissive of your comment as I would expect those at the club to know exactly when it was formed…and yet on their own official website you can find the following quote “The town’s first rugby club was Wigan FC, founded in 1872 by a group of members of the town’s Cricket Club. Wigan FC played on Folly Field, near Upper Dicconson Street. Financial problems and an inability to recruit quality players led to a merger with Up Holland FC and the creation of a new club, Wigan and District FC. The new club played its home games at Prescott Street, which was the home of Wigan Cricket Club at the time. Eighteen months later, however, this initial foray into the world of rugby was over and the club disbanded. In 1879, a new club called Wigan Wasps was formed following a meeting in the Dicconson Arms. This new rugby club evolved into the current Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club we now know today.” So even on the club’s website there is acknowledgement of the facts with the clear terminology “disbanded” and in reference to 1879 “This new Rugby club evolved”
  14. Could people not make that same argument about some well established Super League teams?
  15. As a fan of a Super League team, I have to say that the Championship looks exciting next season. I don’t think it’s as clear cut as those predictions make it look but not sure I could guess any better. I do think London could really struggle and I’d love to see the Cumbrian teams prove those predictions wrong! Really looking forward to watching some championship games next year.
  16. Twenty leagues of one would remove the need for loop fixtures whilst also allowing Warrington to win a title for the first time since Noah was a lad.
  17. ….I’m going to give it 7 posts (not including my own)…
  18. Good read as always. Do we have any news at all on Rugby League World? Obviously aware of the difficulties there have been and that remain but pre season isn’t pre season without getting the Rugby League World season preview!
  19. Of the names he suggests I can’t say that I am actually familiar with Mark Wilson, might have heard him and not realised. It was more Studd and Schofield that I objected too. Amor I like but I am biased, would be an interesting spin on the BBC’s on pitch work of Robbie Paul, if they got Amor to report whilst playing .
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