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  1. Good read as always. Do we have any news at all on Rugby League World? Obviously aware of the difficulties there have been and that remain but pre season isn’t pre season without getting the Rugby League World season preview!
  2. Of the names he suggests I can’t say that I am actually familiar with Mark Wilson, might have heard him and not realised. It was more Studd and Schofield that I objected too. Amor I like but I am biased, would be an interesting spin on the BBC’s on pitch work of Robbie Paul, if they got Amor to report whilst playing .
  3. In this week’s League Express, Garry Schofield has humbly suggested the following panel to spice up TV coverage - Rod Studd as anchor, Mark Wilson commentating and Kyle Amor as touchline reporter. Oh and to summarise…Garry Schofield. As this whole thread suggests there is a wide variety of opinion, personally I just think we need something fresh. What Channel 4 do, they normally do well IMHO, so will be interesting to see which direction they head….as long as it’s not Garry Schofield
  4. It’s a shame for me that he played under a great 1/2 but didn’t seem to progress, maybe that was down to the forwards not giving him the platform. I don’t know a lot about the new coach but presumably he has worked with Smith at some point at junior levels and knows what he is capable of.
  5. Given their performances last season No 18 Fans might actually get a game. Wigan are really interesting for the season ahead. Despite everything they still finished in a position fans of most clubs would be happy with but a new coaching group might just be what they need to get them challenging again. They had an element of bad luck with injuries last time out. Who knows how their new recruits will go but I think they will go into games with less expectation, from those outside the club anyway, which may give a bit of freedom from pressures. That group of young forwards has had another year’s experience and if the likes of Mago can fire them up in the right way then they could all live up to their potential. As an outsider looking in, I really felt the fitness and/or discipline of Wigan’s more experienced forwards let them down badly last year (obvious exception of the always outstanding Farrell when he played in the forwards.) Hopefully from an England perspective Harry Smith starts living up to his potential also but a pack on the front foot will definitely help with that. In answer to the original question though, I think that starting 13/17 will take shape over the year. There’s lots of possibilities in that group. Great to see Wigan giving a young British coach a chance.
  6. I know mate, only joking. I don’t mind her to be honest. Dave Woods not so much. I don’t think Channel 4 have made any announcements yet, we can only hope that avoid the usual crowd and go for a fresh approach.
  7. The Ice skater Tonya Harding? I hope they go for someone fresh but that is a bit left field!
  8. You might want to tell someone at the club - https://wiganwarriors.com/blog/2021/11/26/make-it-wigan/
  9. It’s frustrating mate, I used to get flights with Jet 2 from Manchester to Toulouse direct but they seem to have stopped now. In the back of my mind, it may have been only part of the year say April-September. When you search for the time you want there are flights but all involve changing. Done this once before in Frankfurt and never again! As others have said check what flights there are to any of the other airports, if you are prepared to hire a car. If I remember rightly you can still go Liverpool - Carcassonne (well worth a visit.) I think Lourdes, Pau and even Lleida in Spain have airports which have cheap flights but obviously you have to get to Toulouse and back! And whether Covid has changed all the options anyway I have no idea. If you have a fortnight around your trip you could have a great adventure. Not often that I envy Wigan fans but a double header of two consecutive away fixtures in France is an exceptional opportunity…if only to stay away from Wigan that bit longer. In all seriousness I hope as many fans as possible get over for these fixtures. The south of France is incredible, especially around the beautiful Pyrenees, the opportunity to watch Rugby League and combine with seeing this part of the world is a dream IMO.
  10. Now Bordeaux is a lovely city IMHO, even better if you can combine a match with the Wine Festival. Carcassonne has it’s own magic too. I think that if people are prepared to either hire cars or work out transport then they can have some great breaks in the wonderful cities of the South of France whilst also taking in a match (hopefully involving their team.) A schedule involving Catalans away followed by Toulouse away would be just awesome. What a holiday that would be!
  11. I am thinking to fund an investigation into the merits of divisional conference leagues split with a round robin tournament contained within culminating in playoffs. That and fancy advertising for Stobart Trucks.
  12. His standing in the game alone would normally be enough for SL chairmen to be interested IMHO, regardless of the other stuff. I am not saying that you are wrong by the way just feel that there have been plenty of examples of players like this signing for SL clubs.
  13. There must be a few SL chairmen wondering how on earth Fev have pulled that off!
  14. How have they pulled this off? His status in the game, regardless of form, would mean you would expect a top level team to be snapping him up. Well done Fev.
  15. Wow! I had to read that twice to check you were talking of the player I was thinking of. Not seen much NRL over the last 2 years but prior to that he was capable of brilliant centre play (granted the odd brain fart too.) I commented a few days ago that nobody should be expecting Toulouse to have made ‘big’ signings as there is nobody out there! Assuming he hasn’t been over friendly with a dog or been snorting something then…. I stand corrected. Great signing by Fev.
  16. Fair enough but for every Typhoo there has been a Frontline Bathrooms. Whether it’s down to the image of the town, sport or club, I don’t know. I do think, as a sport, we are at the same level as lower division regional football clubs and Home Bargains is about where we are at. It is a marked improvement on Cash Converters. Would I prefer a more high profile sponsor? snobbishly yes, but I see Rugby League’s profile these days and sadly do wonder whether it is realistic to expect anything but what we have.
  17. Wasn’t aware Home Bargains had sponsored Bolton but I know they have been involved with Tranmere Rovers in the past. Realistically I think that’s probably where we are as a sport these days in terms of attracting names. Do people expect our clubs to be sponsored by giant corporations like Premier League Football clubs? Not going to happen in the main, sadly. It’s a nice aspiration and I hope we get to those heights but if we ignore tobacco, alcohol and gambling sponsorship (either banned, outdated, unfashionable or under government scrutiny) then which clubs have managed to bring in big name sponsors? Without knowing the financial detail then Warrington should be congratulated for having Hoover on board at least but apart from them which clubs have major financial sponsorship from a big name? I also think it’s worth repeating, whilst I’d love Saints to be sponsored by say Santander or Apple, that we have at least moved on from bloody Cash Converters!
  18. Oh and on rereading your question…the city centre itself is ok as is down by the Garonne. I stayed with a friend one time in Empalot though and it made Birkenhead seem upmarket! I don’t think it is a tourist area but would avoid it if it comes up on any hotel searches!
  19. I’ve spent a lot of time in the nearby Pyrenees but not a great deal in Toulouse itself other than flying in and out. The airport is nice as airports go! However I have eaten a few times in and around the main square, Place du Capitole, and it is a nice area. You can definitely soak up the culture there. Not been for a few years but Stade Toulousain, the Union club, were omni present dwarfing even the football team. It would be interesting to see if the League team had broken through in anyway, either down to their relative success or with their link up with the Union club. I hope they can bring something different to the city.
  20. Surprised that we’ve gone with a RedVee . No, I like it. I am so glad to see a change of sponsor, I guess Cash Converters contributed to the clubs finances and for that I should be grateful but it never say comfortably, same as Totally Wicked tbh.
  21. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t the World Gold Council just like Cash Converters for posh folk? Really nice top and great to see those sorts of sponsors on a RL jersey. It is a fine line though between having that sort of ‘backing’ and the reality of more cash from a lesser name to help with club running costs. That said I am pleased to see my club moving from Cash Converters to Home Bargains sponsorship. Not that HB are a marquee sponsor but they are at least local, a growing player in the retail market and NOT Cash Converters or a gambling or alcohol company. Now just to get a replacement for Totally Wicked and Betfred
  22. Really not sure what those criticising Toulouse’s recruitment expected them to do? As I understand it they are, like all promoted teams, well behind the 8 ball when it comes to contract talks as these couldn’t start in earnest until promotion was guaranteed. By that time the ‘best’ players had already signed up elsewhere. We have fans of one grand old club on here criticising their own club for shopping at Poundland and yet we are expecting newly promoted clubs to at least be going to Home Bargain. Where are all these wonderful available players? I am sure Houles & Co have done and are doing all they can. Sad reality it would seem is the best they can hope for now is, loan deals, an NRL star getting banned but being available, a top SL player getting sacked by their club or convincing such as Remi Casey to come out of retirement. Other than that maybe someone shines through from Elite 1 in time to join up. Whatever happens they will be criticised. i hope they stay up, I can only see Salford as real strugglers, but it’s very difficult for any promoted team IMO.
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