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  1. Not really, the lads never let their heads drop & ended the game well.
  2. Can't play Cornwall every week mate !! I'm sure there's a song in there somewhere ?
  3. Very promising this.
  4. Well if the Waterhead dads said it, who are we to argue ????????????????? Pleased to hear you were there Cliff, last week you had fallen out of love with the game, that's good to see.
  5. Anyone else think young Astley looks like Sam Tomkins at the same age ?
  6. Thank you, I feel better for knowing that
  7. Anita, I'm somewhat intrigued. Someone on the Hornets forum has suggested your name 'Anita Bath' is a non-de-plume! Well this suspicious and over-active mind of mine is wondering if that is true , particularly when you relate 'blokey' stories like climbing over walls & mates with rent arrears dealing with the police . Could it be you are really a bloke in disguise? Is Anita Bath very nearly an anagram of A Tin Bath? Are you an ex-Hornets second-row forward from days gone-by in disguise? I get the impression most of my fellow Roughyeds on here see you as that nice lady from over the hill, hence the complimentary comments recently. Just my enquiring mind doing somersaults, please do confirm either way when you get a second, I would love to be proved wrong!!
  8. Didn't live in Tin Town did you Anita?
  9. Give her a second chance Cliff, it was probably as much your fault as hers, a lovers tiff maybe
  10. Very encouraging indeed after the LL disappointment. Well done to all !
  11. Very easy to criticise referees. It's a poisoned chalice. Without a ref there's no game remember. Plus they have so many guidelines to follow these days unlike in the past when a ref could literally ref it as he saw it!
  12. Can anyone offer LadyM any assistance?
  13. Watching Man United crash out of the FA Cup to lowly Middlesbrough tonight made me smile. Not because I have anything against them, but just goes to show in cup ties, in football or in Rugby League, upsets do happen (as us Roughyeds know only too well). And to the biggest and best clubs too! Not only that, but they had an electrical breakdown as well In their case, there were no pies at half-time for the 70,000 crowd (or any food for that matter). Now that really made me smile
  14. Abram will look the part in a winning team in League One because with ball in hand he's a good player. The reason he'll never be good enough for the Championship, in my opinion, is his lack of size and physical presence, especially when defending or under the high ball when playing full-back.
  15. Was he a cast-off or was he offered a new deal but chose to leave?
  16. Bring on Lock Lane you mean? Let's not under-estimate this mob, it will be a very different game next week & will not be easy. Saturday evening was like a breath of fresh air after the disappointments of last season, but we don't want to be losing to Lock Lane. Up the mighty Yeds!!
  17. Excellent coverage, very impressed with The Sportsman, cracking camera angles, replays, interviews. Very good.
  18. Kind regards of the season to those folks over't hill.
  19. Personally, I think in this age of Covid restrictions, the digital programme is the way forward albeit not most peoples preferred option. In the circumstances the club make a very good job of it.
  20. £16.95 bit steep for a paperback, I'm guessing only the diehards will purchase at that price. Others will wait until its on ebay I'm guessing. Good luck though !
  21. It was unnecessary and premature because it gives readers the impression the meeting didn't happen. It gives the impression the club aren't keeping to what they said when, in fact, since John Roddy arrived things have improved considerably in this issue of bringing all the rugby groups together. It's just looking to twist the knife for no reason whatsoever!
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