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  1. Definitely most improved player and another season or two with Oldham would probably be good for him and the club
  2. I expect you’re right. simple fact however is that they came up short this season in the champ. Maybe a few will find clubs but many won’t. We need to build with a committed group but that’s easier said than done with the new league funding.
  3. Kyle Eastmond plays for home town club?
  4. So with today’s thumping drawing a very disappointing close to our season, what would we all like to see next season? let’s be creative, you never know who reads this!
  5. Happyed


    Shocking performance. Season over and time for a clear out
  6. Exactly. This is an ever repeating topic in our Forum and frankly its tedious.. There are probably many (perhaps just a few) who would like to be involved in the running of our club but without an offer of investment or bringing new skills, relationships or ideas to the table I wouldn't expect CH fall over himself to sign it over! So, what was on the table for CH to consider? how might things have been different today?
  7. Can you pay on the gate? Thanks
  8. + Rogers, jinks and bent for me
  9. I could reluctantly accept a double knock on but ‘held’?! It was pretty much lost on contact there’s no way that’s correct.
  10. I still don’t understand why Reilly’s try at the death was called back. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  11. very true. There is no denying Sammut was class when he came on but prior to that our halves had shown as much invention as London. I've been critical here in the past but credit where its due, this was a better performance from the backs especially D Abram and Hewitt (who had a much better kicking game)
  12. Superb effort yesterday. Everyone of them had their best game this season and the defense has improved beyond recognition. Just as important we stopped the cheap mistakes and penalties! On a different day we would win that game and the refereeing didn't do us any favors. Lets hope we can build on this performance and finish the season strongly.
  13. I don’t know the circumstances (or want to) but it’s time you move on from talks that didn’t progress many moons ago. If someone initiated talks today with serious plans for investment I expect CH would be v receptive. In the meantime, I’m grateful for the work he and the team do to keep the team afloat and competitive on a tiny budget. Supporters supporting and attending games is a very positive contribution- try it
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