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  1. 1 hour ago, Town67 said:

    Chris has to take the majority of the blame, he didn’t want big forwards? We had Bruie who we let go, Tom curwen who we let go. The philosophy of grafters will not work in this league. Also I don’t understand why he was playing dec at 13 yesterday. Some of the decisions are baffling 

    Bruce went to Haven for more money and to be closer to home. Poor Tom had bad injuries that's why he wasn't kept on no doubt about it two good players. Dec lifts the team with his enthusiasm and he does have skill.

  2. 2 hours ago, Dave W said:

    Riley was at Craven park yesterday, watching.

    He had an electronic tag on his ankle: Make of that what you will but I doubt you'd be able to play with one of those fitted.

    Players have played in them in the past I'm sure if they play they have to notify the referee and Rfl. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, IanMac said:

    Does anyone know what input the club can have as to whether a game goes ahead? Is it purely a decision from an rfl appointment? If it’s cancelled when travel has been incurred it could surely have a cost implication for the club 

    None on the pitch off it yes safety officer

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  4. 2 hours ago, Derwent said:

    There’s a video on Town’s Facebook page of the pitch, ankle deep water in places, don’t know how it was deemed playable by the RFL official.

    The RfL want games on at any cost it puts match officials under great pressure however common sense prevailed. I would say any other time the official would have used his experience and called it off but if the Safety officer says the ground is unsafe that's the end of it he over rides the officials. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, rockerlad said:

    no, rent to allerdale wasn't mentioned. baring in mind allerdale won't exist in a couple of years and allerdale won't own the ground, it will be owned/managed by a company set up by directors from both clubs (2) and 2 independent stakeholders, who this stakeholders will be wasnt answered back in january. another shareholders meeting scheduled for when all the information is available, around late March 🤞.

    I would think maybe the independent stakeholders could be NHS and Sellafield

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  6. 2 hours ago, miaow said:

    personally im pleased that ex players are speaking out it flushes out the issue no doubt some will see it as a betrayal but what chance do our young developing players have if thats what they are up against - a decision that may just end their career

    Anyone who kids themselves that any sport is a clean sport is kidding themselves - people are always looking for the quick fix how to get fitter faster stronger quicker, how to gain the competitive edge quicker

    Take the russian olympian heart tablets ????? there is  always a loop hole and people are good at finding them 

    Then there is  recreational stuff which i actually abhor it destroys lives while the kingpin sits at the top of the food chain creaming in the benefits

    I find it hard to believe  clubs and the rfl are doing all they can 

    coaches tipping players off yes it does happen !!!

    Im also not sure what the answer is but i do think that more can be done - if clubs truly believe in clean sport why are they not random testing no different to most good employers ?


    Welcome the thoughts on a good topic - perhaps here in sunny wukinton we have a collective answer







    I agree with everything you have written I thought last night Ollie Wilkes and Jamie Acton were very honest and showed loads of guts to tell it how it is. Clubs and players from professional clubs and Amateur clubs  know it happens in the past plenty of players have been banned. We need to catch the ones who sell these harmful products to the players I say grass them up and get them penalised in what ever way. 

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  7. 23 hours ago, anok4u said:

    You can tell on the players face it wasn't a try, think he was as shocked as anybody!

    Poor decisions by the match officials it looked like they were looking after one side. Are town that bad with discipline on the amount of times they were penalised I got the impression the officials thought it was gonna be all Rovers. But our lads were up for it and give Brian McDermott he gave Town praise for the way they played. UTT.

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  8. 20 hours ago, Derwent said:


    Poor position by the TJ the rules did say as long as the ball doesn't hit the top of his thigh and before the ball hits the ground it's play on because he kicks it.  Our player should have knocked him flying into the touch. There a very good team and credit to our players who played very well through out. UTT 

  9. 14 hours ago, Route66 said:

    Mp mark jenkinson on social media today telling the world how he has managed to get 5.5 million for the new shared stadium, must be an announcement soon as he will want to take all the credit 

    The guy is a idiot Mr Bull .... Wouldn't believe out he says 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, The Voodooguru said:

    I have absolutely no issues with bringing these young lads in, just because players have an aussie accent doesn't make them any better. In the past we have spent a lot of money on some real duck eggs. (I know we have also had some real gems too before someone points it out) If these young lads have the right attitude they will do for me. Give them some experience and they will pay you back in spades. If we can add a bit of muscle in the middles then I'm confident Chris will get the best out of them and surprise a few. I'm in no doubt we will be big favourites for relegation, but I never thought we would get promoted before the start of last season. Haven & Barrow have different strategies and obviously bigger budgets, let them crack on.

    My big worries are building for the chairman & the main shirt sponsor. Big revenue lost for the Xmas present sales of home shirts. Let's hope it's resolved quickly as I thought the shareholders meeting would result in the announcements. I know they will be sworn to secrecy but can any of the shareholders confirm if it was talked about or should we worry?

    Well said the home shirts etc are been picked up today by two excellent volunteers in time for Xmas presents.. Everything else Chairman and so on is work in progress hopefully will be sorted shortly. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Billy Bob said:

    If there players signed and not announced, they surely will have started training and someone would have blabbed by now.

    Have faith in Chris there's probably players still under contract pal. UTT

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  12. 22 minutes ago, town2018 said:

    People on here really need to realise what a forum is all about people are coming on here and posting there views and thoughts on the club etc and getting slated for doing so no one on here can say they are happy with the squad we have so far we have potentially lost one off the biggest sponsors off recent years and no answers as to why.

    It really looks like the club have some serious questions to be asked 

    Well said pal I know Steve Calvin very well at Myers and Bowman and something has happened last season and he's not happy. No conspiracy as someone has said.

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  13. 26 minutes ago, WTRLFC WEBSITE said:

    In answer to your points Peter 

    It's the alternative kit. Green and Red are a connection to our colours from our year of forming 1945.

    It's a shame it's been screenshot by someone as we were simply testing the buying process ahead of a planned launch, you know like we know what we're doing. It's probably lost its impact now. 

    Myers and Bowman have been spoken to, not sure why you would think we wouldn't speak with them first.

    We apply that logic and same courtesy to all our kit sponsors and all the player sponsors. We appreciate their support massively and our relationships are very strong. 


    Workington Town RLFC 



    Did they say no if so I wonder why 

  14. 16 minutes ago, DavidM said:

    With all those logos around now the badge basically just looks like another sponsors logo . On the kit itself its pretty striking , but im not overly fussed with what they do with away strips , you have more licence there to try all sorts

    Is this the home kit can't understand the colours green black red and white. I bet Myers and Bowman's are cheesed off . 



  15. 23 minutes ago, IanMac said:

    I see looking on the website we’ve gone with Ellgren for a kit supplier. The alternate shirt is different plus it doesn’t look like myers and bowman are sponsors on the shirt anymore.

    Have Myers and Bowman been approached they should be the first business to be asked in my opinion. Do u know who it's gonna be then.

  16. 1 hour ago, Hate the rec said:

    Well it's been a number of weeks since Les announced at the presentation night that he was standing down and since then we as fans have heard nothing regarding the position or the position of the board , hopefully someone can shed some light on proceeding soon as all this uncertainty doesn't do the club any good going into what is a massive season for everyone.

    I honestly don't think anything will be sorted unto the shareholders AGM . There was a Directors meeting last night they just don't seem to have a spokesperson to let everyone know what's going on present boards consists of 4 people Messer's ball.peers.harrison and pleasance not enough really. 

  17. 1 hour ago, chromedome said:

    Yes Barry I keep looking on here to see if there's any news of a new Chairman.

    It's apparently only Les himself who has stated his intention to stand down from Chairmanship (at end of season awards night)....so am I right to assume Les is still on the board of Directors in a lesser role?

    The club is currently drip feeding us news of signings, not a bad idea at all. What I do find somewhat strange is - who now adds the final 'rubber stamp' on these squad additions? 

    During my years as a DP vol worker there was in the 'Chair' such as the late great Kevan Gorge, the late great Kenny Wilson, amongst others, who from what I can recall had control of club matters from their important top role....is anyone currently handling affairs in similar fashion?

    There's a shareholder meeting I think it's December 8th so nothing will be sorted unto then on new directors or the Chairman post.

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  18. 5 minutes ago, Sticklebricks said:

    What sort of age is Curtis marra

    I believe he's only young but if he's half as good as his dad he will be a good signing if true. He played against James Robinson this year and he told me it's the hardest he's ever been tackled. They say he's got loads of talent good luck to him who ever gets him.

  19. 19 minutes ago, troutmaster said:

    Sorry to hear Les has stepped down from the chairman's job, He has done very well whilst in his tenure has leader of our club and I thank him for that. It will be interesting to see whoever takes his seat, There was a post from one of our Forum members who said he had heard rumours who was coming in to take the top seat, Has anyone heard anything else about who is in for the job?, or any new signings. It's only been a few weeks since our last game, but when you read about other clubs signings you, or I do, think of what's left to sign, but I have faith in the coach and the board to at least make us able to compete in the championship. UTT🏉🏉👍

    Your right Troutmaster lesso has done a terrific job throughout this difficult period due and a true leader with the help of a hard working board of Directors. I'm sure the club will inform everyone on due course on new signings and maybe new board members. The crack was the shareholders and the directors were having meetings this week .UTT

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