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  1. Didn't play to his full potential good luck to him.
  2. Announcements will be done after this weekends presentation night I'm sure what's the Rush.
  3. Jake Moore won't be a miss he's been very poor this season.
  4. Definitely Good luck to Dec but we have plenty of cover for him in his position. You can't blame him for probably getting a lot more money and being in a big city like London. U find there ain't many loyal players at any club these days the Town have been fortunate that way. I'm sure Chris will get the right players in for next season.
  5. McAvoy has been a good player over the years but he was used mainly of the bench. Good luck to him at Whitehaven it's often the case players go to other clubs for more money maybe it's the case here. Gary Hewer is a classy coach in his own right and very knowledgeable he's very intergral with what Chris is trying to achieve for Town long may there reign last UTT.
  6. Super League is run by the 5 rich clubs whose Chairman only care about there clubs and sod everyone else. League 1 clubs put there heart and sole in running there clubs on very low incomes I agree totally that the monies should be shared fairly thro out all of the league's. Some clubs will be very worried on what has been said lately two divisions of 10 how can this work impossible there should be at least 16 teams in 2 divisions the club's would get more revenue through the season do away with top 8 play offs and make it two up two down. There needs to be a massive rethink on how the RfL is run from administration to the top dogs . To many free loaders on massive wages no wonder the games on a bad way
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