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  1. I know why the money is being spent. Happens in the UK as well. Your comparison to Tunisia and Libya doesn't work because those countries don't border the UK and influenced by UK media.
  2. RFL needs to sit down and develop a long term strategy for London. The sport needs it because I don't how much more you can get out of the Northern heartlands. I think the Broncos are done if they get relegated. The brand is already tarnished. People will have to be patient though. You are looking at a decade or two before results will be seen. There is an opening for rugby league. Union can't shake its elitist background. Football has reached its apex and I think FIFA/UEFA and the big clubs themselves know this.
  3. Rugby League is a national sport in PNG and has had big growth in Tonga and Fiji. They obviously have a different view considering that they convinced the Aus gov to spend millions on rugby league programmes in the Pacific. Giving up on NZ? Good thing you are not in charge of the NRL.
  4. Please continue because you are just making a fool of yourself. The language is disgraceful stuff. London is expensive but so is every other big city.
  5. Hopefully they'll put in a decent performance at the World Cup. It will be tough but the sport needs France.
  6. 8-0 to Haven. Be interested to see attendance for this. Moving to a Super League quality stadium and attracting new fans always needed a competitve squad which was in the running for promotion. I know funding was cut but the other owners who are targeting promotion are still putting the money in.
  7. 6-0 to Haven. At least London will have a derby game next year for the 300 fans who will turn up.
  8. I'm not going to bother with this ###### anymore.
  9. Clubs below include Bradford and Newcastle. London may get their act together one day. Why should the Cumbria clubs be locked out? Barrow has a bigger population than Castleford.
  10. You don't know anything. Most of the clubs in the SL are cities or big towns which have football clubs familiar to Londoners. Hull, Wigan, Leeds, Huddersfield have all been in the Premier League. Salford has the two Manchester clubs next door. St. Helens is in Merseyside which is home to Liverpool and Everton. What you also fail to realise is that 40% of Londoners are immigrants so they won't have in depth knowledge about the North nor can they be expected to.
  11. Wimbledon RUFC are irrelevant. They are an amateur club competing in the London league. Rugby Union is only strong in SW London. Saracens are in North London and they have struggled to fill their stadium.
  12. The club went part-time and now has a squad which isn't competitive. Moving to Plough Lane would be fine if the Broncos were going up to SL or at least being a top team in the Championship.
  13. Most people consider London as their home city. Very few people have an affinity with their borough. The football clubs were all founded before London was expanded in the 1960s. You comparison with the American teams doesn't make any sense. All of them have their home city or region in the name. NY Jets and NY Giants. New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals. LA Rams and LA Chargers. You'll often hear NFL commentators refer to teams by the city.
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