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  1. Perhaps a Nations League format is best. 8 in Tier 1 and 8 in Tier 2. The winner will get a trophy and move up. I don't think the WC will be back in 2025 unless Eng take it up again. Either way, it's another hit of bad PR for the sport.
  2. You are just making stuff up. No one has said that all 12 SL clubs being Cat A would lead to same quality in every game. Liverpool put 7 past Man U a few weeks ago. Even good teams will have bad days and there's nothing wrong with that. It can actually be good entertainment.
  3. No one on here has said that and at least have the courage to quote whoever you are complaining about. You've developed a habit of sniping from the sidelines.
  4. London, Newcastle, Widnes, York all have better stadiums than Wakefield.
  5. The lack of vocal support for Keighley says it all. Your own club will vote for it. From the Champ I reckon London, Newcastle, York, Sheffield, Widnes will all vote in favour. That's more than enough.
  6. Jamaica are one of the few countries putting effort into growing the sport and they have no serious competition in the Americas. England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Jamaica, Greece, and Serbia. Split into two groups of 4, tiered if necessary. These countries won't develop unless given a chance to play. The Knights will still be fielded but at least it is something.
  7. Because they aren't locking 12 in. But you already know this.
  8. It's a stupid idea and would see all those clubs fold. Newcastle have a lot of potential but they need on field success to build support. They are bottom of the Champ. People won't turn up to watch that.
  9. I think you'll find that it is actually 'Zenica' and not pronounced the same.
  10. It's just wishful thinking. There are a lot more distractions these days and RL has to fight harder for its share. The sport can't survive by reverting back to the heartlands. It needs both.
  11. Most people who watch sport in the UK like more than one.
  12. Would the big clubs stick around if it went part time again? That may be the one thing that leads to union and league reuniting. The GAA in Ireland is amatuer but it was created under unique circumstances and is a national obsession for the country. RL will never be able to replicate that at the part time level.
  13. Reading too much into what I'm saying. Liverpudlians who watch RL can go and see St. Helens. That's all. I'm not suggesting that they will become the club of Liverpool. St. Helens won't be judged the same as Wigan or Leigh being in the same borough which is what Harry seemed to be suggesting.
  14. Not ever. Toulouse have shown that they are willing to work to earn their place.
  15. Aiming is fine. I've seen nothing to suggest that Toulouse aren't serious about doing the work that would be required to get A grade. They haven't asked to just award it to them.
  16. The size and wealth of the US has everything to do with it. It's why the sport is so wealthy. That and every school in the country plays it. Rugby League would be in rude health if it enjoyed the same popularity and reach in the UK. IMG wouldn't be necessary and there would be plenty of money to go around.
  17. Saints are in Merseyside and can reach into Liverpool. Warrington is its own borough with more than 200,000 people. Widnes are next door and they may be taken into account.
  18. IMG couldn't do anything about West Wales folding. They aren't responsible for your 9 home games per season. The NFL is a closed shop and the most popular sport in a country of 300+ million plus a huge international following. They can afford to give lower ranked teams a lot of help. All if their teams are based in densely populated urban areas. Green Bay are the exception but they act as the team for Wisconsin.
  19. Premier League share 15% with the EFL which would be 156,250 per club if replicated in RL.
  20. And yet rugby league is one of the least watched sports among young people. How many kids will continue watching once they no longer have to go with their parents? Will they watch at home?
  21. Local game for local aging people. English rugby league is in for some bad days if the interest levels among the younger generations don't change.
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