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  1. And? Your still pushing the same rubbush about London.
  2. Good to see RL fans living up to their stereotype.
  3. It hasn't worked. You can find junior clubs in any sport in London. Basketball, hockey, ice hockey, ect. Overall, the sport hasn't broken through in the London and the south east. It doesn't come anywhere close to football, union, or cricket. It's on par with basketball and hockey or even Gaelic football.
  4. No but it would be a good preseason match. Make it a charity event like the football. Super League winners v Challenge Cup winners or runner up. So St. Helens v Castleford. Stick it on Channel 4.
  5. They have no preseason friendlies planned and it's not in the interest of the French clubs to travel over and play a team which seems to largely consist of amateur union players.
  6. 2 is too few. Europe have stated that they want a Euro competition every 2 years but the problem is that England are too strong for the others at the moment. So we'll have to field a second or third team to give it some integrity.
  7. Agree with that. Home and away plus Magic = 23 regular season fixtures plus the 3 play-off fixtures would be enough.
  8. Well I suppose you could just have the top 2 go into the Grand Final. Or have a preliminary final for the 2nd and 3rd placed clubs if they want to squeeze out another game in the season.
  9. No. Broncos will die if Hughes goes. It's just not an attractive brand and they have limited assets. It's not like a football club who own their own stadium or have success on the field.
  10. Top 4 plus relegation means every clubs has something to play for.
  11. 50% of the teams advancing is a turn off as well. It should be no more than 4.
  12. I think this is it. NFL has a 18 week season so an extended play-off system works for them. There's no football for half a year. Union only has 4 go into the play-offs. Home advantage for the top 2.
  13. I'd say the London strategy needs a complete reset. The junior clubs have been successful and continue to grow. Wests Warriors and London Chargers are solid amatuer outfits. I think a professional club could be successful in London but not sure it will come in the form of the Broncos.
  14. Benefit of the current system is that it's easy to understand for new fans. No qualifying finals or preliminary finals. As you say, no repeat pairings as well.
  15. Eagles compete in North East so they would be closer to the standard. This would be Galway's first game against an established amateur club though.
  16. Good to see. RLI need to update their website though. Would be nice to see how many clubs there are and which ones offer junior rugby. I know the Belfast Eagles do. It's good to see Wigan promoting their brand as well.
  17. 11 home, 11 away plus Magic would be 23 SL matches per season. Are you saying that the top 10 should advance because that would kill the whole point of a league.
  18. I think any system should have the top ranked club getting a bye so back to the McIntyre system for me. Maybe get rid of the qualifying final but I don't think it is necessary. So elimination final would be 4 v 5. Semi Finals would be 1 v 4/5 and 2 v 3.
  19. Hit a nerve there. The Midlands is too big for one club to represent it. So your planning on moving to a new stadium but no confirmation yet. Nothing I said was wrong then. It's better for those clubs to align with a SL club which is in a much better position to help out.
  20. Not a fan of that name to be honest. But maybe the Man City owners can be convinced to set up a professional club if rugby league gets bigger. Super League champions within 4 years.
  21. That Coventry rebrand won't work out. The Midlands is a big place. They also seem to be playing at a small rugby union club pitch with a possible move to a larger system. I would say it is better for the likes of Nottingham or Sherwood to link up with one of the big Super League or Championship clubs instead of the Hurricanes.
  22. ERL wants that. England are set to field the second team. There should be a European comp every 2 years. There's a cap on heritage players so that should help countries with a domestic set up.
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