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  1. 11 home, 11 away plus Magic would be 23 SL matches per season. Are you saying that the top 10 should advance because that would kill the whole point of a league.
  2. I think any system should have the top ranked club getting a bye so back to the McIntyre system for me. Maybe get rid of the qualifying final but I don't think it is necessary. So elimination final would be 4 v 5. Semi Finals would be 1 v 4/5 and 2 v 3.
  3. Hit a nerve there. The Midlands is too big for one club to represent it. So your planning on moving to a new stadium but no confirmation yet. Nothing I said was wrong then. It's better for those clubs to align with a SL club which is in a much better position to help out.
  4. Not a fan of that name to be honest. But maybe the Man City owners can be convinced to set up a professional club if rugby league gets bigger. Super League champions within 4 years.
  5. That Coventry rebrand won't work out. The Midlands is a big place. They also seem to be playing at a small rugby union club pitch with a possible move to a larger system. I would say it is better for the likes of Nottingham or Sherwood to link up with one of the big Super League or Championship clubs instead of the Hurricanes.
  6. ERL wants that. England are set to field the second team. There should be a European comp every 2 years. There's a cap on heritage players so that should help countries with a domestic set up.
  7. Wouldn't be a rugby league competition in Jamaica if it weren't for the heritage players going back and setting it up. I can understand Italy but we'd have to cut the number of teams to 8 or less if all the heritage sides got booted out. Greece, Lebanon, Jamaica all have domestic set ups.
  8. And? What is your issue here? I'm sure the college and school comps will be back once Covid is behind us. So much negativity on this forum.
  9. What do you think of the Pacifique Treize bid? They want to be in the Queensland cup.
  10. They have a domestic competition plus college and schools. Lebanon has a team composed of native players as well. One of those countries we should be focusing on.
  11. We'll see how long they are around for. Looking at the reaction from their fans it seems that most are expecting them to get spanked by Widnes. Hard to see where the club goes once Hughes is gone.
  12. Fiji and PNG already have homegrown teams in the Aussie cups? PNG Hunters and Fiji Silktails.
  13. Hartlepool has a junior club which is a feeder for the Newcastle Thunder.
  14. Point out where I said there was anything wrong with it.
  15. They'll only get Cornish players by converting them from union to League. I think there is one community club in Cornwall but that's not enough.
  16. Maybe but they are meant to be a London team so tying themselves to a League 1 doesn't seem like a good idea in the long run. Maybe they'll rename themselves to Wimbledon eventually.
  17. Because they either didn't bother to use Google or just don't care.
  18. Well they aren't wrong about teams like Italy. But this move will screw over countries like Georgia and Uruguay who don't have access to a huge number of heritage players abroad. Not a problem for RL which has a much smaller international game and it also helps emerging countries like Jamaica.
  19. Not important. Kent and Essex are not London. It doesn't matter if two or three towns in those counties have a club. The bulk of the population who live in London don't.
  20. London has 18 times the population of Cumbria and you're still including teams from Kent and Essex. Rugby League is irrelevant in London and folks on here need to accept that.
  21. It requires no context. It is irrelevant. Can't complain about London not paying attention to rugby league when you less than 10 clubs in the city. Only one of those clubs are north of the river. And then thrown in the Broncos who can only get a few hundred to turn up to a game. We are constantly told that the sport needs London so questions have to be asked about what the RFL is doing to make that happen.
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