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  1. There's only 4 clubs within London offering junior rugby and 70+ for rugby union. League is irrelevant in London but keep pretending otherwise.
  2. Can't see anyway back for the Broncos. Londoners don't really know the difference between league and union so anyone who has an interest in rugby will go and see Saracens, LI, or Harlequins. The RFL need a new approach for growing the game in non-heartland regions. Setting up community clubs is expensive in the capital. I think the low cost approach would be to get the game into schools and grow it from there. Maybe long term look at setting up a London schools competition.
  3. They still don't care about cricket. It's mostly British expats and Asian immigrants. There is no niche market to be found. They have football, a decent rugby union team, and their own sports of Gaelic football and hurling. Jamaica has fledging domestic scene but their national team (if you can even call it that) played Scotland in Featherstone. Really just an admission that international rugby league is a joke and no amount of heritage sides are going to change that.
  4. Irish don't care about rugby league. It will never compete with the union team. The sports market is already crowded between football, rugby union, and GAA. Italy is effectively an Australian side.
  5. It's a national team and not a poorly run club. There's no point in having Jamaica play if there isn't going to be an effort to promote the game within the Jamaican community and in Jamaica. Many on here want more international games but then wonder why the BBC won't show Jamaica v Scotland in front of a small crowd in Featherstone.
  6. More international games is good but any Jamaica game should be held in London. Big Jamaican community and there are plenty of groups who organise events for them throughout the year. Link up with them and promote the game.
  7. Think what? Cornish Pirates getting promoted and having a split of rights deal which is much bigger would be massive for the club. CVC investment as well. Nobody cares about the Prem Cup but they also have European competitions and regular games against clubs from other countries to make more money.
  8. The Prem has a rights deal worth 100 million plus so it would be massive for them. Not the case for league.
  9. I agree. Not sure we needed another team at the moment given the reducing TV rights. Though Perez is spending his own money. Cornish Pirates are banking on promotion and a new stadium but they are an established club.
  10. Spread across the county rather than in one city. Anyway, parachuting a team into Manchester isn't a good idea. Better to focus on growing the community game and developing established clubs in the area.
  11. Was looking at a rugby union forum and they had a video of South African school rugby. They were celebrating how SA rugby was going to be great going forward. These kids were 14/15 and were massive. The teachers were encouraging them to hit hard. No way they weren't taking steroids or something. One Irish union coach dismissed the concussion concerns as just being a part of the game. And these folks wonder why participation is dropping. Let's face it. For union to get better, it has to become more like League but the chiefs can't bring themselves to admit that. Only 30% of schools have League. We should make that figure higher and I can bet rugby will get a higher profile.
  12. I think the best way to grow rugby league is to expand the amatuer game. Broncos went from a few thousand fans down to a few hundred. They didn't adapt to changing demographics. Back in the 90s you could count on their being a lot of Northerners. Seemed like half the folks working with my father were from Yorkshire. Not so much anymore or at least they may be more inclined to go and see another sport.
  13. Tweet up there from the supporters association about attendance being in the thousands only to be reminded that can barely get 3/400 these days.
  14. Skolars have Tottenham and Saracens on their doorstep so a lot of competition for attention. Two big clubs so unless Skolars become a full-time team and start winning titles then I can't see them attracting many new fans. Ultimately, success and good marketing are key to growth.
  15. Coventry isn't in East Midlands. That to me is Nottingham, Lincolnshire, Leicester, Northampton. That shows the problem with trying to appeal to the whole region. Nottingham has 2 clubs already doing their own thing and would actually be closer to Yorkshire. Cornwall makes sense because it is a county and not a region.
  16. There's precedent for Cornwall though. Pirates used to be known as Penzance & Newlyn. County cricket as well. Midlands Hurricanes isn't that. Something like Black Country Steelers would have better.
  17. Fans do care. That's why they moan about ticket prices all the time. And I never said we should count of mass desertion of football fans.
  18. People may not work in mines anymore but working class folks haven't gone away. Take a drive around Harlesden or Wembley and you'll see that.
  19. Because it is. Super League nearly happened and hasn't gone away. Even UEFA knows there's a problem with how big and wealthy certain clubs have become. Bar the odd miracle like Leicester, the PL will be won by oil clubs.
  20. More international games are good. That's generally what the country can get behind. You had people who had never been to a cricket match in their life but were glued to the 2019 final. But there's no point in putting all these games on in Northern stadiums and small ones at that. Next time Jamaica play England it should be held in Plough Lane and marketed to the large Caribbean community within London. Just call it a rugby game. Forget the League part. Union has gotten away with that for far too long. Any revenue should be put into growing the sport within the city.
  21. Most youngsters go to university now. And you are once again assuming that working folks don't have influence. Last election proves you wrong on that. Football is becoming more elitist by the day and the big clubs are moving further away from the fanbases. That leaves an opening in these areas for a new sport.
  22. So at the end of all this you don't disagree that we should be targeting working class areas within London. You're just upset because I had a jab at yuppies. League's strength will always be its working class roots and ability to provide pathways to professional rugby.
  23. You think working class folks have no money or influence? Interesting. It's called standing up for your roots. Also, I never actually said we shouldn't attract anyone. Not all middle class folks are yuppies. They are sort of folks who will look down on a man for drinking a pint of lager instead of whatever craft beer is popular now. Football is very elitist now. Look at those super clubs who have effectively bought the Premier League.
  24. We should be targeting working class areas within the city. Jamaica have a rugby league team now and the largest Jamaican population lives in Brent. RFU has shown no interest in developing their sport within these areas. Union will carry on just fine. NRL already has Queensland and NSW locked down and are slowly making progress in Melbourne.
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