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  1. I'll change my tune when the England team actually represents the country instead of public schools.
  2. Broncos could learn from that. Start with making the logo better. Denver have this for example. https://logos-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Denver-Broncos-emblem.jpg They need to stay at Plough Lane and build from there. You have local youth clubs in Brixton, Richmond, and Bexley. Link up with local schools. Rugby union is only played by the yuppies. League's strength has always been its working class roots.
  3. Just reading about history of League in France. It used to rival union in the number of clubs and popularity. Then union had the Vichy gov ban it because of its working class roots and links to the UK. They stole the grounds and equipment which was never returned. Players had to stop playing or switch to union. Even after the war, league was allowed to use the word rugby and it was still banned in schools. Just shows you that union can only ever get ahead by cheating or holding League down.
  4. You'd want it to be Skolars. They are the local club. Saracens also play a game at Tottenham so time to show folks what the superior code is. Watching union lads take 3 mins to take a penalty is not on. Skolars really need a better name though. Using different colours as well to the Broncos.
  5. Only football. Cricket only has 2 divisions. RFU have suspended relegation for 3 years and will have strict requirements for promotion. So a club like Pirates won't go up unless they have a stadium with at least 10,000 capacity and financial stability. Soccer can stick with P/R because they have so much depth. Besides, the PL will be killed off when the big clubs get their Super League (and they will get it).
  6. I didn't dismiss the club. I said it wasn't enough.
  7. They clearly didn't have a plan. Eric Perez can set them up with his money since he's so adament that Cornwall will fall in love with rugby league.
  8. Setting them up first would be a start. Then the professional club can come along later when there's enough interest.
  9. Oxford failed just like Cornwall will. That's what happens when you set up clubs with no solid plan for development.
  10. It was clearly an opinion. One community club is not a solid plan for development of the sport. Be offended by that all you want but it's irrelevant and not made up.
  11. So one community club compared to the 37 for rugby union. The numbers are against them unless they form pathways for players coming from the union clubs as well which I'm the RFU will be fully supportive of.
  12. It isn't but I also don't think they should be setting up a new club in a union heartland with no solid plan for growing the community game. That's what happened to Gloucester and Oxford. As for the headlines, every negative bit of news get put on the front page of Sky and BBC these days.
  13. Why set up a new club if you have no interest in saving the game. I never actually said it was their responsibility anyway. Of course there will be headlines. Always is when it comes to rugby league.
  14. And parachuting a semi-professional club which was meant to be in Canada won't save the game. It doesn't matter if it's not my money. Another club failing just creates more negative news for the game.
  15. You need a strong community club scene. I think they should forget about Cornwall. League's future is in the cities. Start with schools and then community clubs. It is a long term strategy but rugby league could do with a bit more of that. Union is about 100 years ahead in terms of the number of clubs in most counties and that's why they have stronger professional game with a lot of potential for further growth.
  16. Why? I think everyone on here would love to see a strong club in Cornwall but I think it is fair to ask questions of this particular club. I think they will either fold or end up like West Wales and rooted to the bottom of League 1. You have big cities on the edge of the core areas like Nottingham or Derby and there is no plan to develop the sport there. Cornwall is a rugby union heartland and their only professional club has no chance of getting into the Premiership. A rugby league club won't be successful unless all the union clubs decide to switch codes which isn't happening.
  17. One community club for 500 thousand people compared to 37 for rugby union. So they will be reliant on union clubs for players. Might work but we'll see what the RFU has to say about that.
  18. Be interested to know how many junior players there are. But this shouldn't be of any surprise to anyone when you consider how limited the sport is geographically. Hull, Wigan, and St. Helens all suffered population decline over the last few decades. Hull has reversed that trend. 1200 juniors took part in London/SE junior competition. You would imagine that could double if there were more amateur clubs in the SE.
  19. Might as well wind it down. Wimbledon will regret taking them in when only 300 older fans turn up to watch them.
  20. Personally, I would like to see England play annual games against France and Jamaica. Doesn't matter if only 100 people turn up but it's time to start focusing on our own backyard. Let the Aussies do their own thing. They obviously don't care about internationals.
  21. PNG is the most likely. Big population and mad for League. Union is very weak there compared to the others. It could be just what League needs though. Fiji will be up there but union is strong but no different to NZ.
  22. On Twitter as well. I've seen so many tweets from folks wondering why the Lions tour is getting more promotion on Sky. Well, that tends to happen when a sport has a much bigger geographical footprint.
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