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  1. A bigger market will lead to a more valuable TV deal. Wakefield already has 2 clubs. Featherstone don't increase the exposure of the sport.
  2. A bigger market to tap into. Over 1 million people in the metropolitan area.
  3. Nigeria aren't strong enough to be facing Jamaica at the moment. Next year I would like to see a two leg test between England and France. Jamaica, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales can all play eachother. I will say that it is key for Jamaica to host a home game in Kingston. It's the only way to increase exposure in the country.
  4. Who's going to relaunch London RL? Broncos at least have an established brand and set up.
  5. I think London need to sort themselves out first though. Plough Lane would have been a great ground for SL but it was premature.
  6. It already is. Toulouse add more to the SL than Leigh or Fev ever will. I'm not in favour of kicking anyone out or just bringing in Bradford or London but SL need be realistic about which teams are more valuable for TV deals.
  7. I wasn't implying that at all. Those solution would certainly help though.
  8. It's a 12 year deal and you can't expect them to have all the answers straight away. The picture in Australia isn't all that complicated. No relegation and no small town teams in the Premiership.
  9. That or just complete rejection any idea which expands the sport. I think some people on here are happy for the sport to be confined to the M62 + Cumbria.
  10. The football team gets around 2,000 so 500 is decent and something to build on.
  11. IMG have already indicated where they see future growth coming from. They want more internationals and want to keep both French clubs in the SL. Saying the quiet part out loud for the purists there. Overhaul the YouTube channel so they actually show scores. A dedicated TV rights deal for France. A weekly round on Channel 4 and the GF needs to be free to air as well. As for internationals, a Five Nations tournment held mid cycle and regular international tours would be a good start.
  12. I mean for the one round they want to hold in Kent which seems to be a new thing.
  13. Gillingham would be better but Broncos need to build their support first before considering that.
  14. There are amatuer competitions in both Canada and the US but Wolfpack were a professional club so I don't know where that would fit in. Maybe join the US league.
  15. Plough Lane would be a great ground if they had the fans to follow. A London team needs to play most of their games in London with one or two taken on the road.
  16. Survival is the priority this year but they need to return to being a full time team if Hughes want to meet his goals. Ditch the Wimbledon colours as well. London Irish didn't adopt Brentford's colours.
  17. There's only so much you can do without Aus. An annual two-test series with France but England are too good for the other European countries. The ERL want a European competition with an English team in it. Now I think it could be a decent competition if European countries can get access to NRL heritage players but this requires the backing of Aus. In 2023, it would just be good to see England touring Aus and an Oceania Cup with the other Pacific nations.
  18. London Broncos back in the SL would be best option. Maybe when the current owner leaves or at least hands over control to someone who knows what they are doing.
  19. The difference is that union has a strong domestic set up and a lot of interest. Ireland/Scotland are not like the Pacific nations. There is genuine interest in those countries and among the diaspora in Aus/NZ.
  20. Europe is difficult since England doesn't have any competition. Maybe France eventually. I think we should commit to an annual 2 test series every year and then play the Knights in a bi-annual European competition. A dedicated international window could allow countries access to NRL/SL players. These tests need to be played in their home countries, not in Aus. I'm not interested in people who say you'll only get a few people there. You have to start somewhere. Malta used to get decent crowds when they actually played in Malta.
  21. It wouldn't be amazing because it leaves out PNG who have the most potential given that league is their national sport. Assuming Aus don't play that leaves you with PNG, NZ, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and Cook Islands. They could all play in a cup competition. ERL want a European competition every 2 years so Oceania could be run the same. Run North-South tests in the off year. Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Niue can all play in another cup. That gives them at least 2 tests every year and something for young players in those countries to aspire to.
  22. League is a niche sport because it's mostly played in M62 corridor and has very few internationals on free to air TV. That's what keeps union in the spotlight. League could do a lot to expand its profile.
  23. Bizarre conversation going on here. Pacific Islanders left their islands out of necessity and never left behind their culture and national identity. There's a big cultural gap which is why more are choosing to play for the country of their heritage. 90% of the Niuen population live in NZ and having their team play tests would be massive for the island even if they only have 1,500 people there. White Australians seem to have no issue with players lining out for Italy or Malta. These teams have led to the development of the sport on the islands. Tonga need their own version of the Fijian Silktails and long term it would be good to see Vanuatu/Solomon Islands aiming to take part in PNG comps. The mid year tests should be kept and increased to 2 rounds. Play them home and away instead of in a Sydney surburb. Port Moresby would have been packed for the Fiji test. Bring back regional comps in the end of year window. Still an issue for England because they need regular tests against strong opposition so maybe they need to negotiate inclusion in the Oceanic Cup in some years.
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