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  1. Almost the same thing. A lot of 16 clubs will pack it in and return to the community game.
  2. All 3 Cumbria clubs potentially gone under that plan. So much for caring about the game in the North.
  3. Short term gains or as other would call it, an utter lack of vision for the game.
  4. London could be a SL team but mismanagement has prevented that. How can a club put down routes if they constantly move? The owners have never made a serious effort to grow the game in the city. The lack of community clubs also prevents growth.
  5. Keep the SL at 12 and have 2 up and 2 down from Championship. Just have home and away fixtures and reduce the play-offs from 6 to 4 or even just have a final for the top 2 in SL.
  6. Coventry are actually making an effort to grow the game so this would be a mistake.
  7. Not good for the clubs though. It's also a closed shop. How can they expert the likes of Georgia to improve if they keep winning the second tier and aren't allowed to test themselves at a higher level. Six Nations to me represents everything I dislike about union, especially in England.
  8. On the topic of reducing fixtures. Start with just having home and away fixtures in SL. That's 22 weeks. I know the clubs will complain about less money but it doesn't require a reduction in clubs. Although, West Wales Raiders don't seem to add anything to League 1.
  9. I understand why they created the Hundred. The county system itself is aging a bit and doesn't reflect modern identity. Splitting London between 4 counties makes no sense.
  10. Suitable for a test match between what would likely be the England C team and Jamaica.
  11. Don't forget about Jamaica. A 2 test series held at New River in London and Kingston would work. Nigeria also has a domestic structure in place so we should aiding them.
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