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  1. Can you pay on the gate tomorrow? I never know until the last minute if I’ll get there but tomorrow I’m definitely going.
  2. Looking at Brad’s first season Chisholm put him through a hell of a lot of half gaps which he made the most of.
  3. Brad looked like a world beater and destined for super league in his first season. Clearly a top bloke but perhaps an expensive luxury if always injured….. if not he’d be on a similar trajectory to James Harrison IMO.
  4. Really hope Moors is fit enough to get some game time and we might need his attacking threat against Fax.
  5. I wonder why there hasn’t been an announcement from the club about the signing with the usual drum roll and countdown on Twitter. Maybe they didn’t know the story was going to break.
  6. Agreed he’s been a second choice player in a team that are going to get relegated so not sure how he improves us and what it says about our ambition. As stated probably more about who we know we are going to lose but he’s not as good as our two current hookers.
  7. Very difficult to say as I’ve no idea which of the players are actually fit for selection. An assumption that they all are is clearly a flawed one. If they were all fit I’d certainly have a stab at a 17.
  8. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question POR. My point is having watched the game again whilst stone cold sober I would probably put Fergie in my top 3 but I’ll stick to my original choice to avoid any hassle! I also think as a wider observation that Springer gives us something that we haven’t had so far with his pure strength, energy and wrestle which is most welcome.
  9. Very useful thanks. Did he say anything about Kopczak?
  10. As frustrating as it is watching every week with so many good players missing I can see the logic. We need to finish second and then field the strongest side possible in the play offs. Hopefully, other than Day and Minns, everyone else will be fit which will mean we will have a very strong side. If we secure second with a few matches to spare it will give us another chance to rest players, get some players game time and have a look at a few different combinations.
  11. Completely agree. With the number of big men we have missing York will fancy taking us on down the middle. Fergy would have made a difference.
  12. Ye I don’t know why he can’t get game time with us especially with the number of absent forwards we have. But if he gets fit for the playoffs and does well at Dewsbury it might be a good move.
  13. I’m not likely to make myself very popular with this post!! I completely agree that the powers that be don’t want us in SL. To the extent that if we legitimately qualified I honestly think they’d move the goal posts in real time to prevent it. That said if you read what Mark Campbell said after the game he got a crate of ale out of his office and started to drink it and watch a challenge cup game in the bar on the BBC. Then others joined him and had one of his beers and started watching the game. At which point the gathering broke the rules. Mark admitted that with the value of hindsight he should have taken the beer home and watched the game there. It does leave us on pretty thin ice. As for the police my neighbour is a copper and he tells me that they’ve no real idea on a day to day basis what they should and shouldn’t be enforcing so tend to steer clear of things. The point about the pictures and the rat is an interesting one. Given that Batley were in changing rooms at the opposite side of the field and everyone in the clubhouse should have been ‘Fev’ with security in place so who took the pictures and posted them? If I’ve misrepresented anyone in this post I stand corrected.
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