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  1. Don’t know him. Can he pass and tackle?
  2. Tall and quite lean looks like he’ll fill out more.
  3. Good stuff. I saw him at my gym earlier….he’s a big lad!
  4. Leilua Springer Hardcastle For what it’s worth I thought that when Locky came on towards the end of the first half and actually started tackling legs it slowed down their off loads and made a difference.
  5. Put hardcastle to his most effective position of centre and drop broadbent out of the 17.
  6. Great guy is Luke clearly loves the club. Wouldn’t be in my 17 when everyone is fit but it’s credit to him that he’s prepared to stay knowing he’s unlikely to be first choice. He could easily move on and play every week. He’s a great clubman if that phrase still exists!
  7. Interesting comments from Mac about Cuthbertson and how he sees him offering another dimension to our attack. I think we might find that he’s part of the play off 17.
  8. For me a bit light in the pack with the starting 13 but very strong bench. I think we’ll be in the arm wrestle for a while but pull away later on. Although I’m usually wrong!
  9. It was well awkward how Connor was asked about his plans live on the microphone with George saying Newcastle have announced they are going back to part time as though that was the only reason he’s staying. It may well be the reason but it didn’t give Connor much of a build up to the announcement in front of the fans!
  10. We need to mix it up in the last two league games and get as many players with game time under their belt as we can so we have as many fit players as possible to choose from in the play offs. Stating the obvious I know. Would be good to get Bussey and Pickersgill on the pitch.
  11. Jones Moors Springer special mention for Hardcastle who got through a huge amount of work for 80 mins in the second row.
  12. Agreed he was top class today. Imperious support play. Now we just need a coach who’ll give him more minutes.
  13. Agreed and I’ve said this a few times. Smith is good but not good enough to unpick Leigh’s defence. Ford and Jacks might possibly be.
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