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  1. The Championship is going to be tough this season. For what it's worth I think Featherstone will finish top and also think Halifax will be higher than that prediction. As for us media darlings at Thunder, it's another step into the unknown going full time. Given the turnover of players it might take time to settle but would like to see us push for the playoffs and who knows what could happen from there. We're under no illusions how tough this league is.
  2. Think he'll be a solid signing for you guys. He wasn't with us a long time so difficult to gauge. Also given the overhaul of the squad it depends on how others coming in perform as to how much of a loss he will be.
  3. Trout has signed for Featherstone looks as though he was signed up for this season with us but we've reached an agreement.
  4. Come on the Tribesmen! I could definitely be lured in by a weekend in Galway, someone wants to get them in as the next expansion team.
  5. I've read somewhere he'd signed a two year deal last season so think he is but guess we'll find out!
  6. Having seen Toulouse in the Championship last season they're entertaining to watch so hopefully they'll get more games once the broadcasters see that.
  7. Josh Woods announced as captain for the coming season with Ukuma Ta'ai as vice captain. Happy with those appointments.
  8. If they go two divisons of 10 they should at least make it the top 20 best teams from this season, make it on merit. Have promotion and relegation still. Ultimately as a Thunder fan if we finished outside that but Batley were in the top eight in the Championship they would deserve to be there.
  9. Also reckon it'll be Thunder v Bradford on the Friday night to kick things off!
  10. I agree Featherstone are favourites but the league looks strong this season and can't see anyone going unbeaten. The race for the playoffs will be hard fought and can't see there being two clubs cut adrift at the bottom. The Championship will be quality next season and like most I can't wait for the season to start!
  11. There isn't enough put on internationals in rugby league. One weekend for fixtures shows that. A strong international game would boost rugby league without a shadow. I'd like to see England go to Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh as one thing that everyone likes is rivalry. Anything advertised as Wales, Ireland or Scotland against England would create a buzz. They have to try it as a game against an all star team is more like a warm up game.
  12. If Bradford was under consideration then we'll host Summer Bash at Newcastle! If not how about York?
  13. Widnes fans might want to bring a jacket, Premier Sports aren't daft and don't fancy a Newcastle winter!
  14. Looks as though these are going to be released at 15:00 on Sunday. Anyone looking forward to anything in particular? For me the games against the Cumbrian teams could be tasty!
  15. Agreed, an international calendar that's regular is a must. What union has with internationals works but they maybe play too many. Could we maybe look at a Five Nations tournament where teams play each other home or away with promotion and relegation. England, France, Scotland and Greece and Ireland are the top five ranked teams at the minute but not sure on if Greece can play home games as remember some internal issues? So maybe Italy come in. England having to go to Edinburgh or Dublin creates interest.
  16. As a Thunder fan excited to see what we can do this season, The Championship is going to be quality this season. Obviously the World Cup could be huge for rugby league in this country, a successful World Cup that the nation gets behind is the hope. Toulouse in Super League, hopefully they make a good go of it and surprise a couple of teams along the way. The Challenge Cup Final at the Tottenham Stadium is going to be different but a new venue and hopefully some new supporters. Don't know how the fixtures would pan out but Skolars or Broncos playing a home game on that Friday night as a curtain raiser would be decent. But given the 1895 Cup that might not happen. There's a lot to be excited about really in what is a massive season for rugby league.
  17. I wish them luck and surely anything to grow the game should be welcomed. Re the travel situation. Potentially in the future you may have a league 1 north and south feeding into the championship?
  18. Already looking forward to them coming up to The Championship in future seasons and us at Thunder being the Monday night televised game in Cornwall. Start the bus!
  19. The club have tweeted a new signing to be announced at 20:00. I'm only new to following Thunder but for the stalwarts how are you guys feeling about things?
  20. Happy with the Woods re-signing and how the squad is starting to shape up for the season ahead. To steal what's coming out of the club, exciting times.
  21. Anyone know when fixtures might be announced for the Championship next season?
  22. Another north east team would be a no at the moment and for the considerable future. Thunder are doing a lot of good stuff with the community game. Let's concentrate on us getting stronger at Thunder. The stadium at Darlington is in very poor condition from my understanding and Mowden's longer term vision is to have a sports hub there in a smaller stadium. Would Carlisle be an option for a new team? Strong base in Cumbria, is it far enough to complement Whitehaven, Workington and Barrow? Or could we look to Scotland? Edinburgh and Glasgow franchises using the union facilities of those teams?
  23. Thanks for that Thunder Pete, a really good and positive round up! Looks as though pre-season starts next week and it'll not be long till the season starts!
  24. There's a lot of teams recruiting very well to be fair. It's going to be a very competitive league next season. Given we still look to have a number of announcements to come at Thunder I really don't know what to expect from us but the noise coming out of the club is uplifting. Think we might take a bit of time to gel in the early fixtures though.
  25. Things are certainly taking shape in an exciting way. Was disappointed to miss last night, anyone who went able to give a quick overview?
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