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  1. We play Doncaster away in our first pre season match.It will be a good game for both sides to brush off the cobwebs.Lets see what Hendos got in store
  2. How about Pauli Pauli at centre with Butterworth on his wing.Now there us a combination to put the fear into opponents
  3. It is a long time until the summer bash.Its a shame we aren't commenting on the league games instead. Much more interesting
  4. Valid response.l personally think he will stay this season with the Rhino's having first dabs on him next season.
  5. Ridiculous if that is the case. Have they spent the budget tying down players on long contracts . Makes no sense if that's the case especially if 2 I can think of are long term injuries already.
  6. I wonder who the backroom staff will be.It would be a nice addition to have Tim Spears back
  7. Andrew Henderson on a 5 year contract
  8. I think Willie Poaching will be the next coach.He is available and he could start at short notice. Not my ideal choice but a possibility
  9. I wonder why this isn't on the club site
  10. The old klaxon has gone quiet
  11. Do uou think they will promote from within the club.That way everyone still knows what each other can do and there is plenty of experience within the squad.
  12. My only consern is that the next coach won't be able to put his stamp on ghe squad. His appointment will be a bit of a rush and maybe not ghe ideal choice given ghe circumstances that Fordy has left under.No disrespect to him because he has done what is right for him
  13. It's all getting a bit daft.other news sources have reported it so why the wait
  14. Ryan Carr for me,but as long as the new coach is hereon a long term contract .
  15. But it's not a rumour. It may not have been planned and has left the club in the doo doo but it has happened and the club should make some kind of response regardless of a new coach been in place ir not
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