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  1. Nah not for me.The white and yellow one looks like a similar one that ellgre did for Cas a good few seasons ago.The black one is a bit better but not anything special
  2. It looks like it is all black at the back.My guess it is an amber and white v at the front but some sort of hop design would be good
  3. Depends if you have premier sports or not
  4. Agree totally.Probably the biggest game of the season at home and it's on a monday night.Whats more important to the RL ? TV coverage or the fans who go to the games week in or week out. I think York will play a lot of monday games which makes my season ticket a waste of time now
  5. I am sure he got covid earlier in the season and maybe in my opinion that is why he didn't play as much or be quite as sharp as he was.From experience I know how it can knock hell out of you.Maybe he has decided to hang up his boots now. I can't see anymore of last seasons squad signing now except Cuthbertson if we can't get the prop forward that Fordy wants.
  6. I think the only 2 we will get are Porter and Cuthbertson, but only if they are match fit.We can't take a gamble on players not been fit for the start of the season
  7. Really sad to see Jason going. He was the type of player every team needs. Good luck in the future Jason
  8. We might use Ellis as a loose forward if you think we might have another three quarter lined up.We need Jason Bass to sign as a utility back now
  9. That's a shame.I saw a lot of potential in him and thought another season with him in the team would be a big positive for both parties
  10. Can I ask how you know Nikou is leaving us. He would be a good asset to the team
  11. Another announcement tonight. I'd like to think Danny is having another season. His experience would be great to have next season
  12. Can't see Butterworth been more than just a squad player really because of his army commitment. Looking at the players that haven't been announced from last seasons squad I can't see many more signing now. Nikau,Bass would be good to have back in the squad again. O'Hanlan if fully fit would be a good addition aswell as Porter.I think Brinning will probably call it a day now . I think we will use d/r for the rest of the squad maybe from hull kr
  13. I heard he was going back to london. Don't know if it's true. I would like him to stop.
  14. I wonder if it's a winger this time.Its time for a few more backs to be added to the squad. Maybe another winger. I still think we are short of players in that area
  15. Big George Ballantyne in our 1980/81 squad. He was on loan to us the back part of that season from Cas.He was massive and only came on the last quarter of every game as a prop.He scored a few tries for us by just walking and belly flopping over the try line from a couple of metres out,nobody got in his way.His shirt never fitted him and finished at his belly button. I saw him a few seasons later playing for Bramley against us and he had lost loads of weight.
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