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  1. Unfortunately I don't think you are wrong
  2. Who remembered Martin Lacey in the 80s. He was a big guy and often played in the reserves aswell
  3. Thanks York Press for your pre match coverage of the Bradford game. Nothing at all mentioned on line about the game at all .
  4. It sounds more like you are touching cloth
  5. Get over yourself you clown. People have a right to an opinion, but you just seem to think what you say is right. This is an open forum site where we can give our opinions believe it or not .Get over yourself
  6. We all know that doesn’t mean anything. How many times this season have players who aren't fit been listed in the 21
  7. Who and how many are signed on for next season?
  8. I don't see Fordy as a potential super league coach though at this time. It's just another temporary appointment by Featherstone for me.
  9. I think it would be a bad decision to let Marshy go personally unless it is his personal decision.He has alot to give us in the team
  10. Well done today hull kr and Leigh yesterday. It makes for an interesting final . So glad we have 2 different teams in the final this year
  11. It's easy to blame the goal kicker. Overall I think St Helens had the edge and experience told at the end of the day. Hopefully the ladies will learn from the game and move on. Let's win the championship now.
  12. Hope not. We need someone who can actually play
  13. I think he signed a 2 year contract
  14. There are a few on multi year deals.l would like to see Liam Harris sign again and our aussie friends
  15. No Harrison. Can't see why he would be dropped after last week. I can only think he is injured
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