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  1. New South Wales hammered Queensland in the past and they grew stronger. The French can do what Queensland did and we can have a cross channel equivalent of State of Origin.
  2. I think those people are starting to lose the argument. Just like another political issue that I won't say. But I do think Brexit reflects some in Rugby. But if that's what they want ok
  3. I saw Wally Lewis and co in the 1980s and that really hooked me on Rugby League. Then when I started to move around England for various reasons I started to promote the game that I thought was sooo good. I was so disappointed by the reaction from people in the non heartland areas. I thought this game was the greatest better than soccer. At university I got so much stick from Rugby Union people I felt so demoralised. Then I came back to Yorkshire. I can see some parallels with Brexit. When Toronto got kicked out I felt Rugby League didnt want progression they want Leigh and Featherstone .Anti French sentiment sounds like a cover for Brexit. I trying not to give up on Rugby League but have had enough with this inward looking sport. I tried to promote the game based on the fantastic Aussies of the 1980s. I have been verbally assaulted by the union mob at university when I talked about the hyprocasy of union .I love France and Toulouse and Catalan winning gave me hope. Otherwise if the small minded get their way that's me definitely finished.
  4. I seem to remember Brisbane were the whipping boys at first in State of Origin but the Aussies persisted with it and I think France v England could be a fantastic game
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