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  1. Well done today, at times showed what a great squad you have, in the 2nd half your quality really shone through. Good luck in the final and for the rest of the season.
  2. Simply beaten by the much superior team today , Fev were a joy to watch at times, good luck to them for the rest of this year and Super League next season, as safe to say that’s where they’re heading. Barrow never gave up which was great to see, plenty of effort but simply beaten by the better team.
  3. RLDB

    Fev away

    By Christ there’s some jealous buggers about! Yes I’d say Fev have spent a fair amount this season, but looking from the outside in they’ve obviously been building steadily the last few years and are now in a position to do what they’re doing and are probably ready for a shot at SL. Good luck to them. I’ve already said this but Barrow aren’t ready to compete with these top teams week in week out just yet. Keep building as we are and in a couple of years we’ll hopefully be in a similar situation as Fev.
  4. RLDB

    Fev away

    Very tough game, Fev have built a quality squad this year and I personally think they will win promotion. If Barrow can keep the score respectable I’ll be happy, (if they can win I’ll be over the moon!!) Some tough games coming up over the next few weeks and then I think the league will start to take shape.
  5. Noticed Escare played at fullback for Salford reserves at the weekend. Connor Terril started at prop too.
  6. Or was it the Batley player that has had allegations of racism raised that were aimed towards Hakim Miloudi? Jarrad Stack’s sin binning was apparently over this subject.
  7. Safe to say a lot of supporters have gotten ahead of themselves after the strong start to the season. Quite simply Barrow aren’t ready yet to compete week in week out with the top teams in the Championship. The aim this year is to stay up and you’d like to think another 3 - 4 points will see them safe. Definitely need another quality prop to come in as when Forster is off the pitch we aren’t strong enough down the middle.
  8. He’s as unpredictable as they come, don’t think he knows himself what he’s about to do next!
  9. Never experienced that with there fans before, came down in good numbers but let themselves down.
  10. Very tough game as expected, not much fluency with ball in hand from Barrow till the last 15 - 20 minutes, but a wins a win. Very disappointed with the non stop vile abuse aimed at Barrow players from most of the Town fans, didn’t do themselves any favours at all.
  11. Think it will be a tough game on Sunday, especially early on, can see Town having a point to prove after the Sheffield result. I’m going Barrow 32 Town 10 , attendance 2450, 1st try scorer Stack.
  12. Think he’s injured. Been very strong so far.
  13. I personally think firmer pitches suit Barrow, there seems to be a lot of talk we need heavier pitches yet there is quite a bit of pace in the squad. I’m going Widnes 16 Barrow 22.
  14. Josh Johnson would be good to get back, don’t think he’s getting in the 17 at Salford.
  15. Going off that column we won’t be seeing anything of the Walnes for a while unfortunately.
  16. Crests said in the Mail the other night that rumours gong round that they had left the club are wrong. He said they both had serious injuries last season so they weren’t being rushed back, both should be good to go at start of season apparently. Would be a massive loss if they left.
  17. RLDB

    2022 Squad

    Quit playing I think. Also just been announced Dallimore has left the club. Just after the squad numbers were released, he was number 27.
  18. If Sammut was an inferior player to the 2 mentioned I’d agree but he isn’t, IF he signs he’d more than likely be first choice halfback.
  19. I saw it on Twitter last night, Sammut actually commented on it asking who his source was, so make of it what you like! Would be a great signing if it happened, just what we need. Wheeler is constantly injured, Dallimore’s discipline is shocking, that leaves Johnston and Carter.
  20. RLDB

    2022 Squad

    It’s looking pretty strong. If all fit there’ll be some hard decisions for the coaches to make!
  21. A couple of big props and a experienced quality half back and the squad should be somewhere near.
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