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  1. Interesting to see what either club will do with the victory.Alot of Super League talent will need to added to the roster with a short amount of time until pre season approaches. More so London then Toulouse
  2. Broncos may still have abit of coin about.Signing Dean Whare and now Corey Norman,wouldn't of come cheap.
  3. I think with this particular player,I believe Lasarusa Tabu ,is actually a French citizen of Fijian origin. Having played for Carcassonne for a number of seasons and having children born in France etc.
  4. Problem with that is London are without their 2 best forwards and half back for this game .Otherwise I think it would be quite tight
  5. Costly loss,he was especially good in the bad end of the season. No Moceidreke or Curran either?? Don't see where we are going to get 4-5 quality players from because that is what we need added to that at very minimum. Very skinny bench and even skinnier depth.More worrying is the inability to attract more players? Will need to be heavily reliant on loanees and that's always been a struggle . Fingers crossed
  6. I don't see the logic in the move for Anthony. Town are in some financial troubles and struggled to have 17 players the last few games of season. Unless it's a financial move (which I'm doubting with town's troubles mid season) I would've thought Crusaders were on the incline while Town on the decline .
  7. A top team in championship? Your head is gone mate. Good in the French competition, yes.Thats as far as it goes.
  8. 6? Care to name them,as according to the team line ups available online,it's 2 full games and 1 game he got pulled off after half time and didn't play a game since. Correct,there is former NRL players playing in the elite 1,all way past it and over the hill hence why they play in the elite 1.As there is former NRL players in League 1 and the Championship,doesn't make those teams world betters. The Carcassonne team that won the championship ,would not win League 1. That's as simple as that is really. The top 4 wouldnt win Elite 1? Keighly would absolutely murder the Elite 1 competition.Now if Keighly,Swinton or North Wales played in the Elite 1,they'd win it hands down. I'll give you another player comparison since the Pelligra one doesn't settle with you.Rowland Kaye,also played for Carcassonne, he was a starting second row in a team that reached the Elite 1 Championship final 2020-2021 season. Kaye was signed from the West Wales Raiders (the worst semi pro league team in the history of the game) on his return from a starting season with the top elite 1 team Carcassonne,Kaye signed with Hunslet (a mid table League 1 team) and played a handful of games all season only from the bench.He was then mainly featuring in the reserves amateur competition. I could go on and on with comparisons.
  9. Seeing as Brock only played 2 Championship games and was against Dewsbury and Sheffield .That's hardly a measuring stick. The top 3-4 sides in League 1 ,would win or get close to winning the Elite 1 competition. Workington/Dewsbury definitely would being the 2 bottom Champ teams. Elite 1 is far slower is terms of game speed and far less technical (no wrestle in the tackles etc) ,it is a more free flowing game however.
  10. Either a signing or resiging . Hopefully coaching staff sorted so a squad can get built for 2023
  11. Hughes get a mention quite a bit but why does the CEO not cop any blame, his been at club near the same as Hughes and is actually in charge of running the joint. The club is just a side hobby for Hughes but there's a CEO who couldn't organise a shag in a brass house.Stealing a living he is.
  12. Been told by a fairly reliable source.Club has signed Eccles as head coach for 2023,along with re-signing some of the better performers in Moceidreke,Parata,Palumbo,Albert,Ulberg and Williams. Lovell,Walker,Macani,Leyland,Bienek,Davis,Horseman all under contract for 2023. Good signs moving forward,if another couple quality new signings can be added then season 2023 could be promising.
  13. Fantastic under his reign 7 wins out of 10 games I believe it is.With the same squad, no new signings brought in.Moved a few lads around in positions and has paid dividends. Would be very smart to sign him as coach along with some lads who have really spearheaded the turn around. But who knows with the powers that be !
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