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  1. So the inevitable has happened. No point dwelling on what’s gone wrong the focus should be solely on next year and who stays and who goes. I know a lot of the younger guys are keen to stay and continue the good work they’ve done since Liam and Casper came in. Som players will move on but imo the nucleus of the squad should be developing players that are keen to improve under quality coaching
  2. What do people expect ? you have one team spending well in excess of 1 million pounds probably closer to 2 million littered with overseas players with vast amounts of experience in both the NRL and super league against a team littered with lads in there early 20s earning £100/200 a week with little or no experience beyond league 1 or the championship.
  3. Can’t fault the teams effort or attitude today. I lost count of how many times we made last ditch tackles to keep them out. I don’t think we did too bad either with limited ball in the opposition 20. carr’s try was has good a executed try we’ve scored all year.
  4. No Bailey Gill or Callum Turner in a squad of 20 players named. another tough game on the cards,a win is unlikely so hopefully a competitive game with a better attitude and 100% commitment from everyone.
  5. I believe the long term plan will be for league 1 to continue has a starting point for expansion clubs has it’s almost their now. Nothing wrong with been in a league like that but the travelling for fans and players may become a little tedious if it goes on for years,certainly the travelling will have a say in which players decide to stay and which move on or retire from the game.
  6. Imo something needs to change,I appreciate a lot of people won’t like this but the championship is getting to the stage where you’ve got too big of a disparity between those at the top and those at the bottom. Those at the top end of the table are more than likely spending over the million pound a year mark on wages has opposed to those at the bottom who’s budget will be closer 150k for the entire team. it’s hardly any wonder we are seeing blow out scores week in week out. Some will point to Batley and how they have done it but imo they won’t be able to sustain it has their better players will demand more money and to get it many will have to move on. Tom Gilmour I’m told has signed for Widnes on a 60k deal and Luke Hooley will also be in demand. The question that needs to be asked should be do you want a team struggling year in year out in the championship surviving on scraps and the odd win or a competitive team in league 1 with a chance to build and have something to play for other than relegation. It sounds harsh but that’s the reality without substantial investment.
  7. A win for Whitehaven tomorrow and league 1 is a done deal if it isn’t already. not sure where that performance came from given the steady improvement in recent weeks but it’s has bad has I’ve seen all year. Two players in particular were absolutely abysmal and looked like they’d prefer to be anywhere apart from on a rugby field Butterworth was good again,in recent weeks he’s done the full 80 at hooker,I really don’t see what Speakman offers to the side other than Poor distribution and cheap penalties
  8. Gutting for the players they deserved more than the draw. Again another step forward under LF although it will feel like a loss right now for the players.
  9. My biggest gripe was one that goes unnoticed and that was how far he was taking our defensive line back which looked a good 2 or 3 yards further than he was with Leigh which was a skinny 10 at best. Players moving off the mark,forward passes he missed loads and wasn’t consistent to both teams. It didn’t effect the result but it does effect the final score and Leigh don’t need that help.
  10. Today was never going to be about the result Leigh are simply on another level to everyone else. I thought the lads tried for the full 80 minutes and they deserve credit for that. Going in to the game I’d have accepted a 50 point loss so to lose by 54 and be on the wrong end of the worst refereeing performance I’ve seen in a very long time.I think the two sides were playing to two different sets of rules for a full time referee that is the inexcusable.
  11. He was sin binned for the offence. I also believe the ban starts this week not last week as some have assumed. Best wishes to Alex I hope he can find a club closer to home and stay in the game has he’s plenty to offer the game
  12. All you ask is that the players give their all and you can’t dispute that yesterday. It was far from perfect but the improvement in this team in a few weeks is very evident. whilst next week will be difficult a win isn’t far away in coming if the lads continue to get fitter and gain confidence that was ripped out of them under the previous regime. If only that change was made a couple of months earlier I’m pretty certain we’d be higher up the table.
  13. Regardless of the league your in it’s important you have the strongest team possible. Maybe league 1 is the right league for us but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it a success
  14. I’ve been saying this for weeks. The chances of staying up have all but gone not mathematically I know but it was always a matter of time before London picked up a few wins and they will pick up another 2/3 before the season ends. preparing for next year is now imperative to hit the ground running for a strong league 1 campaign. Questions that need answering are what is the budget and which players can we fit in to that budget of those you would keep.
  15. You can’t really blame him he’s had his path blocked by a 42 year old. He’s proven at league 1 and exactly the player you would want to keep when the inevitable happens
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