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  1. Can't see town paying championship wages which are on average £500+ at town at the moment if they get relegated so I think they will cover there own backs when it comes to relegation and player wages in league 1.
  2. Think they could mix it up if the want to move teams around the field with our smaller pack try couple of drives and try plus 1s or 2s to a bigger forward out wider against smaller backs might tire opposition forwards out then later in the game we can use henson darting from hooker or doran stepping just mix it up we have nothing to lose
  3. So up to now it's been some players not up to this level, refs fault, bad lighting and some of the away supporters. Wake up and smell the coffee the teams not good enough same old stuff every week so come on start saving up now to go down Cornwall next season.
  4. Seem to remember when Chris first come in Scott rooke who got nothing from the club when he was badly injured done the same thing and was released on the spot. I know he wasn't one of the top players but Chris said he had to make an example of him to send a message to the rest of the team.
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