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  1. I know this subject been raised before but does anyone know what is happening with Ferguson Walton and Annakin? Why can't the club give us an update? If they have retired, out for the season or other reasons.I know someone mentioned it would give other teams an advantage but we are far past that now with only 2 wins,..........after all we are paying their contracts/wages. Most other clubs give information about injuries or otherwise

  2. I think it is already too late.

    The 2 friendly games before the season actually started. what better way to give the lads confidence with a thrashing against 2super league teams!! We could have at least played a team we could have beaten. We have played 17 games and won 2. We need at least 3 wins out the remaining 13 games and even that may not be enough. 

    I do enjoy curries,pasties,kebabs and Welsh cakes......but the cost of going to these exotic places....too much for me

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  3. Feels like relegation is inevitable. Today's game just like barrow and Newcastle. We always manage to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. Never looked like scoring in the 2nd half.  Even IF we beat London where are the other 3 or 4 wins we will need going to come from?

    Rumours of Kear assisting Sykes in some capacity to end of season. 

    London recently sacked coach was also at game.

    Someone please give me some hope......

  4. Agree with most of your comments but I think:

    The wingers need to take the ball in to take the heat off the forwards, but they need to stay away from the touchline

    as we appear to have half backs who do not draw a man before they pass, they just move the ball sideways, we need the forwards to try and offload the ball a bit more and get the rest of the team backing up, actually expecting an offload. This must have been banned by greenwood !!

    fingers crossed for Sunday,.....

  5. Referee was very inconsistent with decisions. Dewsbury played well in parts. Discipline and defence needs improving especially tackling round legs. Also need to get forwards to offload the ball and other players to be ready.  Blackmore played well. Batley just looked more organised than us, especially at end of set of 6

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  6. Why do we always use the same long high kick off? Surely mixing it up has better results. Just see what Barrow did against Fartown. Short kick offs have a high success date of actually getting the ball back.


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