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  1. I'm guessing the answer is we don't know but any indication of how many will be there tomorrow? I'm in the "cheap" seats so wondering if they'll be a chance to move to better ones saying that no complaints if I can't as that'd make a better atmosphere!
  2. If you've only got the money to go to one of the knock outs and you live in West Yorkshire, do you go to the quarter final featuring Australia... Or the semi final featuring Australia? I think that must have played a bit of a role in the attendance. Hulls a different story mind.
  3. I was thinking about a similar hypothetical the other day, where would the 8 nations left in the world cup finish in a 20 team super league? Assuming clones exist so everyone is full strength...
  4. It's a shame there's not one every week at the same time as that's how you build the audience into a routine. As a football fan you always know there's an early game on the Saturday on the same channel, etc.
  5. Interesting seeing some of the comments about the England game, in the ground I was disappointed in the turnout (the main stand was empty) but apparently it looked good on tv and the best turnout in Sheffield for a league game ever so hard to complain. I went to the game with 6 friends (3 of which was their first league game) and they all had a good time but it's hard to argue a closer game would have been more enjoyable but we can only play the countries we have. Looking forward to DW, Elland road and the final I have tickets for and hope they're good games with good atmospheres. The last comment I have was everyone I was with was interested in the idea of going to a super league game next year in Leeds as you can combine a Friday night game into a good night out, no offence to the town's but the appeal of a good city centre around a game of top level sport is appealing to the floating sports fan.
  6. Having all the games on BBC is a real positive. One of the lads who's coming with us on Saturday to England Greece (who has never been to a League game before) watched the Wales game last night and said he found it really entertaining (esp. in first half). I think once we get to the knock outs the TV audiences should grow as well as attendances (hopefully).
  7. How many do we think will be there on Saturday? They're being noticeably quiet about the amount of tickets sold? It holds 32k I think...
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if the weather put off a fair few. 4th best attended game so far I think?
  9. Re: Pricing. I'm a lapsed rugby league fan (my dad lived in St Helens in his 20s before I was born but I was born and bred in Bury so watched some Saints games and Swinton games growing up but lost interest in my late teens and now live in Sheffield). My mate popped up 2 years ago when tickets went on sale, and we got the cheapest tickets for England Vs Greece, semi final at Leeds and the final which has renewed my interest in the last year or 2. The prices seemed like a steal at £15, 25 and 35 (I think?), so was more than happy with that. If my mate popped up now and said it was £55 to see England win 80-0 against Greece it would have been a no from me! I think the pricing like that will put off the floating/lapsed fans. Not sure if I'm just tight, and I'm not really sure if there was any other way to do it but just my 2 pence.
  10. I'm wondering as the regular season is finished now, if anyone has any idea which teams are up and down compared to 2019, and the league as a whole?
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