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  1. Smith came in for Round 12. From that point he didn't play second row.
  2. Walters played most of last year as a prop.
  3. That isn't all wingers are paid to do and is also pretty context dependent. Were you part of the Greg Eden for England campaign?
  4. Is that really the threshold? Unless you outperform French you can't have a good season? Decent signing and probably the sort of place SL clubs will actually find value. Defensively he's limited, poor tackler. Lots to like with the ball though.
  5. This isn't true. There's probably potential to have upwards of 50 calls. There is a lot more structure than you think. Teams do have them. There's also different attacking and defensive calls for different situations, different types of set where each has particular goals, different areas of the pitch and terminology for movements. Broadly similar but they're still going to have different terminology. There's also a lot of scope for differences, moreso in defence potentially.
  6. The BUCS rules are presumably to encourage games where otherwise teams would be inclined to postpone/concede. Usually teams would just concede with 10-12 players so clearly the rule is an attempt at stopping that, not so much punishment as much as encouraging games to take place. If you think that's a punishment, wait till teams don't travel because they don't want to be on the end of a 17 v 10 match (with the inevitably injuries too). If a team is turning up with 10 players, they're going to be the only 10 players they have available, regardless of ability. You should be able to find the weak(est) players quite easily.
  7. Good signing. Kicks well, big boot, situationally aware. Not going to create a load but will manage a game well.
  8. Surely that depends on the percentage you get back?
  9. If it was nonsense then it's unlikely virtually all 28 top level teams would have removed them. It's an additional grip, of course you can grab it.
  10. Aus v NZ would have had Cam Smith v Jesse Bromwich at some point.
  11. Curious to see how this goes. Heard good things. I heard somewhere that Wigan were making him live there? Leigh may be happy for him to travel
  12. A lot of defence is system driven though. If Olpherts shoots in a lot, is that because of him or because that is how a lot of systems want players to react to certain situations?
  13. Across the entire comp, Olpherts is 1st for tackle busts, 3rd for run metres, 7th for tries scored, 13th for clean breaks. How is that a strange signing?
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