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  1. There's a lad playing for 7s for Australia, Maurice Longbottom. Apparently he was released by South Sydney as a teen because he's too small. Lightning quick and great footwork, a joy to watch. I'd love a Super League club to take a chance on him. He wouldn't cost a fortune either.
  2. I'm not saying he should be bothered either way. I just genuinely feel he will play for Wigan before he retires.
  3. I don't think he's gonna be sat there thinking "I'll ruin the family legacy" It'd be more that he might want to keep the legacy going and he's a competitive fella. I don't think the Ronaldo comparison is applicable. That fella is something else on many levels. I can accept we have a difference in opinion though.
  4. Fair point, but I don't think top level athletes think like that. I'd be shocked if he doesn't play for Wigan before he retires.
  5. You have to factor in that his mam and Dad are from Wigan. His Dad and uncle are two of Wigan's greatest ever players and his grandad is still makes a living scouting rugby league players. Owen Farrell was born Owen O'Loughlin because his mam is Sean's sister. He's made a few quid in his career. He will play for Wigan before his career ends. He might be terrible when that time comes around but he 100% will end his career at Wigan in rugby league.
  6. It's hilarious that many can't accept that Farrell would have been a top rugby league player. If he crossed over now then he'd be at least serviceable halfback in both super league and the NRL at the very least. He's a big "what if?" On many levels. Like a load of lads that grew up with a league background and then went to the dark side. It's clear that plenty would happily see him fail just to get some kind of win over union. It's pathetic.
  7. Nathan Cleary is what Owen Farrell would have been as a league player.
  8. Hiya lads and lasses. I'm very proud to be a rugby league fan today. I was able to sit down with my 86 year old nana and watch rugby league with her all day. She's from Salford but is very much an old girly girl. So has never been too bothered about rugby league or Man United or Man City. She does tell me about nights out at the Willows social club 60 odd years ago though. She was on the edge of her seat watching the lads and lasses smash into each other. She thought Josh Addo Carr had lovely hair and wants me to marry one of the Jilaroos. I can be a really moody **** about the game sometimes but if my old nana can enjoy a full day of rugby league then we must being doing something right.
  9. The game was cracking. Gutted England lost but happy they got a full crowd to come and watch. Hopefully they can get a little bit of funding and go to the next level.
  10. I've been sent loads of different WhatsApps about this. From what I've heard Bentley is being Bentley, been told to **** off and wouldn't listen. Radley has got involved and they've both started fighting. Too many versions, but if Radley has stood up for Wane then fair play. Wouldn't think Shaun would need an invite. I wouldn't cross him.
  11. There's more full seats than empty seats. There's definitely 40ish thousand there.
  12. I can't stand Matt Parish. Can never get past how smug he was at Salford. He thought he was a genius coach. Then lost a few games and ran away. Samoa could be playing anyone today. I would still want them to lose just because Parish is their coach.
  13. England don't just need to win today. They have to win next week too.
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