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  1. Hes not celebrating now "Quote Jon the knob Wilkins " re the non touch call" in respect to a club chairman I dispair and am glad I sacked in my sky subscription he is the sole reason the game is on its ###### with patrons like him we'll all be in the bin.
  2. Jon Wilkin is the biggest Zero in the game of Rugby league if he was a cream bun he would eat himself.
  3. Riley Lumb in the 21 squad for 1st time hope he gets a chance, also I think if a young player has a dream debut it can sometimes be the catalyst for them confidence wise to really kick on and if they have a stinker it can mean them been looked at in a different light and not getting a look in for ages or never again,hope the lads you mentioned go well for York.
  4. No straight no I've lost all confidence in the youth system even more so the last 12 months I can't think of a period when more potential (good prospects) have been shipped on or decided they have a better chance somewhere else the in ability to further develop said players is disappointing to say the least.
  5. Ronnie the Rhino is pretty dam quick over a hundred yards he can do back flips,front flips,hand stands and cart wheels.
  6. Yes that sounds fairly sensible but I've heard Gary Hethrington can peel an orange in his pocket with either hand and no one would notice.
  7. The BIG club tag is diminishing at an astonishing rate.
  8. Care to elaborate on what you know regarding the players availability?
  9. McDonnell is a decent player and may yet improve but I don't see anything about him that would make international standards Gannon is still work in progress and needs alot more rugby in his preferred position to be judged yet Walters already has all the tools to make it to the top physically and desire to compete at the highest level, but like you say it's all opinion at the moment.
  10. I'm hoping Gannon will turn out to be the real deal but at the moment Walters has the best offloads and game awareness also belive he's the quickest over length of field in the forwards.
  11. Sam Walters has more natural rugby ability than any other forward at Leeds if not the League. Macdonall is a good player at club level but too small to go much further.
  12. His best performances for us was when he was fasting! Maybe he just needs depriving of food to perform? Any other walk of life he'd have got sacked on kpi's plain rubbish no heart or pride.
  13. If we're being totally honest they will probably put more effort in the guy has been a joke you can count on one had the amount of decent performances he's had and you can bet your last quid he'll rip it up when he goes back to Australia.
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