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  1. Great stuff these articles. I'm strongly in favour of kids in the UK playing in weight grades rather than by year which just encourages 'just give it to the big, fast lad who has grown quicker than the others, to plough a furrow from a to b' rugby. But that then pleases the screaming parents on the touchline. Playing in bare feet though....although I agree with the sentiments in the article re tackling etc, we'd be evolving kids with webbed feet in the UK! (its been a particularly wet February)
  2. I have been having a clear out and have 11 boxes of RL Express newspapers available - free to anyone that wants them The newspapers cover the period July 1996 to August 2006, and should be every issue (though I've not checked) There may also be the odd Rugby Leaguer newspaper and RL Express Weekend within the boxes as well I live in the South Lakes area
  3. I think there's a new breed of middle lane drivers emerging. Whilst the original still exists and blindly refuses to go into lane 1, now it seems, with the addition of full beam headlights, the new version has developed This one sits in the middle lane no matter what the speed of traffic in that lane whether its 50mph or 80 or anywhere inbetween. They will accelerate swiftly up to 80-ish where there's room, and brake just as quickly to stay in that lane if they come up to traffic. They don't use lane 1 or 3. They mostly drive the pretend 4x4's - Honda, Jag, Audi, BMW etc Annoying and dangerous as well
  4. Album released in 2018, only discovered it through some random Spotify browsing a few months ago
  5. Don't know if the above link will work, but here's a band I've rediscovered after 20 years or so.......and shuush......they're Canadian!
  6. I'd echo comments about Berlin - a while since I've been there, but its flat and all the historical stuff easily walkable Had no more than a day in Vienna in September and it wasn't enough by a long way. Depends how much culture you want, as its top heavy with historical buildings. With Munich and Salzburg being close to each other, and the same for Vienna and Bratislava, its possible to do the 2 cities easily by train. Or a boat on the Danube between Vienna & B/Slava. There may still be flights to Salzburg in April as I think the skiing season could still be going.
  7. Dubrovnik won't be low cost - the 1000's of cruise ship visitors have hiked the prices there over the years Munich? Go to the footie if still paying in April? They have some good cycle tours of the city there as well
  8. Good job they didn't visit Dumbarton as well. Been past that ground on the train today, and if that's the level of our Councils ambition, then it's very low
  9. Did the Silver Screening (as I'm recently unemployed) on Tuesday afternoon There was a few tuts from the oldies at the swearing, and the loudness at times, will have made sure they didn't nod off! Enjoyed it, very good film
  10. The owners left in a hurry didn't they? Still had part drunk pints of beer on the bar, and it also looks as though a refurb of bedrooms was started. New mattresses stored etc The hotel changed hands a couple of times in terms of which hotel chain they belonged to before it closed - Bespoke hotels was one I think.
  11. When I was there last the room that housed the museum/memorabilia was full to bursting and there was stuff they couldn't show I'd guess that with all the extra memorabilia that could be shown, plus it seems that the Huddersfield Heritage also have memorabilia of their own that could be added? Huddersfield would seem like the obvious choice I'd have an expanded museum and cafe downstairs and then apartments/hotel rooms upstairs whichever works best to bring some income in. The cafe area should be of sufficient size to be used for special RL-related events A blue plaque trail is a good idea and link it to decent pubs - the Kings Head and Head of Steam are good places to start
  12. Cheers...missed the 'This Nov'.....which reminds me to get those ones organised
  13. Are tickets available? I've not been able to find any nor the dates (apart from the openers announced yesterday), ko times and venues yet. Thought that was all to come......
  14. Its not a metre from the ruck/maul, the defensive line has to be no further back than the back-most foot of the ruck/maul itself. The footprint of a ruck/maul I guess will be no more than 2 to 2.5 metres The defensive line can move up as soon as the ball leaves the scrum halfs hands. Therefore, they are moving forward as the ball is in the air moving to the ball carrier. Hence, more often than not you see the contact point being at the mid-point of the maul (a metre or so), sometimes even losing ground if there is a split second delay in timing or a bad pass to the runner Count how many times in a 15 phase move where the ball isn't spread wide and the attacker gets over the advantage line, never mind 5 metres
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