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  1. Some do, some don't. Some companies are trialling plastic-free versions. some Councils waste processes can cope with a small amount of plastic from such as tea bags in their green or food waste collections. Other Councils can't handle it Its time there were some standards across the Councils as to what can and can't be recycled so that the public is clear. At the moment we have a bu33ers muddle However, govt is only bothered about box ticking rather than what is truly needed on environmental issues
  2. Mark I Astra - A63EHH think it was a 1.3 Progressed to a red Astra GTE (G989OAO) a few years later. It never leaked even in the Lake District downpours until the day after I placed an ad in the paper to sell it, and the night before someone was coming to view it in the morning! I parked it on a hill so the water ran and collected in the front foot wells, then bailed it out with a jug, until it was passable. The buyers were taking it back to Ambleside to park up at their farm for 3/4 months until their son would pass his test - result!
  3. Weihenstephan Hefeweissebier on draught is my favourite of the German wheat beers. I'll look out for their low-alcohol version as well as have just read that they do one. The Dunkel versions also tend to be good as well
  4. The low or non-alcohol versions of beers have improved considerably recently The 0.5% Franziskaner wheat beer is currently my choice when running the next morning. Erdinger is also good - interestingly, they have it as an Isotonic drink on the labelling!
  5. The bar at Huddersfield Station is good - Head of Steam? Great little micropub at Carnforth station - if there's 10 in its quite full
  6. Currently on my way to Austria and Slovakia by train, with an overnight in London. Hope to get a few forms of transport in just on this trip. There's a funicular railway in the Tatras. Bike around Bratislava. Trams, Tube, car, foot, cable car, and possibly a boat between Vienna and Bratislava.
  7. Thats one of the reasons I haven't gone back to Sky after giving it up about 5 years ago I remember talking to Stevo in a pub in Edinburgh after a CC Final and he said he was under orders to be 'controversial' (I'm sure more than me have had that conversation) but now its definitely getting a bit bearing with Cummings now in there. I've even turned off the Sky Sports Mix games with their 'ref analysis'. I think they totally undermine the ref now. I was fine with the decision at full speed as we were sat almost on the try line, but I can see why some are miffed. I'm glad Hicks made a decision at full speed and got on with it - our game is about continuity.
  8. I'd be happy with that Padge, but I really can't see it happening, as the RFL would have to grow a pair How much of this do we point at the way Sky commentate their matches where they spend more time on refs decisions than the game itself
  9. There is no safe window in summer to plan the CC Final without other sports getting in the way Tour De France is likely to be still going on18th July next year Every weekend seems to heve multiple big sports events. The CC Final just has to be part of that mix
  10. A few years ago I stayed in Bareges with an English couple who had walked the GR10, continuously over about 50-ish days after leaving college. They loved the area so much they never really went back home
  11. Love the Pyrenees - not as dramatic as the Alps, but great walking. Hope to do the full GR10 or GR11 one day. The HRP might be a bit too extreme Always go to the seaside for a day or 2 after walking - St Jean De Luz in the west Colliure in the east are great places
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