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  1. Highs BBC Coverage and the 38 games I watched in full - mostly excellent. Chappers is now a great ambassador for the sport. However, (and not enough to be an overall bad point) the BBC didn't make enough of the after match celebrations/songs/prayers with the Pacific nations and the camaraderie of the players overall The 5 games I went to - Tonga v PNG, Cooks v PNG, Tonga V Samoa, Eng v Samoa and the Final Wheelchair and Womens RL getting the coverage and positive comments it has done, and just being great tv viewing The whole day at the Final - although I wasn't there for the whole of it, it looked like a fantastic and well-planned occasion Kevin Sinfield (Contovesrial one) the amount of positive RL stuff Vossy has put out as well as his commentary The general standard of entertainment provided by all of the players involved I'm still up for another festival of RL in France Lows Ticket prices for some games, not all, but also including how the ticketing was structured The ticketing website itself - 'clunky' is being very kind to it. There were a number of times I tried for tickets to be told none available, and then to see large areas of unused seating. Whatever strategy the organisers were using, there could have been a large amount of lost ticket revenue through this, regardless of pricing Travel - for 2 games I planned to go to, the train timetables weren't published until 4 days before the game - not an issue for the organisers of course, but may also have deterred potential attendees The negativity of some RL fans - you've just had the opportunity to see and experience a festival of Rugby League across 4 sections of the game. The best sport on the planet has just had the best players on the planet in town for 5 weeks. If you can't enjoy seeing the Brazilian Ladies having a ball, the Greeks & Jamaica scoring their first ever WC cup tries, the respect each team show each other, and the absolute commitment of all of the players, I'm not sure where else you would go
  2. Cheers, I think we can get off at Oxford Rd station rather than Piccadilly, so closer to St Peters, and find somewhere else for beers. 2 of the group don't walk anywhere, so a hike from Cloudwater won't happen
  3. Reading that trams aren't running around the Piccadilly area at the moment. We were planning to go to Cloudwater brewery pre-game, may have to change now
  4. They are, its just they now operate the same business model as EDF as an example - take all the value out of the UK business to subside their home operations
  5. Train from Preston, sitting in the corner above where the players enter the field apparently
  6. Enjoyed last nights game, as well as the NZ v Australia womens one. Both quite physical. Can't agree with Richards moaning about the ruck speed. If that was the case, England neither knew how to adapt, nor had any coaching in different types of ruck speed situations. You can't train at a fast ruck speed and expect the ref to give you that A lot of England forward play was one up and there could be targeted and wrapped up by the NZ defenders, therefore getting more bodies in the tackle. Englands 'shape' wad pretty constant in attack, i.e predictable. There wasn't enough going on near to the NZ defensive line, the attack seemed to take place further away from the defence than in previous games, especially the attacking kicks But overall, they tried their best and not quite good enough on the night. There were some large, athletic NZ players, but the player I mentioned earlier in the thread as the glue and effort in the team, Hale, is only 5'5" and fairly slim. She also comes from a tag/touch background.
  7. Again Georgia Hale (13) was the glue in the NZ side that let the rest of the bigger, faster ladies do their stuff 50 tackles (1 miss) and 213 metres, as well as being 1st receiver a good proportion of the time
  8. Thought that game was the least enjoyable commentary of the ones I've watched, still entertaining, but not as good as other games he's called
  9. Done a bit of research and there are some decent ale pubs around Highbury & Islington tube - Alwyne Castle being one. There aren't so many open before Noon? Found Duchess of Kent on Liverpool Road opens at 11
  10. If the exact same happened in this RLWC as the Hall no try, it would have been given by the VR. See Antony Gelling try
  11. Thought the 13 for the Ferns had a great game. Just quietly efficient, involved in everything. Not enough power though to take break through the Aussie forwards And the pass for the final try was more forward than it was flat
  12. Looking at the House of Hammerton pub and/or the Hammerton Brewery tap pre game. Anyone been?
  13. For those looking for semi final tickets - some £55.00 blocks being offered in the £30.00 Cat E areas 23k was a decent crowd yesterday and probably about as expected, even if it looked as though 'some' didn't turn up. The blocks where I tried to buy 2 tickets but continually came up as only singles available, had a number of spare seats
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