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  1. As someone pointed out earlier in the thread, there are still differences within West Cumbria. Ya as in one was commonly used by my grandad, as well as yan
  2. Ya is sometimes used instead of Yan e.g I've 'ad ya covid jab
  3. Town still do their bit from time to time
  4. Went to Peru in 2006 and took the train from Cusco to Puno. This is a photo off the back of the train as it passed through the market. They didn't move the books from within the rails
  5. I'm guessing a pattie might be different around the country? In West Cumbria growing up, the pattie and chips at Cueto's (same family as union player Mark Cueto) were legendary Consists of - 2 thick slices of potato, with minced beef in the middle of them, then battered, then deep fried
  6. Basque pelota Seems its played elsewhere on a small scale (mainly Spanish speaking countries), but only in the Basque region is it played professionally Was in Bilbao about 4 years ago and the locals were glued to the tv's in the bars when it was on
  7. The one I had on Lanzarote was closer to a blood sausage, if I remember, no rice. Restaurant up in the mountains. I ordered it as a starter. 3 pieces of it arrived - struggled with a main course
  8. George Graham looked like an unlikely RL player when he started - he was as wide as he was tall - 5ft 7 and 17 stone He played 4 ish seasons at Carlisle and did take to the game well. Even played a few games at stand-off Then went and got 25 caps for Scotland at RU after returning to the game
  9. If you mean reducing players wages to be more related to income, then it won't happen A lot of my friends follow football in the top 2 tiers. They may have a grumble about players about whether Club X has paid £5 million too much to Club Y, and also his wages are a bit high. This lasts about a nano-second as they are so happy to have the player. The thousands or millions of pounds fleeced by the agent isn't mentioned The business model ain't going to change soon. There may be a re-vamp of the Champions League with a bit more to the top clubs, plus the Premier League may reduce in num
  10. 1895 was already too late - football had already allowed professionalism, and had made great in-roads into reducing the number of 'rugby' clubs.
  11. I find this 'poor football' faux outrage all a bit much How is the whole pyramid structure decimated with a midweek Euro League, not much different to now Football in England & Wales is no more in danger than it was in 1992 when the Sky shilling was taken without much of a murmur. Same conditions - those at the top of the pyramid want more for themselves And the Govt can't really do anything, they are just playing the populism card, to cover other ineptitude and corruption up
  12. Just heard the Chairman of the Euro Super League talking about football clubs being profitable, and they can't be profitable without doing this. Here's a random thought - why don't they make their outgoings less than their revenue in order to make a profit and then they don't have to split football in the process? This has been coming for a while. The lawyers will be the big winners and the fans the losers, as the scraps at the bottom of the pyramid, whatever the outcome
  13. First trip on a train yesterday in over a year Very impressive new (ish) trains with TransPennine Express https://www.tpexpress.co.uk/travelling-with-us/the-nova-fleets/nova-2
  14. Have to agree with either MSE or Chargeback Used chargeback last year - have to wait 30 days for the Scammer/retailer to object or place a counter claim and then its automatic back onto the card that was used
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