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  1. But also lambs are born anywhere between New Year and April. Some farmers will be planning tupping in a few weeks. Most if not all will be sending the tup to the ewes up to and around 31st Oct (gestation is 5 months ). They have to decide whether to have next years lambs, to then ultimately get slaughtered, or there are hundreds of £1000's worth of redundant tups across the UK's farms, which may then have to be slaughtered
  2. The UK exports the vast majority of its lamb, according to the meat association. About half of that goes to France, so more untruths perpetuated on here for political points. The vast majority of the rest of the exports go to other EU countries. I can't any single way that this means British lamb farmers are lazy. They are trading almost solely with their largest and nearest single market.
  3. Maybe the Chairman is still personally signing them with 'don't vote twice' because of the duplicates issue. That'll take him about 3 years to do all 160k
  4. He won't, full stop. Will just avoid direct questions and make general non-commital statements
  5. Was in Shipley and Saltaire last weekend, and naturally, the pubs had Saltaire Blonde on tap. A good pint that one on a warm day. Probably not best bitter category really though
  6. DEFRA had plans in place to 'destroy' a huge number of lambs (I think a million plus) if we exited the EU without a deal on 31st March - as up to a few days before no-one knew if those lambs had a future or not. Thats reality. Won't be as bad come 31st Oct, as those number of lambs aren't around, but the principle is the same for livestock.
  7. When Jenkinson was posting on this forum about 6 months or so ago - his main argument was that the overall stadium plan was costing too much, and all that was required was the refurbishment of one of the existing grounds - IMO thats what will be proposed, and will just be a sticking plaster, cheap proposal If we are talking about a revised option then DP has the bigger existing footprint, but maybe not as big as combined BP/Lonsdale Park area? I'd like to see 1 large grandstand that incorporates at least 2,000 capacity (all seats or a mix like Headingleys new South stand) and all the general office space to run the clubs, club shops, media facilities, together with corporate facilities and a general bar and food area. this could also incorporate or be attached to office space for BNFL and the NHS if they are still interested. They can have a Costa and Greggs franchise in there as well. That part of the ground is the focal point for everything The rest of the ground, should be such that it is of 6,000 capacity in whatever configuration. I'd also incorporate one of the ends being flexible so that it can be removed to take the stage area for concerts and can be replaced by a temporary stand to take capacity up to 7500 or 8000, for events such as a RLWC (if we are ever to be considered again) Stadia also have to be flexible these days
  8. A. from your own party but didn't stand a chance - Rory Stewart B. we're back to 'just believing' and zero grasp of reality and the absolte necessity of understanding what is required to run the country Agree with you re these tv debates, but Johnson absolutely avoids answering questions at all costs.
  9. Lonsdale Park Workington was the home of greyhound racing in the area for 60 years, and it is said that Workington AFC were kicked out of the ground to accommodate the greyhounds, and moved next door to Borough Park in 1937, which of course, is also where Town played in their early years. Lonsdale Park was the home of Cumberland RL games before and after WW2 until Derwent Park was built. Cumberland RL played New Zealand at Lonsdale Park in 1908. It also hosted speedway in the 1930's pre-dating the Comets. The ground must have had a reasonable capacity as I've seen crowds of 10,000 mentioned. I also have a programme for England vs Other Nationalities played at Lonsdale Park in 1947. By the 1990's, the ground was derelict, the greyhounds finished in 1999, and parts of it got washed away in the floods in 2009. To come full circle, Allerdale Borough Council purchased the land that covered what remained of Lonsdale Park in 2018 as part of the 'new stadium' project, however, the current dinosaurs have vetoed that project
  10. My first Wembley final was in 1976 - it was reported as being horrendously hot in the stadium that day - close to 100 degrees. don't remember the players taking water breaks
  11. Is that why JRM and his ilk have been hiding under the bushes for the past 2 months - they've been moving 'stuff', covering their tracks, etc?
  12. Apparently there are 500 members of the Tory party in NI Thats quite an expense for 0.31% of those who can vote
  13. Anyone see Countryfile last night? The prog is starting to deal with Brexit related issues in a bit more depth now. The UK Beef export industry is worth £450m of which 80% goes to the EU. Tariffs would wipe it out, plus the other related farm businesses
  14. No bias, I only commented on the reaction of the audience. If the audience were completely silent, thats another possible reaction If the audience stood up and cheered Go Field, thats another. I wouldn't have posted on here that the programme itself and the audience were biased I'm not claiming to know the audience make-up wither
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