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  1. Australia certainly has great variation its beers. Some great micro breweries and there's pish like Tooheys and Hahn Super Dry
  2. Probably costs about 10p per pint to produce and that is much than what its worth!
  3. And 3 countries are nearly 50% of the total
  4. Plus for fell running you have to be totally fearless and not afraid of getting hurt running downhill (or any other part of the race really) I'm getting better at it (don't run true fell races that often) but I don't have the balls to go full on downhill Some of the fell runners took up marathons in the 80's to test themselves - and some posted very good times. Kenny Stuart won his debut marathon (Glasgow) in 2 hrs 14
  5. Everyone should be back to work and school when it is safe to do so, and the right provisions have been made. Some maybe don't have their jobs either. However, the public has to take responsibility for themselves and think of the situation we are in. There are millions of ways of occupying ourselves and enjoying the good weather rather than all arriving at hotpots. You have to feel for the police, medical services and council workers who have to deal with the aftermath from those don't have an ounce of responsibility in them. The UK exports 1000's of alcohol fuelled, littering idiots to the beaches of Europe and cruise ships each year for a couple of weeks. Now we have to cope with them ourselves - and what we've seen the past few days has been the result. 1000's travelled by train - when it should be only essential travel The language around going out and enjoying yourself hasn't been helpful either. Europe has had its highest number of infections for months - caution is necessary
  6. Germany's 10% take up is a bonus on top of the success (in relative terms) they've had compared to other countries We've seen that Germany had an Antibody test in place by the end of January, and 350k test capacity in February. The UK was in frivolous mode at this stage Germany does not need to depend on an App as much as the UK. Meanwhile the UK might get there on the App by winter.....and is much more important to its strategy as other stuff, apart from the drug discovery, and is still (but presumably all other countries are now on the case of that one) behind where it needs to be
  7. Sorry, agree with most of your post, but there are also the thousands on the beaches of the UK as well as the marches. The ones I saw on the beaches were all stating they were the same family when they were clearly not. At least as many people were on the beaches as protestors We've got a two pronged impact
  8. Its not easy..... And its another skill that we take for granted amongst other relatively low paid jobs I think I'll have to do it at least a couple of times more, hairdressers will be very busy once they are open
  9. I started off conservatively with a grade 5 all over, then went to 4, when I saw how much grade 5 was taking off The clippers I (and probably yourself) have bought seem to get clogged up with hair quickly, and when they do they stop clipping hair off, so they will need clearing of hair often. Those at the hairdressers must be more efficient at getting rid of the hair its cutting I then did the back and sides with grade 3, and the clippers I have also have a gradual cut comb, starting at grade 2 nearest the ears, to go around the ears. Good luck with it, it'll grow back if you make a mess of it.
  10. Ireland stopped racing with spectators 5days before Britain did, though a few carried on behind closed doors. The numbers of speccies are low though compared to 250000 at Cheltenham and their St Patrick's celebrations
  11. Written by themselves to justify the festival. No different to Dim Martin justifying Wetherspoons staying open. Do you really believe those mass gatherings had no impact on infection numbers? And if so, why did we therefore stop?
  12. Germany were on the case right away. There was an article in the NY Times on this In January, before the height of ski season, they had a test developed. By the end of February they were testing 350,000 per day
  13. Germany, Denmark and Austria (as examples) were in the same predicament as the UK, but with much higher numbers of potential infectious skiers coming back into their country. They didn't have the high infection and death rates
  14. There were lots of other sporting events and concerts and gatherings that were quoted at the time, as people were uncomfortable with them taking place. Including Super League games Cheltenham got a lot of attention, because of the numbers involved. It was never going to be cancelled though, unlike the Irish Govt who put the health of its people first, by cancelling St Patricks Day celebrations.
  15. Well.....2 + 2 equals 4 surprisingly and there was only 1 person on this board who saw it 20,000 people per day were transiting from Spain and its now news? And there wasn't a patient zero, or in your words a super-spreader, as was repeated
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