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  1. Is the highest point in Cornwall - Brown Willy - in the right place?
  2. There are a lot of London Boroughs where the parking 'bays' include being half on the payment I park in my home town where there are the same, marked parking bays half on half off The road isn't wide enough for traffic with full on road parking, never mind the bin wagon, delivery van & emergency services. Not sure, in practice, that this is workable, and I'm all for using cars less That would need public transport to be better (whole different thread required) and then there's discrimination against residents of they have to park half a mile away
  3. Don't like tomatoes, so beans are out as well Ideally - Cumberland sausage, bacon, black pudding, eggs, mushrooms, fried bread, brown sauce
  4. Thanks again Futtocks I was up and about early this morning (too hot) so got onto McAfee Live Chat. They uninstalled the anti-virus and re-installed it I'll check to see if those logs start growing in size again, then just rely on Defender AV once McAfee runs out The laptop now has 55GB more storage available
  5. I'd have Chile before S Africa, and 3rd overall after NZ and France. Only drink red, so my votes based on that
  6. To re-visit this again (sorry)...... I've found what is taking up the hard drive space via an app called TreeSize, Does anyone know if what appear to be McAfee log files are ok to be deleted? These are taking up nearly 50% of the total
  7. Train is a good option if you are concerned about driving. Direct trains from Paris to Zurich in about 4 hours But, as others have noted, driving in Europe is well-signed. Just a bit of route prep required.
  8. Gone back to the 25th and can't see no mention - Denise Johnson Backing vocalist for many indie bands - most famously I guess on Screamadelica
  9. Thanks to all for suggestions. External storage it may have to be Apps & Features are 70.3GB of the storage and System & Reserved files are 22.6GB. Therefore nearly 80% of storage being taken up by these From the listing of the Apps I have on the laptop in order of size I can account for about 5 to 6GB - the remaining 65GB isn't detailed. So I have no idea what it is. I'll also get onto a Lenovo community forum to see if I can find something on there to explain it
  10. Thanks - 1 download of 0.5GB deleted
  11. Instead of trying to shift blame to those in the North, or Spain or the lie that there is a 2nd wave rolling across Europe - the graph on the front page of the Independent (can't post screen shots anymore on here) is the stark reality for excess deaths. That lie about the 2nd wave has just been repeated on TV as I type. The latest Europe graph shows there is no 2nd wave. The 1st wave hasn't gone away really. There are blobs of higher rates in northern Spain, tiny tiny blob in Luxembourg and south east Europe, and 4 areas of the UK. The rest of Europe (95% ish) is of low rates. Germany as an example may have ticked up a bit, but its still a 10th of the infection rate of the UK. Its not a 2nd wave. Blame is being shifted The UK was in 2 positions of advantage compared to other European countries. 1. being an island means more border controls are possible, but they were abandoned. 2. The 2 - 3 weeks notice the UK had from the impact of this virus to other European countries Yet it was completely botched. The excess death are the highest in Europe despite those advantages. Thats what should be discussed instead of trying to shift blame.
  12. How do we know that the increase in infections are from people not following the rules rather than due to the ease of lockdown areas of the economy? Is it our world beating track n trace system that good?
  13. Thanks for your help with this I know what you mean about space limits on this laptop - my back-up external drive is 1TB for about £40. I didn't check the spec when I bought it as it was an insurance claim replacement (part of an overall burglary claim) I have no music or videos on it either. I'll investigate other options
  14. I've run a Custom Clean on both Windows and Applications and now up to 8GB free - not specifically Clean Up System Files though Sorry I can't give you screen shots to help - I can't seem to post screen shots anymore on here The Apps are using nearly 70GB out of 119GB
  15. Surprised Romania hasn't got so many votes. They do some decent Pinot Noir's
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