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  1. Peter Livett signed for Workington in June 1995 from Woolston where he'd been BARLA player of the year. The signing on fee was £8,500 He played 15 games for Town in the 1995/96 season (scoring 4 tries) and then 4 app's plus a sub appearance in the first Super League season. He played full back. In Aug 1996 his contract was cancelled by mutual consent (All info from Joe Holliday's encyclopaedia of Town players published in 2016)
  2. I believe that Barrow gave out a huge number of free season tickets to kids (don't know the age range) for this season for them to attend with an adult
  3. The 3rd UK runner also ran a PB. Can't ask for more Liked this one about Keely Hodgkinson :
  4. Thought the mask wearing wad fairly high on the Tube, maybe 80% We spoke to some stewards at half time, they it was more or less full staff, with 50% capacity One or two concessions weren't open, but it was a fully working Wembley as far as I could see
  5. 40k seems about right After being moved from Club Wembley my lot, though disappointed, were ok with the seats we were given, as it gave a different perspective on the game, and in row 9, certainly close to the action. The Club Wembley block we should have been in had 3 rows of 10 empty seats, so its still baffling, why 4 of us were unable to be accommodated. The fans we spoke to one side of us in the lower tier were also moved from CW. But a good day and also a fast, exciting game.
  6. The most disappointing thing for me is that these tickets had been booked for 19 months - we book them early for a number of reasons - yes including a deal if its on offer, but also to be able to choose seats that suits our party, getting in and out of rows of seats, that sort of thing. Yes, were of a certain age - about 115 CC Finals between us as a rough guess, so we are loyal customers I only find out 2.5 days before we leave for London that we don't have the tickets we booked. I understand all thats going on with making the CC Final as part of the Events Programme to increase capacity and its more research which I fully support I totally expected not to be in the same seats and probably not the same block At the point of knowing whether it was going to be 22,500 capacity or 45,000, the RFL should have been contacting ticket holders who may be affected if there was too much capacity already sold in certain blocks To be told 3.5 days before the game itself isn't on. My only option is to cancel if I don't like the seats allocated. As its so close to game day, then whats left may be worse. But - its all out-sourced to Ticketmaster and they have form of not caring about the customer
  7. I've had a reply : When the RFL contacted customers, we made clear that we could not promise to roll forward the same seats from 2020 to 2021 for the event. This year’s event takes place under the backdrop of the government roadmap and inclusion in the Event Research Programme, for which the sport as a whole is grateful. We are working with a number of constraints in terms of the stadium seating plan. Your tickets were moved into an area of the same ticket category based on the best seats available, working within the limitations of stadium COVID zones and social distancing requirements. We are unable to reallocate seats within the stadium. If you are not happy with the seats you have been allocated we are able to offer a refund.
  8. Same here - ticket email arrived lunchtime today. Gone from Block 204 in Club Wembley to Row 9 in Block 121. Like yourself, I'd never had chosen them. Anyone had a reply to their complaint?
  9. Sorry to hear that, not good. I'm on Club Wembley roll over from last year. Tickets not arrived yet. I'll be complaining as well if its the same as you, Lower tier worst option for my group. Did lower tier the first couple of years in new Wembley and then went to front couple of rows of the upper tier which was much better
  10. Tyldesley and McCoist have been the best pairing by far for commentary
  11. Just skim read 9 pages of posts (129) on the Cas Fans Forum - only 1 negative comment on the pricing of tickets on 29th June, and that comment wasn't about the price they paid, but that they may be allocated a seat in the previous £20/£30 area that is now priced higher than that
  12. The RFL have the right to charge what they want - that might be £150 to provide some cashflow, but that ain't going to sell the place out They are the victims this year of their own poor marketing in previous years when they tried to almost make every ticket £20 except the fans who bought them every year at say £40 without waiting for offers When I tell friends who watch football, cricket and other sports that I've paid £40 to £50 for a Club Wembley seat in the last three years, they say thats brilliant value. It is IMO, but its not for everyone though The RLWC 2021 has been more imaginative with ticket pricing and promotions. Lets hope this carries on with the CC Final in future years
  13. When I looked last week (before Club Wembley was announced as sold out) £54 got you a seat in Club Wembley. No-one can complain at that.......
  14. 35,000 will be fine, not a disaster RFL announced last weekend the middle and lower tiers were sold out. At 50% capacity thats 25400 before the upper tier is added.
  15. I've now had a reply from the email I sent last night. Because of rhe volume of emails they have to send out regarding ticketing, not all will have been sent yesterday. In addition, it seems those who opt out of RFL marketing emails could be at the back of the queue for yesterday's info
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