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  1. Cumbria Police are making an effort to get the message out in the run up to Easter, with lots of stuff like this
  2. Thats my default position if running where there's a chance of passing pedestrians, now the roads are quieter Often its easier underfoot on the main road as the footpaths are more uneven with some real ankle turner traps, and you don't have to be looking for dog poo as often
  3. I think I was about in-line with the corner flag, or even past it where the non-try was scored - my dad had a habit of always making for the exit about a minute or 2 before the end of a game. Was the Whitehaven winger Peter Dover?
  4. Had an email from M&S this morning - they are paying their frontline staff an extra 15% in their wages and those at home self-isolating are on full pay
  5. A very large national manufacturer where I know friends that work there are planning to have 1300 workers on site next week. Thats just 1 site out of the 2 they have in that city, plus other sites elsewhere. 1300 represents about 25-30% of the total They say that there is stuff in place to ensure social distancing at work, but that doesn't consider how they get there and who's looking after their kids. In addition, the site has been swarmed with cleaners this week to justify opening Same issues therefore about travel there for the cleaners this week and how it impacts their families
  6. The elderly population of Cumbria won't have been skiing in Italy Saintslass. Isn't one of the main suspect locations Ischgl in Austria though? We have our own skiing area on Raise with 1 button tow that keeps the Cumbrian skiers happy!
  7. To add - There is also the age profile of the population of Cumbria that could be a factor
  8. The overseas market is only 15% of overall numbers of visitors to Cumbria (some parts of the Lakes are higher than 15%). Granted SE Asia is a good proportion of that 15%, but the Chinese started cancelling in January. By mid-Feb businesses were noticing much reduced numbers of visitors from SE Asia and many cancellations In my visits during Jan to mid March it was noticeable that those from SE Asia weren't there in numbers. I could have gone on the wrong day of course! Feb isn't that far behind in terms of accommodation booked stats, but day trippers and overnight stays from the UK market are a huge part of the overall numbers compared to SE Asia (and many of those therefore, don't show up in accommodation stats) and the more likely source IMO. I'd be interested in what you have found re February. The friends I have in the industry don't do anything in Feb, but that's not totally reflective of overall visitors
  9. Apparently the Chinese, Japanese and others from SE Asia didn't even start coming to the Lakes for the start of the season (usually mid March) this year, so I'm not sure that's the reason More likely is the large number of UK visitors, that peaked 2 weeks ago and Cumbria Police started with their campaign to deter visitors
  10. No quite true - the better youngsters in my day in Cumbria at under 18 level were made to choose between one code or the other as they were higher profile The also rans switched between codes as they wanted to without any issues
  11. I am meaning stuff to grow from seeds and not bags of salad and rocket.....?? Go on Dobies, Suttons, Thompson-Morgan, etc, they are all out of stock and/or closed for a while to catch orders up as everyone is growing at home
  12. Suppose it was inevitable with people (mostly) staying at home and cooking rather than takeaways But has anyone tried to get hold of some salad leaves, rocket and spinach seeds? The vast majority of places I tried were either out of stock, closed to catch up with orders or has 2 week delivery times. Planned on having them to start on by the weekend. Now it will be Easter
  13. There's a shed load of 'live' stuff and listening parties etc Watched James Walsh last Friday, and then Tim Burgess has organised a number of album listening parties on Twitter at 10pm each night. Last Friday (Definitely Maybe) looked fascinating after catching up on the tweets Saturday morning. I listened to the Charlatans Tellin' Stories Saturday night.
  14. Snow Patrol and the Lightbody Foundation (which I presume is something to do with the lead singer) donating £150,000 to food banks in N Ireland
  15. There were some pictures of grouse shooting still happening last weekend. Can't remember which part of the country. Hopefully, the current situation means a permanent curtailment of that sort of stuff
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