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  1. 2010 season squad was best ive seen. sadly most seasons after paul march was shown the door its been dire......
  2. website squad has been reduced down on some players. but chappell and tyson-wilson along with blagbrough need removing if they have now departed the club... im sure will be done very soon.. all down to time has we know
  3. just await the new date for this fixture..
  4. flanagan . pittance ive not seen or heard anything on what we got for him
  5. the american football match played saturday didnt help things..
  6. looking at the workington forum most of the supporters reckon its a town win . but will be very hard and close..
  7. not any use really while the athletics use the stadium. they do shot put. javelin. hammer. so it has to be grass
  8. we need a old head. and also this constant changing team selections needs to stop.
  9. dont think hunslet could come up with a better option. yes people have other plans but the fixture has to be played and cant see where a better day was an option... cant blame hunslet for the weather ..
  10. i believe he played 1 game against toulouse in france. started too. well thats what it says on bbc sport and loverugbyleague stats
  11. another or bust season then. its ok spending it. maybe getting promoted but if we went up will we have the funds for the new additions for the championship squad..
  12. whats wrong with jack lee.......... looks to be playing very well
  13. 5th will be a marked improvement on 2017 season..
  14. i did comment on the norty 40 facebook page about jake normington months ago him not wanting to play for hunslet. guess i was correct and jake called me summat like a knobhead on the comments.
  15. LENIN

    Danny Ansell

    see bbc are not really bothered again.. highlights show every now and then. odd live game if this had been union tripe world cup all games be on live.. well done danny ansell have a great world cup
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