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  1. coolie

    Widnes away

    Ridiculous expecting fans to travel 70 miles in storm conditions For 34 lads to have a kick about Fans safety should be paramount
  2. coolie

    Widnes away

    Looking at the forecast We'll be lucky for any rugby been played on Sunday.
  3. Good performance But like ours on Friday night Fabulous effort by your lads but like ours you get absolutely fluff all for breaking ya ball$ Hope it's not the same old story for both heavy woollen clubs Bring back the bonus point!!!!!
  4. Why isn't he banned for the Batley game?? Surely it starts on the next available fixture.
  5. Think Paul Moore wouldn't be too happy, weather gonna change soon and we don't want a bog with it been used most weeks
  6. coolie

    V Leigh

    We're aiming at been in front at the 61 minute mark.... Then turning the lights off
  7. The reason reason I asked was we had some tickets offered for the game, they were only valid for the Leeds vs Hull game. Thanks for clearing it up cheers
  8. And me On both counts
  9. I enjoyed the pre match hospitality and had a chance to meet some lovely people, they always have an advantage when they've heard of you lol, it shows the great depth we have in our fan base and diversity, you rub shoulder at every home game but never speak even thou your both there for the same cause... To support the Rams, to the folk I spoke to on Sunday and engaged in conversation thank you really enjoyed it, its not often you get chance to engage with different fans that support the Rams but it's always nice when you do... Blinking fab result too.. Winner winner gammon dinner
  10. Question 3 Will after the HOME league fixture at headingley will the Dewsbury & Bradford fans be kicked out like the Toronto & Castleford fans after their double header game after the first game of the rhino's season vs Hull FC?? For me a double header means you get 2 games for the price of 1.
  11. I have to say today has filled me with hope for the new season, lads did fantastic today, whoever says we can't play without sykes and finn that has been blown into the water today, the enthusiasm, commitment, endeavour of the lads today shows the work by Lee Greenwood is paying off is plainly now on show. It could be a great season
  12. It was But Keighley deserved the victory The 2 tries in 3 minutes didn't have anything to do with physical fitness It was more mental fitness.
  13. We cannot rely on one player, Batley will be doing that this season in Lunt, we have to have permutations, it's a mistake to hinge everything on whether one player plays or not, yesterday I would have rested Paul and gone with finn & putch for the game, now with only having the Bradford game left we have restricted opportunities now to give them a run out, we also need to be prepared we will this season have to play games without sykes whether thru injury or suspension, sykes plays and gives 100% and this increases the risk... Fingers crossed for neither, we have to have a "plan B" when things ain't going right, and at times they won't that's for sure, we need options all over the park and not become on dimensional.
  14. It's a friendly game we shouldn't forget that, no team is going to be consistent with constant personel changes, nothing would have been learned if we had run in 50 points, you can learn more about character in defeat of your fringe players, our poor performance regardless of how many interchanges shouldn't take away anything from Keighley who played the conditions far better than us, they had spirit and fight and for a first run out did fantastic, our spirit and fight will be saved for a Friday night in late January when many peoples favourites Leigh Centurions rock up, yes our 2 friendly games has hardly set the world on fire and these games are simply used to give players a chance to get involved, and a opportunity for Lee to see them, if after 5 games were in a position of peril and turning out performances like the Batley & Keighley games.. Then fans can moan.. And they will, let's not judge the friendlies and save judgement for January and February's games, let's get behind the lads and not on top of them. Friendlies are friendlies And we've not dropped any points so far this season.
  15. 0-0 Not very entertaining Very small crowd who wasn't entertained right well Seeing it was a draw There will be a replay next sunday Same kick off time
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