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  1. We're in Kirklees totally different to Wakefield met
  2. Looking forward to seeing you all at our gaff and hopefully you'll behave and we can all enjoy a scintillating game of rugby
  3. You'll be turned around at the turnstiles lol We're watching you
  4. As suffering from insane childalisum I resent my condition been associated with Piggy's mate
  5. So the 64,000,000 question Will our home game vs toulouse take place next Sunday????
  6. Moon Similar atmosphere to Sheffield Eagles home games
  7. Looking at the southstand at headingley....... We could run with a full house As rules don't seem to be in existence no more
  8. Hi all is tonight's game on any radio station... Anything BBC, hospital radio, or even Swintons own channel??
  9. Thank you for the entertaining ditty while I had dinner... What would we do without you POR
  10. Featherstone say no to their lord & masters..... No chance
  11. Think it's the Manner of the defeat today that's hurt the fans, we've a really tough game next week vs Swinton which personally on today's showing we've no chance of winning, the old saying "you can only dig holes with the spades you have"....... It's time to get down to B&Q and get some new sharper ones.. Cos ours are quite blunt
  12. Today's competition Dewsbury Rams performance today was _______________ Please insert the missing word There's a few ideas below Pathetic, embarrassing, inept, lacking desire, rudderless, toothless, devoid of ideas, clueless, no direction, rubbish, ###### Answers on a postcard to Tetley stadium Owl Lane Shaw Cross Dewsbury
  13. Will be watching and cheering you on, your looking good and solid.
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