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  1. Great entertaining game today by 2 committed teams, year off and the lads from both teams served up 80 enjoyable minutes. With such a good product done by Ourleague got me thinking, will fans travel away to games opting to cough up £4.95 to sit in the warmth and comfort of home, food easy at hand so no burgers at £3, no pints of beer at £3.50 a pint, no cost of petrol, wear & tear on the car, yes the away day experience is enough to pull in some supporters but will it effect others not to travel, will the likes of Whitehaven & Newcastle & London be hit hardest lowering their
  2. Pulled up in the car, and had the biggest feeling of dread, everything felt wrong that day... 2 hours later the dread became reality sadly
  3. You've got the job I like it slowly in a clockwise motion And not rough either
  4. Any news on where Davide is going?? Into football seems to be the word on the street, thought super league would have been his next destination before football.
  5. Unfortunately the stretcher bearers job as been already claimed, along with burger taster, beer sampler, unofficial timekeeper, hand sanitiser operative, toilet roll replenisher, so you'll have to pick something else
  6. Which other of the teams don't you play mate?? We dropped lucky Halifax, London, York, Bradford We only play once
  7. Good chance of 0-5 again this season Just be glad of small mercy's You only play us once
  8. And was at the Rams don't really know why teams sign him.. Other than he's a halfback... In name only
  9. Without income streams that is gonna be a conundrum No racing, no use of pitches, no active income streams, behind closed doors, it will unfortunately come down to marks pockets. We need to raise cash in hard times You can only milk the same cows so many times said old macdonald And that is unfortunately where we are mate
  10. I think ourleague should go further and let anybody with a season ticket for 2021 watch every streamed game, not just there team, rugby league at our level needs a shot in the arm, and after last season losses on season tickers for the fans this would be a good will gesture and get the fans excited and even willing to buy a season ticket, the rugby league family needs uniting and this going into a world Cup would be a great stimulus, many clubs have more consessions than paying adults, what happens to the untech savvy 60 year old plus fans.. Are they simply forgotten about, of no value to ourl
  11. Well im not sure if this good news or bad news. At least over 520 potential new customers, friends, family to bring along sounds great news Now unfortunately the reality check Bywell Rd & Canterbury Estate currently under invasion from people that have historically virtually no interest in Rugby league, so 50% of the new potential customers might never walk through the door. This scenario has of new builds on our doorstep has happened twice, with the flats bottom of Windsor Road on the old pit baths site, and more recently on the old tip site, these 2 potential new cu
  12. For me the 2 coach's under most pressure and risk of been fired are Duffy at Leigh Webster at Featherstone Duffy has ego's to massage, manage, and keep focused and positive under pressure, big names sat in that changing room and if defeats start to mount up, some troublemakers (all changing rooms have them) will question Duffy's pedigree as an accomplished big time player at a level they are accustomed to rub shoulders with. Webster will have to steer a team expected to do well to success with some of the best tools in the championship toolbox, any amount of failure will
  13. Don't put owt in the bin, everything has a value in the history of rugby league
  14. The covid factor I think will impact Toulouse far too much, France in turmoil (not according to the BBC) the cross border games are going to be a nightmare to organise and keep covid free, remember here teams work in different sectors.. So someone will test positive at some stage, for me we should be playing everybody home and away if your going to use percentages for league placing, surely the season could go longer than the beginning of October, can't see P&R between super league and the championship so the championship can run to a conclusion.
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