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  1. I can't disagree mate All that money burned in pursuit of the promised land of super league That's now gone, aim is now be the biggest fish you can in a sea of sharks that has no viable return for investment
  2. Bookies have you at 75/1 With Swinton, Whitehaven, Dewsbury, Batley For the League Leaders shield
  3. Agree Not done very much at the last 3 clubs he's been at
  4. It must have been a rough kinda area, as rough people were tarred with "bet there from Daw Green" in a kind of put down term
  5. My Grandma mentioned "Daw Green" on many occasions Where was it in Dewsbury?? Maybe West town area??
  6. I was hearing Friday your joining our merry little group mate... You'll love it
  7. Yes all are proof read Stevie Wonder one week Ray Charles the next On alternate shifts
  8. I'm superman And can attend both events
  9. No panic More concern of where we stand in the order of things We'll know more after a few games
  10. Teams in the championship are going 1 of 2 ways in recruitment 1. Ship in a load of old men and buy success Or 2. Build a team for the next 2 seasons Is there a level of speculate to accumulate, banking on no relegation in 2025, where league 1 and the Championship merge. Dangerous game banking on that And does leave us wide open to failure if that merging doesn't happen Let's just finish 12th and avoid the relegation roller-coaster
  11. So which is the right info He might have got fed up playing halfback and fancied a change
  12. On the Newcastle pages declares him as a stand off or scrum half
  13. Think you've to be of a certain age mate
  14. £25 in the current financial crisis is far too much, how are fans ment to afford such high admission prices, I personally wouldn't pay £25 to go to any rugby match, everybody as a price they won't go beyond. 2 adults £50 Rather put it in the petrol tank and go off on all day adventure Not that I'm a tight Yorkshire man Or don't love the game I just refuse to be held ransom for something I've watched all my life. Dewsbury has always been one of the cheaper admission prices. We're trying to attract new fans, families to the game. Batley tenner in was a bit of a disaster £30,000 shortfall, fair play to Kevin for attempting to drag in new fans. No rugby league fan should pay in more than £20...that is the maximum ceiling as far as I'm concerned Keep it real
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