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  1. This time last year you had by now announced a whole host of players, this season so far not a dicky bird about new signings this points to one of 2 things which is 1. Your skint or 2. Your in special measures like Bradford?? Are Sheffield Eagles in special measures??? I would like a open & honest answer please, and remember people who read this forum may already know the truth so a lie could very easily be uncovered and look bad.
  2. Would lightning strike twice?? Not a Webster fan and he cannot fill carr's boots.
  3. John Kear or James Webster??
  4. Suck it up its a collective Everybody's looking to be a victim
  5. Did the championship proud And shows there's life, quality, bravery, and great sets of fans below super league.. Well done
  6. Toilet paper??? Yup looks like $#I£ to me too
  7. Come on frazer.. We ain't kicked a ball yet... And don't be getting my blinking hopes up your doomed to relegation mate Cos its just not fair lol
  8. Rubbish agent then lol And your allowing him to choose players This Batley larks just getting better lol
  9. An agent looking for players is a conflict of interests, either he's gonna find players at a loss to his pocket, or the pocket of the club.. Can't have it both ways
  10. But are you ready to go up?? Squad will be pretty thin and most players signed to other teams by then Adds weight to the promoted team getting a years grace in super league Let's dream and enjoy the moment
  11. What you've achieved has been staggering, I'll miss the game as I'm at a punk 2 dayer at Sheffield O2 Leave nowt in the tank and give it your best shot... Owt can happen, bit of luck, bounce of the ball, poor ref call Take what you get
  12. Can't see you getting anywhere near Toronto but you've got there the hard way so good luck and safe trip
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