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  1. Emailed my CV off last night Expect to get down to the interviews at least
  2. Don't know which way to look at Jake Sweeting Whether he wanted to leave (talked to him at the last match and said he wanted to stay) Or He had to leave as he didn't fit into Liam's plans for 2023 Thought the lad didn't get a fair chance under Greenwood (but who did other than Knowles, Sykes, Beharrell ) Hope he gets a good run in the Hunslet side and regains a lot of his confidence, and shows what a decent player he is
  3. For me the halfback appointments will show our intentions... Whether we're playing to win, or just making do in a division we should walk I sit back and wait
  4. Will Adam Ryder end up at Batley
  5. It's got a famous Tower just like France The Pigalle has famous rides.. Just like Blackpool It's full of folk you can't understand just like Scottish week in Blackpool Your welcome to p.i.ss in the street.. Just like France It's a well known s.h.i.hole just like paris Both places serve food covered in grease, burgers or mutton chops Beer overpriced in both locations Realistically Paris & Blackpool should be twinned just for you Robin
  6. Let's see what the IMG have to say about the running of our game eh, if promotion and relegation are to stay some kind of exemption has to apply to the promoted team.. To give them a fighting chance, as you say regardless of where we end up we both shall support our teams, the big wheel of rugby league keeps on turning.. And we'll see what IMG propose, good luck to you and yours for next season mate
  7. Learned not to cry about my own team And yeah if I did I would have drowned, it's nonsensical for Keighley to throw vast amounts of money at championship rugby league And they are We shall see
  8. It's only like playing Toulouse & Sheffield & London, Workington & Whitehaven every week And the prospect of closing the Southstand and the money that will save on stewards will be a "swings & Roundabouts" Hopefully it won't close, some of our fans in the wilderness return.. And we can continue opening all the ground A winning team brings the fans back Look at Keighley On Keighley let me be the first to say "it will end in tears" A little bit like Featherstone's season
  9. Well I had the dignity & personal restraint to leave you all alone for a few hours.. Just to let the level of disaster sink in I'm quiet chuffed at the restrain I showed in not commenting York 100 point defeat however needed a swift response
  10. mocking the afflicted Sum's up the York boards After the 170 points they shipped in against Leigh in 2 games I don't care how many players were winning NO semi pro team should lose by letting in 100 points Spanish Knight is exempt from any criticism as he's a decent bloke Simon Hall is not
  11. Your exempt mate You love France
  12. Outside looking in Brian McDounut mistakes He had more toys than the Entertainer shop He had 450 pieces in a 400 piece jigsaw Panic signings ie Trout, Ford He assembled a team, then added to it without getting the most out of the toys he had If there was a blueprint of "how not to complete a serious assault on the championship" McDounut wrote it this season,I actually feel a bit for Campbell (steady on) And he should feel a little duped this season, getting in a marquee coach and been sold "I have a dream.. Super league" and thinking his expertise would tip the scales in featherstone favour this season will be a folly that should be a disaster to learn from and not emulate Going "all in" In the championship game of poker is bad enough, but going in against Dezzy & Leigh was down right suicidal.. Dezzy competes to win at all costs, and this season featherstone got suckered in to a game they simply couldn't win or compete.. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger, and the lessons learnt this season will put featherstone in good stead for the coming years You will not make the same mistakes next season, or the season after A mistake is worth making if you learn a valuable lesson from that mistake Next season we will see how much as been learnt for this season
  13. Surfboard already packed Cornwall North Wales South Wales Weekend in London Bring it on I say... No Sheffield (more atmosphere on the moon) No Batley (no Berri Berri jabs or passport needed) No Featherstone (no dueling banjos) No overseas trips to fund No battering (we had a few this season) No tonkings(we had a couple this season) Lots of win's It's good to broaden your horizons at times... Already looking forward to 2023
  14. Can't wait for the balance sheet to come out Oh wait
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