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  1. Sheffield have been playing behind closed doors for years.... Well it feels like it if you go watch them
  2. Doubt it we're only 12 points from safety lol
  3. Hope he's got a new one for next season He'll need it for Toronto Lol
  4. coolie

    Craig Lingard

    Which is worse?? Illegal immigrant in france?? Or Batley Bulldogs coach?? Stay where you are Craig far better off
  5. coolie


    Only Dale Morton is setting the dogs on fire.. But good luck to the lad.
  6. Great efforts my the lads But unfortunately nil points And its not about the performance now It's all about points. As we found last season you don't get anything for "should have & could have" Sounds like they did their best and that's all you can ask for.
  7. Flashscores has Batley winning Some effort by your lads
  8. There's more chance of the French catching somert from the Batley fans than visa versa hahaha
  9. Raffle update for everyone on the lottery raffle. Thank you to everyone that donated prizes & everyone that bought tickets. The raffle itself made £118, kind cash donations were made by Nigel Moff Moffatt £10, Mark Calvert £2, Melanie Moore £1(who also bought some numbers)Sue Fisher £3, anonymous £6. We made a grand total of £140 towards the funeral costs for Simon Parkinson. Thanks again.
  10. Flashscores think that much you don't deserve a point They've given it to Oldham instead lol
  11. Copped it on Facebook It's fab ain't it
  12. Bound to be on Government ain't banned 500 people congregating yet
  13. So will i Back in Dewsbury
  14. coolie

    Rams v Widnes

    Don't try cheer me up lol They must be worried shipping players in
  15. coolie

    Rams v Widnes

    Don't say it like that... At last victory didn't seem 20 years ago and quite deflating when you realise it was
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