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  1. I've come to the conclusion i despise Sheffield Eagles more than Batley... Is that wrong????? ????????
  2. I can't remember the players... It's been that long ???????
  3. Does this one David hulme (widnes coach) ranting about Jamie Rooney (featherstone) in it??? Cos that was priceless ???
  4. coolie

    Sad News

    Aww yes I've seen the lady It's so sad at anytime but now with the restrictions is terrible. So sorry again for your loss mate
  5. coolie

    Sad News

    Could you post a photo of your dear mum, a lot of fans know each other by a nod and a wink and a hello, putting a face to the tragedy would help the fans thank you.
  6. coolie

    Sad News

    Condolences too you and your family at such a horrible time mate???
  7. Andy "loose cannon" Dickinson Did a shift when thrown on to mix it up
  8. The dreaded old age again lol Cheers
  9. Didn't mark Westbury and Shaun Womersley play for us and they were Dewsbury lads
  10. Blinking heck That artist should have been either on vision on or jackanory With an imagination like that Artist who did the impressions for Castleford & Wakefield new grounds Had other work's entitled Houses on mars. If the sun stopped shining. And the most famous Welcome to batley its lovely here ????
  11. I'm still trying to come to terms with Johnny Campbell been mentioned before Francis Cummins lol
  12. I'd settle for the 15 seconds of footage at Keighley of ned smashing Jason ramshaw ?????
  13. The game will have to change unfortunately, the money just will not be there, bigger championship clubs must be reeling from this just imagine on no gate money, sponsorship deals how some clubs will continue to pay 30k plus contracts, clubs have zero income streams coming in we've lost match day, car boot, function rooms, sports pitches, Bradford money so how the likes of yourself, featherstone, Sheffield, Leigh are gonna ride this out and come out the other side is hard to comprehend, and if it goes on until August where does that leave us all, not enough time to finish the season but too long to prepare for next season, this could take us a couple of seasons to get back on track, I do believe now the season shouldn't start until March the 1st...non of this January rubbish it's too early.. Some dark days ahead unfortunately.
  14. I know who you mean.. Name escapes me but the got within 5 yards of each other it kicked off
  15. Sheffield have been playing behind closed doors for years.... Well it feels like it if you go watch them ? ? ? ? ?
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