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  1. Was the asphyxiation caused by a medical condition or alcohol related ?? Still tragic however the cause.
  2. I'm surprised there ain't some kind of link up as in bulls fans get into our matches for a fiver and Rams fans can get into their home games for a fiver ,cross over opportunities for the savvy
  3. What can you say at times like this Tragedy,sport suddenly becomes secondary,loss of life is bad enough but at the age of 20 his family must be devastated,every fan from every team will have been rocked by this. Deepest condolences to all that knew Archie..a sad sad day
  4. A Well done & thank you to the following fan's on their Dewsbury Faithful £20 donation's John Belfield,Chris Belfield, Richard Benson,Steven Benson, Andrew Miles, Yvonne Ashton,this means with 1 game to go we only need another 11 fan's to donate and our target of £600 is reached which cover sponsor of the kicking tee & a player well done to everyone
  5. His car is broken down He was asked to catch a bus Which he missed
  6. Fantastic news The Dewsbury Faithful are halfway to the £600 target for sponsorship of a player & kicking tee,we've 2 home games left to hit our target ,and just shows what can be achieved when fan's come together thank you
  7. They'll be coming for a look at their new home When is the deadline for them making their minds up ???
  8. Were doomed were doomed I used to like jack Smith and warmed to the ex military story about the sniper Lad was fast tracked to super League and the career went boom (not for the first time a boom changed his path) I think he chucked in been a full time referee and boom (yes another one) And Became yet another referee who's only consistency is been inconsistent He's been shocking last couple of times we've had him. Hopefully the only boom on Sunday is Bradford's chances of top 5 In the true words of Basil Brush.. BOOM!! BOOM!!
  9. coolie


    It's was a $hit race The t.urd was marginally better than the diarrhoea
  10. How on earth can Bradford afford all that lot ??? Pretty damning that . Hardly gonna win friends and influence people to the bulls cause.
  11. So who else is full time...you can't tell there is just Webster,not a dog but an honest question.
  12. coolie


    Today was mind numbing,boring,no desire,if the kinetic energy of the jaw today had been channeled into a generator....we would have free electric for the next 20 years, referee's must get pi$$ed off nagging in their ears minute after minute ..and never once to they change their decisions...so why do it?? Think the team are already on mad Monday ...utter rubbish today and to make matters worse Batley were $hite too golden opportunity lost today.
  13. So what do Webster,Lilly, Crossley do for jobs...???
  14. Big thank you to Bob Robinson on his contribution to The Dewsbury Faithful,as we stand we're a third to our grand total of £600.
  15. We know you are Philip I'd rather have your season than ours,ours has been a rollercoaster (more than usual) we seem over the last few years to be in a perpetual avoid relegation struggle,which we all know rugby league is a big wheel that turns relentlessly sometimes your on top, sometimes stuck in the middle and for a few it's seems like living on the bottom,fev have been fortunate to live in the top end of middle,and it only takes injuries,bad results ,poor signings...to join us in the also rans ,game has to change... evolve where the risk of relegation at the bottom is eased so teams can take a risk without fear of dropping into the graveyard of championship 1 the bowels of rugby league,I'd like to see relegation for all divisions with this difference ,if you get promoted your excused from relegation the next season,this would give teams a chance to step up,look at this season's super League,London came up and had to build a side in a few months by this time the merry-go-round of players was just about all done and dusted,if London come bottom this season and are relegated it seems a little harsh,and the likes of hull kr, Huddersfield, Wakefield get to fight another day,now if London had the get out of jail no relegation card it would make the other bottom feeders get their acts together,if Toronto go up and their exempt next year from relegation that will make the competition stronger,same for the championship,team coming up is exempt giving them a season to stabilise their squads...for me that's the future of the game ,and gives everybody a sporting chance to climb up the big wheel of rugby league.
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