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  1. There better be some pictures if you want me to concentrate for 15 to 20 minutes
  2. Sorry to be the pi$$er of bonfires.. But I just can't see us starting, winter will be here and the casualtys will rise and we could easily do 12 months without championship rugby league, we're well down the pecking order of sports so no help there. Game below super will change drastically The more you have in the championship, the more it will cost teams without grounds to run and off field overheads will be hit hardest It's grim up north
  3. Nathan graham How old was he??
  4. Round... What's one of them?? Nope still no wiser??? 2 questions that can't be answered by a Yorkshire man 1. How much was the last round you bought?? 2. How much did the last prostitute cos you paid for?? Because th'a dunt pay for owt th'i can get fer nowt .... In both cases
  5. And let the gob$hite tennis begin
  6. Don't think covid19 goes near "ginners" Like most of us if we had a choice
  7. It knows mate Apparently it can work out what color you are too according to the BBC & local ethnic groups Clever stuff that covid19
  8. More the question Would you attend? I'd be there been young, fit & good looking But on the other hand your in the "at risk" bracket
  9. Not viable Or winnable with the current Runners and riders.
  10. You enjoy ya holiday on Bywell fields
  11. 33.33% off next seasons ticket?? What's that in English for the thick?? Approx £60ish??
  12. I've been rubbing my crystal balls And come up with the future They will return to odsal Reduced rent Spend, spend, spend And kept afloat as long as possible by the major share holder (RFL or EX RFL) Until we end up with the same conclusion as we've had 4 or 5 times over the last few years. The future is rosy for no one unfortunately... And just to ram home how desolate 2021 is going to be... The film Mad Max was set in 2021 Life imitating art eh
  13. Think in the current climate Rampage is gone for the considerable future.. If it ever will return. Would be interesting to have it evaluated To see how successful it was It was great PR with the local community and I'd be interested how many bums on seats it did. Can't take anything away from the lads that put their heart and souls into it without them it wouldn't have worked and I thank them for their tireless efforts And good luck too them if they do end up at Oldham. Coolie
  14. Seeing you've a football team now With you also be putting in an application to the Premier league It's about as much chance as the super league one
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