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  1. Auction now over winners are as follows Alex Littlewood has won Jack Richardson away shirt for a bid of £25 Jamie Dewhirst has won jode sherriffe home shirt for £25 both shirts will be presented tonight at the shirt launch well done to the pair of you.
  2. The Dewsbury Faithful Xmas Auction for 2 shirts, one Jode Sherriffe and one Jack Richardson Auction will end at 6pm on Wednesday 11th December and will be presented by Graham Fisher and myself at the shirt launch on that evening, bid simply by putting your bid on the post good luck and all proceeds will go back into the Rams thank you.
  3. Not seen our new shirts this season yet But I'll have a stab in the dark and guess They'll have red, amber, black on them Stay loyal to your colours.. Always!!
  4. It's going to be a difficult ride home for one of us lol
  5. I'll sacrifice boxing day For 2 points at Blackpool
  6. I take it that Because we dont keep a record We're behind
  7. Ain't a ball been kicked yet Pie in the sky figures.. There's 5 teams that could win it, the rest no chance. There's 5 teams that could get relegated... 2 of them will The rest will be the also rans
  8. I'll bet that don't happen
  9. This season we will buck the recent trend of poo-poo
  10. If that team is not capable of coming above Batley... We need to give up
  11. Good signing for a team like Batley Recruitment for this season looked a little patchy to say the least... This might just rescue them from the abyss.. I'd rather them sign Lunt than Sammut We'll still finish above them
  12. I'd rather you have lunt than sammut Good signing
  13. The abyss that is Sheffield
  14. We are running with a reduced squad this season players are at a premium for sponsorship, me and Graham had decision to make, we had lost the services of jode sherriffe after 2 years of Dewsbury Faithful sponsorship and needed a new player, of the players available Graham and myself felt waiting for a new arrival wasn't an option as waiting could lead us in to have a fringe player, Sonny Esslemont was available and we decided he was the new man for The Dewsbury Faithful, young, dynamic, great prospect and a respected track record, and if everything goes well could be a Ram for a few years to come. That was the reason behind the choice And wasn't Hobson's choice either, he can pick his own player
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