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  1. Xerri has looked extremely rapid since he first hit the scene.
  2. Are Sky definitely covering this comp if it goes ahead?
  3. Siddal won 11-10 at HCP and Thatto won 32-6 ish.
  4. West Hull 16-16 Wath Brow, West Hull penalty try to equalise.
  5. Brow A won 22-20. Tight game with Sam Curwen kicking a late touchline conversion to secure the points. Now it's ding ding, round two!
  6. Joseph Manu is the Kiwi centre and has been a revelation for the Roosters while Latrell Mitchell has been missing. NRL commentators have been banging on about Mitchell being the new Greg Inglis and it's a fair call. Think we could be looking at the new Sonny Bill in Joseph Manu. I know it's a big call but he seems to get better with every game.
  7. Thanks very much for that. Tried there earlier but I must've been too early! That's the first non NCL Saturday afternoon sorted roll on March!
  8. Anyone on here know if this game is going to be replayed on Sky, and when? Thanks in advance of any help.
  9. Anyone know the date of this year's grand final, is it still at Widnes? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ask the people who really matter ie the players. Some of the lads in open age rugby now have never been involved in a winter season in their lives, including youth rugby. I've asked lads what they think of going back to winter and their comments leave no doubt. I think a move back would result in grassroots rugby league losing more players than it would gain/regain. For me youth rugby is where the problem lies and that has nothing to do with the winter/ summer debate. If we can't attract more kids into the game the it's going to wither from the roots up and that's not just a problem for the amateur game.
  11. Egremont A 10 Brow A 34. Nice way to spend a Friday evening. Decent crowd and hard fought game. Brow dominated 1st half and Egremont came out stronger in the 2nd though the half time score (28-6) had left them too much to do. Can't wait for the main course at the Brow 14.30 today!
  12. Spoke to you that day at the Brow Rooster. Hope you didn't have your phone on "pay as you go". Seemed like you were on the phone back to Eccles for the full 80 minutes. If I recall correctly that result helped you avoid relegation. Think Saturdays game will be tighter than last time we were there, should be a good game and lively atmosphere.
  13. This incident doesn't need to be aired in public. I was at the game and this was a sickening cowardly act. I would have thought that the last thing anyone wants, least of all the Mayfield player involved, is for this to go public. Absolutely nothing to be proud of.
  14. Think you'll find Big Doug that Spidey is talking about a different player.
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