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  1. Does anyone remember the disparaging remarks the Toronto coach made about small towns when they beat us 2 years ago?
  2. Just a reflection, just over 10 years ago, on July 3rd 2011, I commentated on the Featherstone v Toulouse Olympique game. Featherstone won 90-10. Iirc the current Toulouse coach Sylvain Houles played in the game, Kevin Larroyer also rings a bell. This said- Toulouse were only one of two teams to have beaten Rovers in that almost magnificent regular season of 2010 (The night Cameron got into power) What a topsy turvy Toulouse that was. How things have changed! Can anyone remember why they (Toulouse) were so different in 2011 compared to 2010?
  3. I was talking to Brett Ferres yesterday afternoon at school pick up, he didn't know the exact reason why his 2nd 'try' was disallowed, he said that he thought that he'd grounded the ball but he'd not seen the incident back as there was no screen in the stadium, the team were under the impression that the 'try' was disallowed for 'ripping' rather than Welham potentially fumbling whilst facing our own line. The ball strip to me looked perfectly legitimate.
  4. Here's my take on it fwiw. I've resisted doing predictions, I didn't ever believe for one minute that we would get promoted this year, Robin knows my thoughts on that. I don't believe in conspiracies but we all know who the RFL wanted to win. The talk on Murdoch TV over the last two weeks or so has been about the 'French Derby' in the SL. But let's not kid ourselves last night we were well beaten. The problems started from us losing possession on the 2nd tackle after being up field from a penalty. They scored and were on the front foot for the rest of the first half. The try was a line call, we weren't, rightly or wrongly get the 50 50s last night. I'm thinking the 2nd try and Walker's 'knock on' also. Our first try from 'Ferres' would have been disallowed had Robert Hicks taken it upstairs. Davies clearly obstructed their full back Kheirallah in paving a pathway for Ferres to go down. The 2nd time Ferres went over though I couldn't see what was wrong, Walker's strip was legal and if Welham did knock on he was facing his own posts. That said they were the only contentious moments. Ferres was the best of the Rovers for me, last night but he got embroiled in their shhh hit housery and was lucky not to get 10 mins. The most disappointing was Chisholm and Brown , apart from the 40/20 and a bit of a forray by Dane there was nothing. His kicking game on their line was poor, what should be remembered is that 2 years ago the in goal areas in that other stadium were huge the ones that were in play last night were miniscule. A lesson well learnt by the French. Disappointing but the best team won and no doubt will be the best team to survive in SL given the backing and desire to have a 2nd French club at the top table. People have said onwards to next year. The division will be more competitive next year with a ramped up Newcastle, York, Batley, us and Fax all being very close.
  5. Can anyone, I'm sure that there will be someone, that recalls, when was the last game that they stopped coming around with the blanket collecting money? I remember a bloke looking like Rick Wakeman as one of the blokes collecting.
  6. It's not that simple though Rob. If the incredible happens (which I'm not convinced will) the SL squad will also depend not just on ability but the part time lads given a career or at worst employment up, this also needs to be factored in.
  7. A comfortable win against a poor team. A couple of observations. If Featherstone are to go the whole way this year they will only do it against the more difficult teams in the league with an 'organiser'. The first 20 minutes of the 2nd half were bizarre, after the first half blitz the disorganisation was plain to see. We need to cut out the sloppy mistakes, the first kick back to us at 6-0 we let out for a drop out. We forced the play on several occasions resulting in 2 bombed tries and their interception try on their own line. Our defence was good today and Connor Jones, Dale Ferguson, Locky and Frankie Halton made great ground. Kris Welham still looks a little off 100% for me, and though Blackmore is running strongly he appears to have a niggly groin. Hall magnificent, but I hope Junior Moores' neck is okay after 80 mins looking at his phone.
  8. Chisholm played in the 2019 season LTS, did that not count as one of his years? I know it was only a partial season.
  9. You may be surprised now how much training players have to do to come back from Covid under the new protocol. The players are given set targets on re-introduction to training after self isolation. If each target is met fitness wise they progress to the next target which is ramped up until all the protocols have been met. The player can then be allowed back into the team fold. If any targets are not met the player's training is reset to stage 1 again. The reason this is being done is to minimise the risk of players returning that may have long covid. This is why some players in many teams have been missing for quite some time.
  10. Ferris, played centre against us for Cas in 2012. Yeah I know he was 26 and yeah I know we beat them, just saying.
  11. I'd like to echo Robin's comments. Completion was awful, but it was breakdown on tackles 1, 2 and 3 in many cases, exemplified by Tom Holmes' speculator from right to left at the POR end, early 2nd half three yards from their line on the 2nd tackle that was intercepted by their left centre. I was sat with an ex Rovers half back throughout the game he rightly commented, rightly in my opinion on how slow the pivot play was when pressing. We badly missed Dane Chisholm in the centre of the field. There were some good tackling performances although their tries were soft. Rovers looked tired as well in 2nd half, Tolouse obviously haven't had the intense match time that Rovers have had. And again to echo Robin's comments once more though winning the Cup and with a patched up team it seemed like the Wembley weekend has taken its toll. Still the monkey is off the back now, the defeat had to come, as Ian McCulloch sang in 1997, 'Nothing ever lasts forever'.
  12. Swinton were in division 2 in 1984/85 and we didn't play them. From my recognition it was the home game against Hunslet when news came that David had departed. Or the Hunslet game was his last one. I seem to have memory of the former.
  13. I have several close relatives that are clinical practitioners. Also if you look at national data it will illustrate that what you have put there is inaccurate scaremongering bull s.
  14. Thank god we got the subs tl right, as that games could have got away from us.
  15. If you watched, Brad Day went down in absolute agony, with no one around him. The inference to me is that that means something serious happened to him, which appeared to be from the area of the ankle.
  16. I used to use it many years ago. I've come back a bit recently and have felt the twitter flavour in some posts. Some people thinking that they're a top dog, some people closing conversation down because it doesn't fit with their views.
  17. Shame really, I do miss Westy's kind and supportive posts to everyone and his warm bon homie.
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