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  1. 1. sam tompkins (our best attacking threat) 2. ryan hall 3. michael shenton 4. ryan atkins 5. widdop 6. kevin brown 7. luke robinson 8. adrian morley 9. kevin sinfield 10. stuart fielden 11. gareth ellis 12. sam burgess 13. sean o'loughlin 14. westwood 15. james graham 16. joel tompkins 17. james roby
  2. Adrian Morley he should of got last year, so he must get it this yr.
  3. for me tompkins would be in the top 3 full backs in the world, i wouldnt say hes in the best 3 stand offs in the world. I'd play him there for England, regardless of who we have in the halves.
  4. can we not convince lee briers to turn out for england this yr then if he wants to return to wales no one will bat an eye lid.
  5. the referee spoilt the game yesterday, 10 mins would of been good enough for both players.
  6. lee's gone up in my estimations, hes the type of player you need in your team like a jamie peacock, someone who's willing to do the hard stuff and front up to the opposition. battering ryan bailey has just made him an even better player.
  7. we have been weak in the full back position and tompkins is for me like for like for billy slater, ideally briers would be 6, eastmond 7, o'loughlin 13 and sinfield 9, we couldnt do better than tha. other than that i'd have maguire at 6 when briers say no.
  8. i agree that their should be more transparency on this subject. i personally believe the french game needs a shot in the arm, it might be the amended federation trained rules or it could be Toulouse. The more i think about the press releases over the last year or so about clubs not fulfilling promises on facilities might just open the door on the invitation club.
  9. keep the french test and add a test against the welsh, stick with it and work on getting them more competitive.
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