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  1. Fair enough, but they have cameras. .. I'm a visual kind of bloke. For example I look at the missus but don't listen to her.
  2. This last one on the 90s' Super League War is riveting. Well worth a watch for those who subscribe.
  3. I was there! My mate had a stand ticket but I had to queue for ages to get in on the terrace behind the sticks. Great, great game. Mind you, I spent much of the game explaining to the Taffs what was going on as they were mostly union boyos. "No, it's only four for a try. No, really..."
  4. Maybe the viewing figures suggest that RL in NZ is not a forlorn hope and they indicate that there exists a high level of interest in, and possibly goodwill towards, our sport. The Million Dollar question is how to capitalise on this interest. Unfortunately the answer is a Million Dollars. And the rest. A successful Warriors would certainly attract increased investment in RL. But we're a long way off that at the moment. The NRL won't put its hands in its pockets to support the grassroots in NZ despite their clubs again and again going to that well.
  5. That's like Dewsbury fans still banging on about 1973...it's in the past.
  6. I don't disagree with either of these views. That said, whilst not blessed in the halves, on their day that seventeen could beat even Australia, even if it's only once or twice in ten games. And remember, Tonga beat the Aussies with Lolohea and Staggs (if I recall correctly) at 6 and 7, neither world-beaters in those positions. It's true that Wakeham may have to step aside next year when the Dogs have cash to splash, but he's still only a young fellow with plenty of opportunity to develop.
  7. Assuming the Kangaroos don't select Daniel Saifiti and RCG, and Hayne gets a Not Guilty and puts his boots on again, then Fiji has very handy seventeen. Dare I say it, one that on its day could beat anyone. Even the Aussies would struggle to handle this pack, with arguably the game's best front row. 1. Jarryd Hayne 2. Maika Sivo 3. Waqa Blake 4. Kevin Naiqama 5. Mikaele Ravalawa 6. Taane Milne 7. Brandon Wakeham 8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard 9. Api Koroisau 10. Daniel Saifiti 11. Viliame Kikau 12. Tui Kamikamica 13. Tariq Sims 14. Kane Evans 15. Jacob Saifiti 16. Koben Sims 17. Marcelo Montoya
  8. He seems t have all the attributes. The only negative is his haircut.
  9. Hey, there was a hair metal band who enjoyed a stellar career who were nothing more than a Motley Crue.
  10. Another Comedy Gold thread. A motley crew of keyboard warriors choose to bag a player signed by a two time NRL GF winning coach. A coach who's taken the game to a new level. Everyone is entitled to his view, but I know whose I take more notice of.
  11. In addition to some very impressive outside backs their potential pack looks very strong, too, particularly if Daniel Saifiti opts for Fiji. There are some big boys amongst this lot! Kikau, Kamikamica, Evans, Koroisau, Tariq and Koben Sims and Daniel and Jacob Saifiti.
  12. Fiji have struggled for decent half backs but maybe that's about to change. Young Brandon Wakeham is playing well and going someway towards making the Bulldogs #7 shirt his. It's still early days but if he does kick on then he could be a game-changer for the Fijian team playing behind a potentially awesome pack.
  13. I was agreeing with you.
  14. This! Maybe NY won't eventually come off, but why would anyone talk a load of old bullsh.. about the bid.
  15. And Major hasn't eaten pineapple since...
  16. I always only ever had one pair of boots at any one time. Sometimes moulded, sometimes screw-in. I'd wear them whatever the surface or conditions. Some teammates would bring along two or three pairs and long and laboured discussion would ensue as to the most appropriate footwear for the game.
  17. I'm sure they wear only black in North Korea.
  18. Not to me. But maybe it does for manufacturers and retailers who can add a few extra £/ $ to funky colours.
  19. White, gold, turquoise, orange, green, silver, yellow, red, two-coloured, luminous. Doesn't anyone wear plain black boots anymore? Watching the NRL it seems not!
  20. One issue seems to be so many resets on T1. Teams seem happy to offend on the first whilst their defence resets. Teams can defend 7. I would think about changing to blowing on T1 thus allowing the offended against the kick to march up field.
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