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  1. Please explain what you mean by stabilisation.
  2. Yes, Michelle and Kevin. I first got to know the family when they were all involved with the East London club in the early 90s. Michelle was the physio and eventually married one of the East's players, Andy Preston. Kev was a decent #9.
  3. Perhaps they could do it on percentages like the RFL did back in the day...
  4. I'm talking about SL clubs creating new junior clubs in what are mainly current non-RL playing area. I wouldn't advocate Cas taking over responsibility for Fev Lions who are on Rovers' doorstep. RL needs to extend its boundaries and not just to Bristol, Birmingham and Bude. It also needs to extend to the likes of Stockport, Southport and Scunthorpe. I'd give responsibility of extending to neighbouring areas to SL (and bigger Championship) clubs because they can gain from increasing player and fan base. Part of the Sky bounty should be ring-fenced for that purpose. The further flung areas should be for the RFL to work.
  5. No, defo the Snares as I'm still on FB with one of them.
  6. A mention of Martin Dean in that letter. I think he became a referee but gave it up when southern RL went to the summer as he was in to cricket. He was a good bloke, but he cost us the 1998 Gorden Anderton Trophy missing two Reading tries in the last five minutes from a seventh tackle and a knock on so obvious that even Reading stopped. It still rankles.
  7. I think that there's a need for an alternative OA version of the game for the lower levels. Maybe five metre defence and no acting half runs.
  8. You're behind with the news. If you'd have taken a look at later posts you'd have seen that I conceded that there are about 210 'clubs' as posted by delcapo.
  9. Anyone know anything about this threatened split from 1936...
  10. No. There's one guy at the club who really dislikes RL, and unfortunately he's very influential around the place. Plenty of folk at S-C would be happy to see RL back but they won't act. To be fair to this guy, on most other things he's a thoroughly decent chap. Edit: He refuses to allow even Masters, despite the fact many of the players are also S-C Vets!!
  11. Back in the day Streatham-Croydon had a loose attitude towards their players playing RL. They also hosted Peckham Pumas. Strange to say that nowadays, in the time of free gangways, S-C refuse to allow RL on their ground!
  12. Fulham Amateurs were the fiefdom of the Snares clan. Ron and Mo ran the club and son Kev was a pretty decent hooker.
  13. In 2145 do you reckon they'll be playing for the Ralph Rimmer Trophy?
  14. I totally agree. In fact I'd go further and make supporting grassroot clubs a requirement of being in SL. E.g. (only!): Saints to support two junior clubs in Merseyside - help with coaching, organisational support, purchase kit etc Wigan to support one each in Bolton and Preston Hull ... Bridlington and Scarborough Etc etc Examples only
  15. Tony Collins' podcasts are always worth a listen. The latest is a discussion with Sean McGuire about the £16m loan, the game's governance and its general inferiority complex. It's well worth a listen. Here
  16. Yup, you're right, it's nearly 300 including student and women's clubs, though as I wrote in my last post I'd excluded these forms of the sport as up until your post they hadn't formed part of the debate. I, and I suspect others, were talking about the wider community clubs. So we're not too far off one another. Excluding student and women that leaves us with 210/220 clubs at best with men's OA, and some of them barely deserve the title of a club. How many of them have junior sections and how many field teams right the way through from mini to U16? I live in Croydon and I reckon that I could find as many union clubs within 20 miles that do the latter than exists in RL. Our sport really does need to be grabbed by its oval-shaped balls!
  17. As a kid I was a Carlisle United tragic and followed them all over the place - anyone for Newport County away on a wet Tuesday night? Then Carlisle RL started up in 1981 and I became a RL tragic - anyone for Batley away on a wet Tuesday night? Nowadays I have very little interest in soccer in general, though I do still watch Carlisle a couple of times a year and I do still follow their fortunes. For me Rugby League really is The Greatest Game.
  18. Where are these 294 clubs? Smudger has produced a comprehensive list of the clubs in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the regions and the sum total is only 160/170 clubs in the Community game. Scanning the junior/youth leagues it appears that the overwhelming majority of team involved are attached to clubs on Smudger's list, with only a dozen or so that aren't. Near enough all clubs and competitions are listed on the RFL's website so numbers are not hard to verify. Being generous you could throw into the mix the pro clubs, and student, masters, wheelchair and women's clubs and you would be nearing 300 but these forms of the game are probably outside the scope of this thread. But no, I don't see your 294.
  19. Plenty of those teams relied on 'out of season' union players but since then we've seen the rapid growth of touch rugby and an increase in end of season Sevens rugby. Both these developments have reduced RL's potential player pool. Additionally, back in 2007 clubs were part of a national competition with a fairly good profile, but nowadays it's more regionalised and more anonymous. Even RLE gives the competition little more than a cursory nod!
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