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  1. Apparently Taylor is considering a comeback.
  2. Good God! Just watched a recording. Bull to finish. Awesome. This is the best world championships ever. So much happening.
  3. 100%. Development activities where they are most likely to be a success. As with London, often inner city with little competition other than soccer. But not targeted at race. RL for all.
  4. A week or two ago someone posted a video link to the 1990 OT test in which Hanley, Offiah and Gibson played. Powell had played in the 1st test and on the 88 tour we'd enjoyed Henderson's boogie and Ford's great solo try. There are some iconic names there. Today, the landscape is different. For me, football eclipses all (at the expense of even cricket) and 'communities' are 'encouraged' to retain their own cultures. Maybe RL has suffered more than most due to the demographics of our heartland towns. That said, as pro and grassroot clubs in London have shown, a genuine and sustained commitment to development work in ethnically diverse areas can work. The 'secret' is hard work. But that's no different to any other area.
  5. On NRL.com there's a fascinating hour long documentary on the history of paying players and the move to full time professionalism in Australia. Words of warning: those of a pedantic nature may want to ignore the programme's opening sentences... Link
  6. I have no problem with Thompson. Makinson was (probably?) the deserved winner last year. But point me to his international successes this year. As for Konnie (one of my favourite players BTW) he was a Warriors and Titans cast off last year. At his NRL best he was awesome but never absolute tier 1. Ditto Hastings. Off loaded despite occasional brilliance. But no. It's the voting system wot did it! And the lack of absolute dominance by individuals in the NRL.
  7. Hurrelll, Makinson and Hastings. No way. All I can guess is that the NRL player votes were split allowing SL players to slip through.
  8. Ditto. I've been off work for almost half the the year with depression. This puts my battles into perspective. I know that I, and you, can win. Rob's problems are not open ended. No one deserves what he is experiencing.
  9. Genuine jaw dropping news. Devastating. Thoughts with him, his family and friends.
  10. Exchange rate means that $500 is currently £287.
  11. Ah yes, they're in private business so they must be making a bundle. Oh, and hiding it too. Clearly. Being private. Why would a RL publication be minted reporting on a sport that pretty much lives hand to mouth?
  12. Three all Elite 1 ties! Seems a bit early for the top tier teams to be entering.
  13. Great game and thoroughly deserved. I feel for the loser, Ted Evett, as that's one monkey that he'll never shake off. Still. So happy for Fallon and the sport.
  14. It wouldn't have been my first choice as venue, but I don't have a problem with taking a game to Utah if all parties are fine with it. For me the frustration would be if the visit was simply a 'hit and run' and left no legacy. Looking at that state's union website the other code is dominated by Polynesians, which is no surprise, but I'm guessing that more than a few have a League background/interest. At the very least I'd expect the establishment of a three or four team competition, with some follow up to ensure it's not a one season wonder.
  15. Had London defeated Leeds at Wembley would the success have improved the club's future? Would Branson have hung around?
  16. We're still in the first round and already it's looking like a classic competition. Barney, Cross, Smith and Dolan already gone. The quality of many of the younger players is amazing. And even a stone heart would have felt something for Suzuki at her narrow loss.
  17. I looked out of the bedroom window this morning to see the wife lying on the lawn. Flamin' foxes had dug her up again.
  18. I can see why Guasch might want to take the MW to Paris, but IMO it would be a poor choice. The city is prohibitively expensive and it is a long way away from the game's French strongholds never mind the English. I can, however, see sense in the Dragons taking a game there and tapping into the capital's Catalan community.
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