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  1. WHAT? Croydon nowadays is a total hole. A real crime-ridden toilet.
  2. In 1987 I bought my first house: it was in Luton and I lived in the town for the next five years. It was and still is a truly dreadful place, made all the worse for the fact that the ex still lives there! I had the misfortune to live near the football ground. The local synagogue was built like Fort Knox. I was attacked and robbed by one of the 'local' gangs and by attacked I mean stabbed in the leg and hit with a brick and an iron bar. I couldn't get out of the place quick enough. I didn't learn though! I moved to Croydon.
  3. I'm really enjoying the streams on ARL TV. The quality of play and quality of the broadcast are both very good. I even penned an email to our Freesports TV channel suggesting they have a look at it. It's got to get them more viewers than some of the garbage they show, like archery and the Ultimate Disc League.
  4. I really can't believe that so many have taken my idiotic first post so seriously. Modern wingers are athletes, contortionists and supreme entertainers.
  5. How many cars can get around the only colour television in Featherstone?
  6. You appear to have more knowledge of aquatic mammals than I. Clever clogs. ?
  7. It's made today's wingers look like performing seals.
  8. Watching the NRL each week all these leaping tries in the corner are now getting plain boring. Put the flags back in touch and bring back skill to wing play.
  9. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Siebold was the wrong choice. For me there's a huge question mark against his head coaching credentials. He inherited a decent team at Souths and did okay, but the challenge is tougher at Brisbane.
  10. RIP fella. Fortune can be cruel beast.
  11. Mitchell is having a stinker... ... now watch him score an amazing match-winning try!
  12. I applaud the decision of the Greeks to include eight home developed players and I believe that it will encourage interest in the WC in Greece itself, and maybe longer term in the sport. If the Greeks can built on this maybe they can develop a structure similar in size to Serbia. And at the WC itself, who knows, we might get a decent number of Greeks travelling to watch... Even if they are just family, friends and team mates.
  13. Farnworth again named in the centres. He is going really well.
  14. Or to put it another way... If some SL players visited your school how many of your classmates would recognise them?
  15. He asked if the general public would recognise the players. The clue is in the question. E.g. The population of Leeds is circa 500k and the Rhino's have an average crowd of 15k or so. To what extent are the players recognisable to the rest.
  16. Aah, so you're who the wife was on the phone to?
  17. I'd be interested to see the stats in both attack and defence for a player for 5 / 10.. minutes after they've been monstered. My guess is the stats often take a downturn, even if often slight.
  18. What improvements are planned for her frock. It looks like a decorator's dust sheet.
  19. Did Dante have this thread in mind when he wrote the Nine Circles of Hell?
  20. I'm sure that all* clubs also have a victory song that's sung in the sheds after a win but which can't be repeated in polite society. * though possibly not West Wales Raiders.
  21. Close, but enough arm to make legal. True. But for me still hasn't lived up to early expectations.
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