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  1. If Jamaica can get even just half of the British-based players turning out in the Qualifiers then for me they're the strongest of the three squads.
  2. Or this combination, agreed. With the right partners on board, a vibrant and growing competition, and a fully supportive RLIF, then I do believe that a WC in North America would be a success.
  3. The reality is that it probably won't happen in either 2021 or 2025!! But if the RLIF were to take a punt on a host nation that is outside of the traditional countries, then the USA probably heads a list of one. With the necessary support from the international body it's not impossible to imagine a significant growth of RL in the States - forty to fifty clubs (from the current 15 to 20) would give the sport decent foundations.
  4. By winning last year's Euro championship - thems wuz the rools, and all nations knew it (though nonsensical that they were...)
  5. I reckon you're probably right on this one, though for me, if the RLIF are serious about focusing on a couple of G20 countries, then there could be a strong case for taking the WC (or part of the WC) to one of them. If sense prevails and the USA is one of the focus nations, then I'd take the WC there (with games in Canada, too) - it's worth the calculated risk.
  6. Kearney out-thought McNamara. The Kiwis played it right. Compressed defence really closed England down. Few offloads and few chances to move the ball wide. In comparison,and whilst our defence was great, we committed fewer up the middle, so more off-loads and opportunities out wide.
  7. No, but after the union WC the RFU trademarked #WallofWhiteElephants!
  8. Hoping to get to all three games in Group A. Like many of you I really want the Serbians to qualify for the WC, and whilst I admire their policy of utilising home grown players only, they do need some heritage players to make it happen. What chance them getting Manly's Tom and Jake Trbojevic to play? And there must be a few more Serbian heritage players in the NRL and its feeder/state competitions.
  9. It'll be neither of the Italian organisations... it'll be a bunch of Aussies.
  10. http://www.nrl.com/bennetts-all-star-offer-to-burgess/tabid/10874/newsid/90764/default.aspx Bennett throws in a curve ball... offers big Sam a place in the World XIII
  11. Here's me thinking he'd been playing rugby at Wigan too!!
  12. Highs for me in games I attended were... - Avignon for the France/Kiwi game in 2013 - the Cooks/USA in Brizzle - the 2013 WC semi vs NZ (though it also heads my lows!!!) - the Emerging Nations games in Northampton in 1995 - Wales/Western Samoa in Swansea in 1995 - Wembley 1994 and that JD try
  13. Wales - poorer team, good coach. France - better team, awful coach. Surely Agar's time is done. Even given the issues with the Dragons and the absentees, the French shouldn't be losing to the other home nations.
  14. Perhaps the French could have paid their players had they been given two income-generating games this autumn, like hosting games against England and New Zealand. It's not difficult to imagine them attracting a combined crowd approaching 30k, with associated commercial and marketing opportunities and tv coverage.
  15. Be better off convert hunting at union's u20 world cup.
  16. I still have the USA down as favourites to qualify. Yes, their last WC squad was a disgrace, but as mentioned above, there's still room for half a dozen heritage players to bolster the squad and carry them over the line. Also, I reckon that being coached by SL's triple-winning coach will be the clincher.
  17. I guess it all depends on whether the USA utilise overseas players.
  18. There's more chance of FC being number 2 on Humberside than number 2 in SL.
  19. He was awesome for the Sharks this year.
  20. Agree, he's been awesome for the Sharks. i really like him as a player, hardworking and leads by example, would definately improve England's options.
  21. That's a decent looking French squad, and certainly one that shouldn't do anything other than win the competition. However, France being France, anything could happen.
  22. I'm pleased that common sense has prevailed. However, I really hope he signs of with a losers medal...
  23. I reckon that Wath Brow and LMR will be better supported on the day than two of the pro clubs!
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