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  1. Unexplained wealth in Wakefield! What? Did someone find a fiver on the street...
  2. ... We're they even born when Smith made his debut for Storm?
  3. 'Toughness' and the ability to play through pain are key qualities of pro RL players. There are plenty of highly skilled players in the grassroots game, many with abilities greater than many pros. But because they're not as impervious to hurt and maybe lack a degree of resilience, they don't progress all the way.
  4. I feel for the lad. I enjoyed watching him play and he certainly had heaps of potential.
  5. Enjoyed that. TGG is Back! Shout out for the commentary team. Balanced, knowledgeable, humourous and enthusiastic.
  6. Hyenas... As an aside, will we be able to buy replicas?
  7. I don't have a favourite, as such, but prefer the non-Sydney clubs, with the Dragons the exception. NQC, NZ, CanR, StG and BrisB are the ones I make a point of watching. On the reverse I dislike Manly and East.
  8. All the Godfather films (we are not the USA!). Simply never fancied them as, for all their apparent talents, their lead actors aren't amongst my favourites. That said, I never used to watch Humphrey Bogart films until one quiet afternoon a year or two ago when I started watching African Queen. What a superb actor!! I've now caught up with most of what he did.
  9. Played for South Wales Scorpions too, apparently.
  10. Yes, there is just something about Price that makes him impossible to like! He threw another hissy fit tonight. Snakey is looking good but still he won't do MvG in the final. Nathan Aspinall looks to have what it takes to step up to the next level. Permanently. I love watching the PDC and there are some amazing young players coming through nowadays.
  11. From the twenties... Flappers, art deco, Al Jolson, Steamboat Willie, Challenge Cup to Wembley. Oldham and Swinton to win the CC.
  12. Some really pertinent questions. That loop fixture angle is one I'd not considered before.
  13. A couple of the commentators have mentioned it. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him in the 2020 Premier League. Hearn would jump at the chance of the Power returning.
  14. Being realistic, could the Bulls really get back to where they were nearly two decades ago when they averaged 15k and could pull in over 23k on occasion. The world has moved on. Their fan base has aged. Goodwill has been lost. It would be tough.
  15. TW will be up there. It's bizarre that some people think that a billionaire owner, who has bank rolled them thus far is now going to let them sink. He's trusting Brian Mc's judgement and will either tweak/invest further in BM's wants, or find a new coach. Results will dictate. The relative silence on further signings is more a reflection of how high the coach's word is taken rather than a lessening of interest.
  16. Apparently Taylor is considering a comeback.
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